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Gov. Palin thanks Republic’s Class of 2013 and posts graduation photos

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 3, 2013

Governor Palin posted this comment on her Facebook page Saturday night.

Sarah Palin · 3,550,856 like this

Saturday at 11:57pm ·

Was honored and inspired by the community of Republic, WA today. Todd and I travelled to this incredibly beautiful northwest community to honor the Class of 2013 as they received their diplomas and headed out into the real world. Republic is a special place – it might be small, but it is big on the values that built this great country. Republic exemplifies what makes America great – and it was an honor to thank them for it. To the Tigers of 2013 – thank you again for inviting me and inspiring me. Always remember your roots and never forget that kids from small schools can do big things. Our republic’s future is up to you!
– Sarah Palin

She also posted this album of 14 photos from the Republic High School graduation.



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