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Republic High School’s Senior Class Waged Social Media Campaign to Land Governor Palin as Commencement Speaker

Posted by Dr. Fay on May 15, 2013


A charming story of how a high school class of 27 landed a graduation speech by Governor Palin.

May 14, 2013 in City

Sarah Palin to speak at Republic HS graduation

By   The Spokesman-Review

Tyler Weyer and his fellow seniors at Republic High School began considering possible commencement speakers last fall.

Confronting them was the reality that the most likely speaker would be a popular teacher or a standout community member. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But Weyer had a crazy thought. “I said, ‘Hey, let’s just get Sarah Palin,’ ” said Weyer, the 17-year-old senior class president at Republic High.


RHS principal Shawn Anderson said Weyer has been an enthusiastic and outspoken fan of Palin’s for a few years. A young man with a strong interest in politics and government, “Tyler … and Sarah Palin kind of went hand in hand,” Anderson said.

When Weyer threw out the notion of inviting Palin last fall, he was encouraged by his teachers and Anderson. Why not give it a shot?

Weyer typed an invitation, Anderson had it put on school letterhead and signed it, and it went off to Palin’s parents. Weyer had tried to reach Palin through official sources in the past, with no success, and so he thought going through her parents might work better – and they were listed in the phone book. Soon thereafter, Weyer received an e-mail response from “one of her people” that was noncommittal.

“To be honest, I really wasn’t surprised that the message got to Sarah,” Anderson said. “I really believed she would at least see the letter and maybe some of the e-mails.

“But I didn’t think our chances were so high.”

Months passed with no further word. In early April, still awaiting an answer and running out of time, Weyer decided to push things along.

“I got impatient, so I organized a class picture,” he said.

He got his classmates together in their class sweatshirts, and they made a banner: “We Want You! Governor Palin!” School librarian Kelly Scriver took the photo of them posing with the banner, and they posted it on Facebook.

And then – in what is becoming a familiar pattern in the age of social media – the sharing and the liking and the tweeting began. As word of the Class of ‘13’s efforts spread, people began lobbying Palin directly, via Facebook and other ways. Weyer said that Palin has some relatives living in the Republic area, which might have helped bring their efforts some attention, and Palin herself was born not far away in Sandpoint, where her parents have a long history.

Whatever it was, something finally broke through. As Weyer put it, “the right word got to the right people.”

He received another e-mail, wanting to know: “Can we just get the date and time again?”

“That was definitely more promising,” he said.

Then came another e-mail from Palin’s people – this time to set up a phone call with him and school officials.

“People told me I looked pale as a sheet when I got that e-mail,” Weyer said. “I said, ‘Oh my goodness. I’m getting pretty excited. Something’s going to happen here.’”

On April 18, Weyer and school officials had the phone call with Palin’s representative, and learned that Palin would be coming to graduation.

“It was worth a million dollars to see the look on (Weyer’s) face,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s priority is to preserve the event as a commencement ceremony – something focused on the students and their families.

“This isn’t going to be a circus and this isn’t going to be a political statement,” he said.

Weyer says that Palin’s representatives have expressed similar wishes. “She doesn’t want a frenzy,” he said.

Still, certain frenzy-like elements are bound to accompany the appearance of a figure like Palin. Each graduate gets 20 tickets to distribute for the 1 p.m. commencement ceremony on June 1, and then admission to the small gym will be first-come, first-served. There’s room for around 700 people; Anderson expects he’ll be turning people away.

Weyer said the event is the talk of the 1,000-resident town.

“Everyone’s asking for tickets,” he said. “Everyone’s very ecstatic.”

Read more.


3 Responses to “Republic High School’s Senior Class Waged Social Media Campaign to Land Governor Palin as Commencement Speaker”

  1. skosper said

    Go Sarah! Continue your fight for our Country. America needs you. We need strong leadership and I know you have what it takes to steer the USA back on track. Please strongly consider being our next President.

    By the way, my WordPress issue has been resolved. Have a blessed day.

    Sue Kosper

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Defining America

    Encouraging food stamps and welfare dependency?

    Turning Unemployment into welfare program?

    Running guns to Mexico in fast and furious to make it look like America needs gun control?

    Ordering rescue ops to stand down as Tehran II takes place?

    Abandoning reliable Middle East regimes in favor of Muslim organizations?

    Aiding and abetting Muslim violence as a foreign policy?

    Contributing billions of dollars to foreign nations who hate us?

    Bankrupting America spending 50% more than we take in ?
    and now we put spending on steroids with socialist medicine?

    Christians ordered to silence speech in DETROIT MICHIGAN so as not to anger Anti-American Muslims?

    Barak Hussein Obama not a valid US citizen allowed to be President?

    Barak Hussein Obama says the US Constitution is antiquated and should be abandoned and we elect him President?

    Then we re-elect him?

    Democrats allowed to vote in Republican Primaries?

    Rampant and repeated voter fraud committed for Democrats nationwide?

    Rampant and repeated illegal campaign contributions to Democrats by China goes unpunished?

    China WANTS Democrats in power and we elect Democrats?

    Rampant and repeated voter fraud committed for Democrats by ACORN and we use taxpayer money to fund them?

    Voter intimidation at polling booths goes unpunished due to skin color?

    Military absentee ballots rampantly and repeatedly delayed and thrown out while serving our country?

    Illegal voters “constitutionally” protected not requiring valid ID because it might cost $10?

    Illegal aliens have a “right” to stay in the US?

    Illegal aliens have a “right” to US welfare?

    Illegal aliens have a “right” to Amnesty? Do they actually NEED amnesty?

    The US has no “right” to secure our borders?

    IRS being used to silence conservative opposition?

    Scooty Libby prosecuted, convicted and sentenced for covering up a non-crime?

    Clinton and Obama not prosecuted for causing and covering up homocide in Benghazi?

    IRS disclosing personal tax returns of conservative organizations to leftist groups?

    Average citizen not able to access his own tax information?

    Redistribution of personal wealth (institutional theft) from hard workers to lifelong partiers?

    Re-election of Democrats who utterly failed to solve any economic crisis?

    Re-election of Democrats who confess they benefit by crises?

    Re-election of Democrats who caused economic collapse (Dood-Frank)?

    Trayvon Martin, a known criminal, attacks a neighborhood watchman and is financially rewarded?

    A neighborhood watchman sees suspicious activity and calls the police and is arrested?

    911 recording altered by “unbiased” media to make the watchman look guilty?

    Photos of the known criminal when he was 12 years old circulated by unbiased media to make Martin look childlike innocent?

    Utter absence of a watchdog press one-sided in favor of anti-Americanism?

    Discussion of political topics is scorned in a democracy?

    Homosex is a practice guaranteed by the US Constitution?

    Right to own and bear arms is NOT guaranteed by the US Constitution?

    Abortion is a practice guaranteed by the US Constitution?

    The free exercise of religion is prohibited by the US Constitution?

    Christianity is redefined to be a terror organization but Islam is a religion of peace?

    Babies murdered by the millions while barren parents wait hopelessly to adopt?

    Average voter: “its just politics” “its so over blown” and “it doesn’t matter”?

    So you think that Dems should feel remorse at the loss of American lives in Libya? Why would they? Is it possible to hold Dems accountable ever? Exactly what IS it that matters to Democrat politicians? Does America matter to them? What IS the definition of America?

    Wasn’t it a good thing we got Judeao-Christian values erased from America?

    Are we getting back to what made America great in the first place?

    • Dr. Fay said

      That comes pretty close to summing it up. And “No” to your question at the end. It is the Judeo-Christian values made America strong and kept God’s protective hand over our country.

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