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Governor Palin: It is a bizarrely run Republic under Barack Obama today

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 26, 2013

Video retrieved from sarahnettoo (h/tp Josh Painter)

Governor Palin talked to John Gibson on Tuesday about a number of topics.  She decried the Obama administration’s war on coal, citing the increases in the costs of electricity.  She called out Rubio and Ayotte, whom she had formerly endorsed, for flip-flopping on their campaign promises concerning amnesty and securing the border.  Her suggestions for securing the border including privatizing federal lands along the border and giving pasture grants to border states so they could build border fences.

Asked about Edward Snowden, she said that he told the truth and that the government lied.  She said that Putin gave Obama the middle finger and that it is ironic that the leader of an “unfree” nation would declare Snowden a free man.   She said that Snowden was not the problem – that the real problem here was the violation of Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights by the searches and seizures of private individual communications. She said that it is Orwellian that in this situation Snowden is the bad guy and the government bureaucrats involved are the heroes.  However, she said that we are governed by the rule of law and that people need to follow the law.  “Otherwise it’s chaos and it’s a very bizarre run Republic as we’re seeing today under Barack Obama, by the way.  It is a bizarrely run Republic.”  Her opinion was that both Snowden and the NSA officials who lied to Congress should be held accountable for breaking the law.

She also talked to Breitbart News, as Tony Lee reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Palin Throws Down Gauntlet on Primary Challenges to Rubio, Ayotte


 by  Tony Lee  25 Jun 2013

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who has the most influence among conservative voters in Republican primaries, told Breitbart News on Tuesday that Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) should be primaried for their support of the Senate’s immigration bill.

“Conservatives are getting ready for the 2014 and 2016 primaries. We have long memories, and there will be consequences for those who break campaign promises and vote for this amnesty bill,” Palin told Breitbart News. “Competition makes everyone work harder, be better, and be held accountable. This applies to politics, too. No one is ‘entitled’ to anything.”

She continued, “Rigorous debate in competitive primaries allows candidates the opportunity to explain their flip-flops. So think of contested primaries as a win-win for politicians and their voters.”

Palin responded to Breitbart News’s request for comment about an interview she did earlier on Tuesday with John Gibson on Fox News radio in which she said Rubio and Ayotte “turned their back” on voters and should be primaried to be held accountable. Rubio and Ayotte will be up for reelection in 2016.

“Every politician should be held accountable for breaking their campaign promises,” Palin said during an interview on the “John Gibson Radio Show” on Fox News radio. “They turned their back on the American public, so why should they not be held accountable?”

Palin said Rubio had promised that “border security would come first,” and he would not support “legalization of illegal immigrants” and “amnesty” before border security while running in the Florida Republican Senate primary against Charlie Crist in 2010. She said Ayotte, whom she endorsed, had on her campaign website in 2010 that there were “no excuses” not to secure the border and also said she would not support amnesty.

“I think that they should be challenged. I don’t have a problem with heated debates and contested primaries where they have to answer to constituents regarding their flip-flopping on such a fundamental position as amnesty for illegal immigrants,” she told Gibson. “I don’t have a problem at all with contested primaries. In fact, competition makes us all better and makes us be held accountable and I’d like to see them held accountable and answer as to why it is that they flip-flopped.”

Palin also told Gibson that she had said “nice things” about Rubio before he “reneged on his promise” on the bill because she thought he was “an honest politician.” She remarked, “honest politician” is too often an oxymoron.

“Marco Rubio has blatantly flip-flopped on his position on immigration, on amnesty, and border security,” Palin said to Gibson, before noting the Senate’s Gang of Eight bill he orchestrated would reward law breakers and give President Barack Obama “a victory in his mission to fundamentally transform America economically.”


Palin, to Gibson, said Ayotte’s and Rubio’s failure to live up to their campaign promises “gives us more reasons not to trust politicians, not to trust our government, unfortunately.”

“This is a scary place for our republic to be,” she said.


Read more.


One Response to “Governor Palin: It is a bizarrely run Republic under Barack Obama today”

  1. erniehndz said

    I agree totally that what we are getting from Barak Obama is bizarre running of the Republic. Qn Rubio and Ayotte should be primaried for their position on immigration reform. On reaps what they sew, and the Senate immigration bill is a total sham, not in line with what majority of American citizens want! We want Border Security 1st, Amnesty or anything else 2nd!

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