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Archive for June 16th, 2013

Gov. Palin: OMG, goosebumps!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 16, 2013

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this afternoon:

Sarah Palin · 3,552,928 like this

51 minutes ago ·


OMG, goosebumps…I love our U.S. Military! I love patriots like these who respect our finest in uniform!

This is the video she linked to:

 Video retrieved from wvuband.


Goosebumps indeed.  And the finale will bring tears to your eyes.

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Gov. Palin: God bless our fathers.

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 16, 2013

Governor Palin posted this Father’s Day greeting on Facebook today:



Happy Father’s Day to the great Dads across America! Thank you for supporting your families, setting good examples of working hard, and selflessly sharing your time and energy; and thank you for the strength you provide the country’s foundation. God Bless our fathers.
– Sarah Palin

Share · 2 hours ago

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Sarah Palin Remains a Conservative Favorite

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 16, 2013

Here are excerpts from three notable articles posted by Palin supporters over the past few days.

June 15, 2013

The Gladiator: Sarah Palin, We Need You Back in the  Arena

By Lloyd  Marcus

Hello,  calling Sarah Palin!  Has anyone seen her?  Where is she?  Has  Sarah Palin left the building?  Is the Palin magic gone forever?  No.   The Palin charisma and mass appeal are still alive and  well.

Certain  people are born gifted with “It” — something that compels you to watch them.  Sarah Palin is one such individual.   Though politically tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail by the  left and a few spineless Republicans, I pray for the day when my favorite  gladiator Sarah Palin returns to the arena.

Unquestionably,  the vitriolic attacks on Palin and her family, the betrayals by Republicans and  associates left Palin severely wounded.  Who among us could endure and  survive the full weight of the MSM launched to destroy you?  It is quite  understandable and reasonable for Palin to say, Forget this.  Todd and  I are goin’ fishin’.

But,  the Bible says, to whom much is given, much is required.  While Palin has  not reported seeing a burning bush, I believe that she has been called for such  a time as this.  I pray she will feel led to return to Rome (Washington,  D.C.) to fight in the arena.  At the moment, there is no one on the  national stage who inspires the masses to follow and act on their convictions  like Palin.

Please  allow me to share my personal testimony of the “Palin Effect.”  With Sarah  Palin as the keynote speaker, Tea Party Express launched one of its tours in  Searchlight, NV, a small Dust Bowl town.   Twenty-five thousand people showed up — RVs parked everywhere, because  many had arrived days early to stake out their spot.

From  inside our Tea Party Express tour bus, as we approached the site, I saw seniors  parked a mile away, making their way to the event using walkers.  It gave  me goosebumps.  Obviously, this woman, Sarah Palin, represented the America  they loved and feared was slipping away.


I  asked friends at dinner, “How did Ronald Reagan win in a landslide touting  Conservatism?  Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority was said to have  figured in the mix.  Americans, for the most part, are a moral and just  people.  I believe that Reagan touting values which spoke to the hearts and  minds of decent people is what inspired Americans to be all they could  be.”

I  was a 20-something black kid from the East Baltimore projects back then.  I  knew nothing about politics.  All I knew was that every time I heard  President Reagan speak, I felt good about my country and myself.  Reagan  made me feel I could achieve and contribute to this wonderful country, in which  I was blessed to be born, called America.

Where  are the voices inspiring folks to love and contribute to the greatness of their  country?  I know, I know.  Such talk sounds corny and naïve today.   In Obama’s America, signing up for government assistance and approving of  government confiscating the earnings of high achievers for redistribution is the  new definition of compassion and patriotism.

Even  being proud of our country is considered a bad thing under Obama.  When  outside the U.S., Obama continuously apologizes for who we are — furthering the  narrative that the world has too little because we have too much.   Amazingly, Reagan saw this mindset coming and warned  us.

We  need a hero, folks — someone willing to stand up for America, boldly waving our  flag and touting the virtues of hard work, self-reliance, family, God, and  country.  I believe that Sarah Palin can pull it off.

Reading  my own words sound a bit corny even to me.  Folks, have we become so  cynical, so tainted that asking Americans to strive for goodness and  righteousness rather than becoming permanent government welfare recipients is an  outdated, impossible dream of the past?

Sarah  Palin, please come back.  Run for office.  We long to cheer you on as  our gladiator in the arena.

Read more. 

