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Parnelli Jones celebrates his birthday with the Palins

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 19, 2013

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday:

15 hours ago

Our friend Parnelli Jones celebrated his birthday and the 50th anniversary celebration of his epic Indy 500 win. And he graciously shared his celebration (and cake) in little ol’ Wasilla with Trig after a caribou hunt earlier that day! We had such a fun time with this amazing American whose accomplishments are ingrained in our memories and even our hopes for tomorrow. We were honored to share this day with him. Fellow motorheads and productive capitalists know what I mean. His work ethic must be emulated. Bless Parnelli Jones and the Greatest Generation.
– Sarah Palin

One Response to “Parnelli Jones celebrates his birthday with the Palins”

  1. joydbrower said

    Trig is growing into a darling young man – thanks in no small measure to his mom & dad’s healthful eating & fitness habits! Way to go, Palins!

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