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Archive for April 15th, 2013

Palin: Prayers are with Everyone in Boston Today

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 15, 2013

Praying_PalinSarah Palin offered the following message via her Facebook page to the people of Boston and the Boston Marathon participants:

Prayers are with everyone in Boston today.

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Gov. Palin “can not and will not” support politicians who do not protect our Second Amendment rights

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 15, 2013

Governor Palin posted the link to a document outlining why the Obama-backed Schumer-Toomey-Manchin gun registry bill should be filibustered and defeated.

Sarah Palin · 3,529,794 like this

6 hours ago ·

Please see the link below for why the latest gun control bill should be filibustered and defeated. I can not and will not support politicians who support any more limits on our Second Amendment rights.


Mark Levin then posted a comment on Facebook agreeing with Governor Palin.

Mark Levin · 433,894 like this

6 hours ago ·

I join Sarah Palin – I won’t support any member of Congress who votes for more gun control laws


h/tp SarahNET

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(Updated) Happy 65th Birthday to Israel!

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 15, 2013

Today Israel celebrates the 65th anniversary of its Independence Day.  We at SPIB want to wish our Mideast ally and friend a happy Independence Day!

The modern State of Israel represents the culmination of 4000 years of Jewish history, beginning with God’s covenant with Abraham.  It also represents the fulfillment of prophecy.

Here is a  video from the official You Tube page of the State of Israel.

Video retrieved from Israel.

The Times of Israel staff reports on Israel’s Independence Day celebrations and the Memorial Day for Israelis lost in combat and to terrorism that preceded it:

Fireworks skyrocket over a music and dance performance at Mt. Herzl on Independence Day. (photo credit: image capture from Channel 10)

Fireworks skyrocket over a music and dance performance at Mt. Herzl on Independence Day. (photo credit: image capture from Channel 10)

Israel on Monday evening officially transitioned from Memorial Day, one of sorrow and remembrance, to Independence Day celebrations. Civilian dignitaries and military brass attended the country’s closing memorial ceremony at Jerusalem’s Mt. Herzl, in which 12 torches were lit commemorating the 12 tribes of Israel.

Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein opened the Independence Day ceremony saying that he never dreamed as a child that he would stand beside Theodor Herzl’s grave as a member of Knesset.

“I didn’t dream — not because I didn’t dare, and not because I was afraid. As a child I barely knew the State of Israel, I didn’t dream to be a part of it,” he said.

He noted that 26 years ago to the day he was released from a Soviet prison after serving time for seeking to immigrate to Israel. ”Today… my heart is filled, it is bursting its banks, full of prayer and thanksgiving,” he told the crowd.

The theme for 2013′s ceremony, chosen by the Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies and Icons, was the national legacy and the preservation of national cultural assets for generations to come. Fourteen honorees, selected for their cultural work, lit the 12 ceremonial torches.

Fireworks erupted over Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and cities across Israel moments after the final torch was lit, accompanied at Mt. Herzl by a musical and dance performance.

Earlier on Monday, a two-minute siren brought the country to a halt as Israel continued its Memorial Day events in remembrance of 25,578 war and terror victims.

Speaking at the official state ceremony for Israel’s fallen, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who lost his brother Yoni in the 1976 Entebbe raid, said he had been asked how to cope by children he met recently who had lost parents in wars or terror attacks.

“I answered honestly that I don’t know how to advise on how to manage with a loss like that. I told them that the death of my brother toughened me,” he told those gathered at the military cemetery at Mount Herzl. “We know that there is no real relief or comforting.”

Netanyahu also said Israel would continue to fight but also work toward peace.

“We will continue to work to make peace with our neighbors and to defend our land,” he said. “From the day of Israel’s birth great forces tried to destroy her. They never succeeded and will never succeed.”

Some 1.5 million Israelis were visiting cemeteries and memorial sites for services Sunday evening and Monday. All in all, 23,085 members of the country’s security forces died while in active service since Israel’s 1947-8 War of Independence, along with those who fought in Zionist pre-state militias going back to 1860.