Sarah Palin on Syria: Let Allah Sort It Out

Sarah Palin’s Still in the Game

While national media attention has waned since she opted not to run for president in 2012, Palin has remained a conservative favorite, garnering huge applause at CPAC earlier this year for her speech and helping to boost four out of her five endorsed Senate candidates to primary wins last year. She is set to re-join Fox News as a contributor, after a few months absence. She continues to have a dominant social-media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Today she’s slated to speak at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference — where, if the past is any indication, she’ll earn thunderous applause.

“She flourishes when she is within her element and among the people who believe in her message and want to hear red meat with a soft touch,” says GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway.

“Her support, if anything, has grown,” says Amy Kremer, president of the Tea Party Express. “She’s so down to earth and does what she feels and what she thinks and she doesn’t hold back. She’s not intimidated by the Left or by the establishment.”

In other words, she’s still adored by some conservatives — even if she doesn’t inspire the same amount of coverage from the “lamestream media” that she used to. “She is a rock star to the conservative movement,” Kremer adds. “Of course we have upcoming and rising stars whose profile is growing, such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, but there is no one that excites the base like Sarah Palin.”

Cruz, the freshman senator who has generated plenty of attention as a tea-party favorite, warmly praises Palin. “Governor Palin is a friend and a true patriot,” Cruz e-mails. “I have always admired her passion to defend the Constitution and her courage to speak truth to power.” Nor has he forgotten how her endorsement gave him a boost at a crucial time during the primary: “I will forever be thankful for her tremendous support in my campaign.”

“The time she has spent traveling the nation to support conservative candidates and promote conservative causes reflects her deep love for our country and a genuine desire to see the principles of our Founding Fathers restored,” Cruz adds. “I’m proud to stand with Sarah Palin, alongside millions of Americans who are grateful for her fearless voice for liberty.”

Read more.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

If Sarah Palin Had Become President

Remember the 2008 election? Democrats in and out of the media told us that McCain was old and it was possible that he could die in office, leaving Sarah Palin as president. The horror!

Well imagine that McCain had not self-destructed, become president and died, leaving Palin as president.

Beginning on day one:
  • Palin would not have dismissed the Black Panther intimidation lawsuit that the government had already won.
  • Palin would not have seized two auto companies and give them to her cronies in and out of the UAW.
  • Palin and her supporters would not be claiming that her opponents were racists for disagreeing with her policies.
  • Palin would not have tried to block Boeing from building a factory in South Carolina as a gift to her union buddies in Washington state.
  • Palin would not have toured the world apologizing for America.
  • Palin’s Homeland Security Department would not have classified patriots as security threats.
  • Palin would have expanded oil and gas exploration on federal lands instead of reducing it, make the US even less dependent on foreign oil.
  • Palin would not have allowed the Pigford suit to be settled that gives billions of dollars to “farmers” that never farmed.
  • Palin would not have shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels so that they could be found next to the bodies of murdered Mexicans and American agents.
  • Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to harass Tea Party groups.
  • Palin would not have encouraged the IRS to illegally reveal the names of contributors to conservative groups to Liberal organizations so that contributors could be harassed.
  • Palin’s IRS would not ask groups seeking 501(c)4 status about their prayer life.
  • Palin would not have passed a national health care bill that is a 2000 page “train wreck” and that threatens to destroy America’s health care system.
  • Palin would have focused on reducing unemployment as it skyrocketed instead of wasting a trillion dollars on green boondoggles..
  • Palin would have known that in today’s regulatory state there is not such thing as a “shovel ready jobs” program.
  • Palin would not have spent a trillion dollars to prop up state and local government employees when private sector employees were losing millions of jobs.
  • Palin would not have handed out “Palin phones” to welfare recipients.
  • Palin would not have attacked Libya, without congressional approval, turning it into a rogue state.
  • Palin would not have allowed her ambassador to Libya to be slaughtered, along with three US service members, and told would-be rescuers to stand down.
  • Palin would not have blamed a demonstration that did not occur caused by a video that no one saw for the attack by terrorist in Benghazi.
  • Palin’s UN ambassador would not have gone on national TV to lie about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi because she would not have broken Libya in the first place.
  • Palin would not have been stupid enough – or naive enough – to support the Islamist take-over of the Egyptian government.
  • Palin would have given encouragement to demonstrators in Iran when they went to the streets to protest a fraudulent election.
  • Palin would not be giving the Islamist regime in Egypt billions of dollars to keep it in power.
  • Palin would not have told Putin to wait till after she was re-elected because then she would have more flexibility.
  • Palin’s appointed officials would not be lying to congress and the American people when they are not invoking the Fifth Amendment against incrimination.


Read more.

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