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Archive for June 2nd, 2013

Lloyd Marcus: A Medieval Tale: Lady Palin Gets It!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 2, 2013

From Lloyd Marcus’s fanciful but meaningful article on his website:

Medieval Tale: King Obama & Queen Pelosi vs Ye Commoners

JasonSmith2013aLady Palin gets it! Sarah Palin just gave $5,000 – the maximum amount allowed by law – to a candidate in a critically important race. So who is this candidate and why is this race so important? Allow me to explain in the form of a medieval tale.

Patriots, our once great land of the free has been invaded by an evil overlord, King Obama, the Socialist and Bullier. King Obama has proclaimed that the Democrats have a “great chance” to win back control of ye olde House of Representatives.

Can you imagine the horror and tyranny of the out-of-control drunk-with-power lawless Obama regime winning a majority in the House of Representatives? They would control the White House, Senate and House. Their every socialist/progressive dream would be rammed down our throats, equaling disaster for our country. King Obama and wicked queen Nancy Pelosi would impose their radical leftist agenda without anything stopping or even slowing them down. I shudder just thinking about it.

Speaking of wicked queen Pelosi, Obama has declared that she will regain the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.

America must never again be subjected to the Dark Ages of a Congress run by Nancy Pelosi and her decrees that we commoners (the American people) will only find out what is contained within legislation once the bills are already passed.

To his dismay, causing great fury in King Obama, commoners dared to raise up with political pitchforks and plowshares in defiance to King Obama’s socialist/progressive agenda and quest to take back control of congress. The peoples’ rebellion is strong, known far and wide as the Tea Party. The mere mention of their name strikes terror in the hearts of King Obama and his sycophant supplicants (MSM, Democrats, Hollywood and RINOs).

While the Tea Party has many members and yet no leader, there is one fair maiden Tea Party leader who particularly drives King Obama and his minions crazy; Lady Palin, the Bold, Courageous and Beautiful.

Leading by example, giving $5000, Lady Palin has inspired a national grassroots coalition of We The People to support Jason Smith for Congress. The Missouri 8th District Special General Election is June 4th.

In short, Jason Smith is one of us, folks! He is a Conservative Republican who will fight Obama’s job killing regulations that hurt small business.

The NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) endorses Jason Smith because he understands that burdening small businesses with outrageous regulations and excessive taxes makes it harder to create jobs. Smith vows to fight for commonsense reform in Washington.


When Obama boldly launched his chilling clarion call, “We will punish our enemies and reward our friends”, his enforcers clearly understood and embraced their mission – go out and get them! Never before has a U.S. President openly threatened Americans who dare disagree with his agenda. Thus, we need conservative candidates with backbone such as Jason Smith more than ever.

Every day more and more victims of Obama’s enforcers in the IRS are coming forward with shocking un-American horror stories of abuse. Perhaps, the Obama Administration feels invincible and insulated from consequences due to the historical aspect of a black man in the Oval Office. Or perhaps, the Administration’s unprecedented ruthless behavior is them simply being who they are, thugs who only know the Chicago way of functioning.

Remember the old joke? An animal asked the snake, “Why did you bite me after promising not to?” The snake replied, “What can I say, I am a snake”.

For whatever reason, this Administration is arrogant and vicious beyond belief. Despite national bipartisan outrage over the IRS admittedly targeting groups based on their ideology, the IRS continues to harass, target and intimidate conservative groups.  Unbelievable.

Make no mistake about it folks, the Obama Administration has no intention of backing off. Obama enforcers stay on offense – punishing Obama’s enemies and rewarding his friends. This is why Lady Palin realizes the importance of not allowing King Obama and wicked queen Pelosi to regain control of congress.

The Missouri 8th District Special General Election is this Tuesday, June 4th.

Patriots, we have a responsibility to make sure this medieval American tale has a happy ending. Please support Jason Smith for congress.

Let’s add another severely needed warrior/hero to our Royal Knights fighting on our behalf in Washington.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

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Sarah Palin emphasizes the importance of “hard work, courage, and perseverance” to graduating seniors

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 2, 2013

Governor Palin hugs Tyler Wyer, who started the campaign to have her address the Republic High School commencement. Photo retrieved from the Spokesman Review.

Governor Palin gave the commencement address for a class of 26 at Republic High School yesterday and revealed a moment from the past that linked her family to that small town.

Kip Hill at the Spokesman-Review writes:

Former Alaska governor and Republican firebrand Sarah Palin brought a gift and a surprise for residents of this town of 1,100 who crowded the high school gym to celebrate its graduation Saturday afternoon.

Grads found the gift taped under their chairs onstage: a dollar bill. The currency taught a life lesson, Palin said.

“You gotta get off your butt to make a buck,” Palin said, to cheers from the crowd of 700 or so who had nabbed tickets to the event.

The surprise came later, as Palin revealed the motivation for her acceptance of the invitation from senior class President Tyler Weyer and the rest of the 26-member graduating class. The group posed in the school’s front yard holding a “We Want You, Governor Palin!” banner that went viral on Facebook and eventually led to her agreeing to deliver the commencement address.

Palin told a story about her father, Charles Heath, who in 1964 set out for Alaska from Sandpoint, Palin’s hometown where she had been born just a few months prior. Facing engine trouble, Palin said, he stopped in a small town, where the local mechanic fixed his station wagon for a pittance. That town, she said, was Republic, to gasps and murmurs from residents and graduates alike.

“You got us on our path,” Palin said, to more applause.

Palin’s presence lent a little extra pomp and circumstance to an annual tradition in the Ferry County seat, which boasts Stonerose fossil digs and lies within a rich gold-mining district. The ceremony featured caps, gowns, squealing infants and tearful parents sending face-reddening hand waves toward their children.

There were also subtle reminders of rural Washington. Senior Heather Giddings received the home economics award, earning praise as the “best wild game cook in Eastern Washington.” Giddings and her classmates celebrated their accomplishment on a stage flanked by paper banners bearing the class motto: “You Only Live Once.”

That phrase had special meaning for Weyer, who began the campaign to secure Palin as the class’s guest speaker earlier this semester.

“Through this entire process, I’ve learned many things,” Weyer said in his introduction of the former vice presidential candidate. “Anything is possible; all you’ve got to do is want it.”

More than just Republic’s senior class wanted a glimpse of Palin. Shops along Republic’s main drag welcomed the politician, and admirers from as far away as the Czech Republic were on hand to take in her words. Helen Weinar, who immigrated to the United States and now lives outside Seattle, and her daughter, Helen De Leon, plopped down outside Republic High School at 5:30 a.m. to ensure that they’d see Palin.

“It’s a dream come true,” Weinar said.

Read more.

Jesse Tinsley at the Spokesman Review also has a photo story here.

KHQ Q6 has a slideshow of the event here and full video of Governor Palin’s speech here.

For additional links, see Latest Palin News.

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