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Caller Wants Palin to Lead Conservatives

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on July 29, 2013


During today’s Rush Limbaugh Show a caller discusses his desire for Sarah Palin to lead conservatives in a take over of the Republican Party.


RUSH: Here’s Greg in Nashua, New Hampshire.  You’re next on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Based on what you’re saying about the Republican Party abandoning a large chunk of the American population — including conservatives — or even being any real opposition to the Democrats on Obamacare and apparently everything else, I’m wondering whether Sarah Palin’s recent gambit that if the GOP… I think she calls them the GOP brain trust on the Greta show.  If the GOP is indeed abandoning her as well as a large swath of American voters, she’s going independent.  Palin is a prominent Republican. Even beyond what Ted Cruz or Mike Lee has said, she’s broached the topic of going outside the GOP if need be, and maybe she’s right on target there. Maybe she can lead the way out of this conundrum of the Dems and the GOP, apparently, being joined at the hip, at least on Obamacare and probably a lot more.

RUSH:  Well, you mean by going third party?

CALLER:  Yeah, or thing if… Turn the party over to her she’ll go third.

RUSH:  Now, wait a minute.  I think I mighta missed something.  Nobody is gonna turn the party over to anyone.   More


4 Responses to “Caller Wants Palin to Lead Conservatives”

  1. Rush is correct in some regards. The Republicans do tend to come out on the losing end, but there is another way. You only need to look back at 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was elected. Progressive’s started as an off shoot of the Republican Party when Teddy Roosevelt went from a Conservative to a Progressive as the Bull Moose. He and Taft split the Republican vote and Wilson was elected without a majority. Conservatism at the core was really born under Cal Coolidge. The Conservatives had the party for 6 years and prosperity existed from 1920 to 1928. Hoover flipped it back and we know FDR was progressive on steroids. Conservatism didnt exist until groups figured it out in 1978 and ran Ronald Reagan. Hmmm….prosperity existed again. Many credit Bill Clinton with prosperity, but I say that was over flow from Reagan. He was losing at the end of his term, and then we elected another progressive republican in GWB. Anybody that grows government is not conservative. And we all know the rest. The way I see it, Palin is the ONLY choice to carry the Conservative mantle as Silent Cal and the Great Communicator Ronnie Reagan did. The last election, Newt would have beat Obama and he was the only true Conservative. Sorry for the history lesson but needed it to make my point. The GOP will never run a Conservative, so the Conservatives need to storm the Convention. Right now the time is ripe for another Conservative to straighten out this mess.

  2. skosper said

    All America-loving citizens wants you to lead. We need a complete over haul. You, Sarah, have the answers to our pressing problems and concerns. America needs Sarah Palin to lead us out of the political muck and mire and implement new solutions. She is just the right leader we so desperately need.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Dear Ms Palin, please do NOT even mention a third party again … not, at least until after the 2014 election which is beginning to shape up as the most important event of the Obama administration. The GOP must hold the House and capture the Senate or the President will have two years in which to destroy this country. It’s his aim. He considers America a colonial power. It’s in his book, “Dreams From My Father.” His father considered America a colonial power and passed his ideas on to his son. Those ideas …. along with the radical thinking of the late Saul Alinski, an Obama mentor … have created in Obama a revolutionary zeal which is unlike anything I have seen on the political scene. And I have been watching it since FDR. This attitude is destructive of America. You can see what it looks like in passage of the Affordable Healthcare legislation. It’s socialistic. More importantly, it’s anti-capitalist. The president, who vacations like royalty, is nonetheless NOT a capitalist. Just listen to his talk about spreading the wealth. Just listen to his diatribes about the upper class. This country is in a continuing recession because of Obama and his ideas. The people who create jobs understand who he is and will not engage in any activity that encourages economic growth because they fear the President’s animosity. Why make life easy for him if he will not allow them to turn a profit? It’s very complicated, Ms Palin. Just get yourself elected to the U.S. Senate and watch what’s going on from there. So please, no third party. Once you’re in Washington, I think you’ll start to see more. Best always, John R. Lancellotti

  4. Janice Dura said

    I am a huge Rush fan…..but……..even our guys dont give her any credit. I think she is the hope for conservatives. I would love for Gov Palin to be President. Is there something I don’t see? Since the the 2008 convention during her speech that was it for me. She’s simply the best…….better than all the rest!

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