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Archive for June 22nd, 2013

Gov. Palin: Snowden Is Not the Problem

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 22, 2013

Video retreived from sarahnettoo.

Governor Palin talked with Eric Bolling on ‘Cashin’ In’ on FOX News this morning.   The theme of the show appeared to be “Can we trust the federal government” in light of recent scandals?

Bolling asked Governor Palin what she thought about the IRS giving union employees $70 million in bonuses.  Governor Palin replied that only in an Orwellian government would a collective bad deed be so generously rewarded.  She said that this was just one more reason to distrust the federal government and all the nonsense that is going on in Washington, D. C.

Asked whether she trusted the federal government, Governor Palin said that she did not trust a federal government that will not acknowledge that we are bankrupt and that keeps digging us into more debt.  She said that it “seems that Washingon is for sale.”  She said there have been so many examples even in recent weeks that we all need a very healthy distrust of the federal government.

When Bolling mentioned that someone had suggested that we abolish the IRS, she said, “Right on!”  Governor Palin said that we need to simplify the tax code and adopt a flat tax, that we need to abolish the expensive, burdensome bureaucracy of the IRS.  She said that we can anticipate that the Obama administration will not even push back on what the union is demanding for its employees, but that he will cowtow to his friends, the union thugs.  She said that the union leadership is engaged in thuggery that gives a bad name to union brothers and sisters.

Bolling wondered if targeting of conservatives has spread throughout the federal government.  He mentioned that Robert Mueller, former head of the FBI, and said that they are targeting Americans with drones “to a minimal extent.”  Governor Palin said that means that “We’re gonna shoot you down just a little bit.”  She said Rand Paul was right when he engaged in a filibuster and asked about unanswered questions about the domestic use of drones in this country.  He was mocked and ridiculed by the Obama administration and some in the Senate, she said, but he was right.  As a result of his questioning, we found out that drones are indeed used on American soil.

When asked by Bolling whether we can trust the IRS and the FBI, Governor Palin said that personally, she did not trust any government being led by Obama, who is fulfilling his promise to fundamentally transform America.  She said that she does not trust government under his leadership./

Bowling showed a clip from his interview with Eric Snowden’s father, Ron, who said the government’s snooping was similar to its taking mail out of your mailbox, opening it, making copies of it, resealing the envelopes, putting it back in the box, and repeating this process over and over.  Bolling said that this is a violation of the 4th Amendment because there is no probable cause.  He said that anyone with common sense would know that something is wrong here.

Governor Palin said that Snowden is not the problem.  The problem, she said, is the government’s violation of 4th Amendment rights, taking away our privacy.  She related this to the hacking of her e-mail account by a “punk hacker.”  She said it was like going into her mailbox and taking things to be used against her at some point in the future.  She said the federal government is doing the same thing.

Bolling’s last statement was, “Can we trust them?  My opinion is, ‘A big fat No!'”

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