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Memorial Day: Freedom is not free

Posted by Dr. Fay on May 27, 2013


As we remember those who have fought for our freedoms today, many families will have heavy hearts mingled with pride for those they lost in the service of our great country.  These families’ losses and the thousands of headstones in Arlington and at other grave sites around the world attest to the fact that freedom is not free.  Our country’s independence and the liberties guaranteed in our founding documents have been won and defended by the blood and vigilance of our military.

While our military are deployed on many fronts, it is our duty as citizens to be engaged in staying aware of what is going on here at home and doing our part to ensure that elected officials are held accountable for upholding our Constitution and abiding by its precepts.  Not everyone has time for activism, but we can all vote.  And next year we will have the opportunity to elect government officials who can be depended upon to represent the will of the people.  That is one way we can reinforce the service our military performs for our country every day.

We at SPIB want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day.   Thank you, military men and women and your families for your efforts and sacrifices to keep our country free!  America is the:



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