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(Updated) Gov. Palin Speaks at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Event in Arizona

Posted by Dr. Fay on May 10, 2013

Governor Palin spoke last evening in Buckeye, Arizona at The Cost of Freedom tribute event to our military who lost their lives in the Vietnam war.  myFOX News Phoenix posted a videoclip of a short interview with Gov. Palin.

The traveling Vietnam Wall Memorial is on display in Buckeye.

It’s a smaller version of the permanent Vietnam War Wall in Washington, but still features all the names of the service members who were killed or listed as missing in action during the Vietnam War.

“So I honor them I thank them, I love them, I’m proud to be the mother of a vet and there are no words to express the appreciation so many Americans feel for the United States military,” said Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor, who made an appearance at the memorial.

Read more and view the videoclip here. (h/tp Sarah Palin Journal)

American Veteran Traveling Tribute (AVTT) posted an album of photos of Governor Palin at the event on their Facebook wall here.  Firelight at Palin4America has posted some of these photos (with better resolution) as well as a couple of photos tweeted by supporters here.   Composite articles can also be found here and here.


Kevin Scholla at SarahNET has posted additional details:

Before the event former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted on social media “We will never forget the sacrifice made by these brave heroes, and they are
forever memorialized in Washington, D.C. and on the traveling Wall memorial.” When Palin delivered remarks in person at the event held at the Earl Edgar Recreational Facility, she spoke with the same respect and thankfulness.

“You know these types of ceremonies, honoring ceremonies are kind of though for someone like me because they are quite heartfelt and sincere, but I will share with you,” Palin said. “Words honestly never can adequately express the appreciation that I have for our United States military, our vets who have allowed us to be here today folks. They’ve allowed our freedom to continue”

Palin spoke specifically about some locals who laid down their lives for freedom. “We are gathered here to honor those who gave it all,” said Palin.

Governor Palin commented specifically on the moving Wall and referred to the Buckeye Vietnam patriots by name.

“We are gathered here today to witness a moving monument to our heroes from this very town, this Wall has traveled from my small town in Alaska,” Palin said. “From those days in Wasilla to here in Buckeye, may this always be reminders to the rest of the United States how important our military is.”

“We honor six men from Buckeye, Arizona, today, who served something greater than self,” Palin continued. “They made the ultimate sacrifice far from home. Donald Robert Elmore, James Dell Laizure, Jeronimo Lerma, Allan Theodore Macon II, Darrell Monroe Picket and Herman Sherna. They were young men with their life ahead of them when they died in Vietnam.”

An emotional Governor Palin, appeared to tear up. She then apologized to the crowd. “This is why it’s hard for me to get through these, forgive me
for this,” Palin said.

As she often does, Palin , the great communicator, made a personal connection with the crowd that was visibly appreciated. Attendees nodded and smiled when Palin shared how her husband Todd had texted her before she gave her speech, and told her he was praying for her.

Veterans of Vietnam were often treated horribly upon returning home. Governor Palin did not shy away from this shameful chapter of history. “I am sorry that you were not given the welcome home that you deserved,” Palin said.

“See, if you look for the virtues that sustain our great nation you’ll find them in those who wear the uniform, who take the oath and paid the price for our freedom,” Palin said while asking Americans to continue to honor and thank our veterans. “They are the special ones, they are unique, they have been selfless, they have been brave. Their sacrifices are what made this country possible, and friends, we must never forget that our freedom was purchased by millions of men now long forgotten throughout our history.”

While putting a special emphasis on Vietnam, Palin also praised veterans of all wars. From Normandy, to the deserts of Iraq, to the mountains of Afghanistan, and yes, the jungles of Vietnam. Palin masterfully painted a word picture that clearly shows just how vital our military members are. “It’s not the preacher who has given us the freedom of religion, it is the veteran,” Palin said. “It’s not the reporter who has given us the freedom of the press, it is the veteran. Not the poet who has given us the freedom of speech, it is the veteran. It is the veteran not the campus organizer who has given us the freedom to assemble. It is the veteran not the lawyer who has given us the right to a fair trial. It is the veteran not the politician who has given us the right to vote.”

Palin spoke from the heart when tying our vets to Old Glory. “It is the veteran who salutes the flag; it is the veteran who serves under the flag; who’s coffin is draped by the flag,” Palin said. “So eternal rest grant them oh Lord, and let perpetual life shine upon all our good veterans for they know, that their oath of allegiance had no expiration date, so may we never fail in our duty to our vets.”

“Thank God for these brave men and women,” Palin said as she closed out her remarks with praise. “God bless their families. God bless Arizona and God
bless the United States of America”

Tons of applause ensued. Cheers for Governor Palin and deafening roars for our veterans.

After the ceremony was over, Governor Palin was reportedly supposed to take off but she agreed to instead walk down from the stage to shake hands, take pictures, and sign books that people had brought with them. Palin is demonstrating once again just how gracious she is with her time despite incredible restraints.

Read more.


2 Responses to “(Updated) Gov. Palin Speaks at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Event in Arizona”

  1. reema said

    Dr fay does Sarah palin still read her correspondences? Is her postal address still the same? I would like to write a letter to her.

    • Dr. Fay said

      The address is still the same. Her family helps with the mail, probably because of the volume. I don’t know how much of her mail she has time to read personally. But certainly write her if you want to.

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