Memorial Day began on Sunday night with a one-minute siren at 8 p.m. and an official ceremony at the Western Wall.

The day commemorates, in addition to servicemen and women, the 2,493 civilians who were killed in terror attacks.

Speaking at a ceremony for terror victims, Netanyahu said violence against civilians had been a constant challenge for the Zionist enterprise, surrounded by enemies who sought to kill or maim.

“We will not give in or surrender. We will pursue the terrorists relentlessly and we will strike them in any place. Terror is not from heaven, it is a mortal act,” he said. “Our willpower is greater than their willpower. We will never be like the murderers who do not hesitate to slaughter innocent people. We will not teach our children vengeance and hatred.”

Read more.


Here are two additional videos shared with us by our friend Jack.  The first one is especially inspiring.

Video retrieved from standwithus.

Video retrieved from standwithus.

Unity Coalition for Israel International (UCI) posted this powerful video by Yishai Fleisher yesterday.

UCI Celebrates Israel’s 65th Independence Day with Yishai Fleisher

Yishai Fleisher – UCI Exclusive Video,  April 15th, 2013

Video retrieved from Esther Levens.

Israel is 65!

Yishai Fleisher, Israel’s only english-language broadcast radio talk show host, and featured weekly on UCI’sVoices From He visited Kansas City recently and had the opportunity to speak with Unity Coalition for Israel founder, Esther Levens, about the unique nature of tiny but fierce country in the Middle East. He pointed out that Israel is the only state that secures freedoms for both its Jewish and Arab citizens as well as for many other Arabs in its keep.

“Freedom? That’s our middle name! The preposterous attempt by the media and the United Nations and many other groups to paint Israel as the one pariah state, the apartheid state, is the biggest FARCE in the world today – where Israel is exactly the opposite – the one state (in the Middle East) that guarantees freedoms. And the states around us! THEY are the states that have instituted apartheid!” – Yishai Fleisher

Yishai is also the founder of Kumah, a nonprofit organization in Israel and the United States that works to educate the public about Israel. It’s mission is to dispel myths and stereotypes about Israel and the Middle East, enhance connection to Israel through media projects, and to strengthen the Jewish character of Israel through renovation of historic sites (The Tomb of Yishai and Ruth in Hebron and Jewish property on the Mount of Olives), publications, legislation for the Knesset, and Aliyah activism.

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Fred Barnes recalls meeting Sarah Palin: “She was pretty impressive.”

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 15, 2013

Video retrieved from CSPAN

Fred Barnes, sat down last month with C-SPAN for a Q & A session.  In a very interesting interview, he talked about his career, his conversion as a Christian, Rupert Murdoch, and much more.  The synopsis beside the video in the C-SPAN video library reads:

Fred Barnes discussed the significance of the Weekly Standard in the political community, including its role in discovering Sarah Palin in 2007. He reflected on his conservative upbringing in Arlington, Virginia, noting the changes he experienced in his life after he became a born-again Christian. He recalled his early days on television, including his participation as a panelist in the first 1984 presidential debate and how it led him to a position on “The McLaughlin Group.” He talked about his time with New Republic Magazine and why he felt the need to provide a conservative alternative. He praised syndicated columnist Robert Novak and described Mr. Novak’s memoir, The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington as the best book ever written about politics.

At about 24:09 minutes into the video, the interviewer showed the ad for the Weekly Standard’s Alaska cruise in June of 2007.  He asked, “What was the impact of that cruise on American politics?”

Fred Barnes responded:

“Well, I think the discovery of Sarah Palin was one thing.  We on the cruise went up there in the in   southern –  we were not up around Anchorage in the well part of Alaska, but we were there, went to Juneau, went to Ketchikan, went to Sitka, and so on. But in Juneau we were invited by the governor to come and have lunch at her house –   at the Governor’s mansion.  And I found out later this came about because the woman who was the head of the Alaska Federation or Republican Women, or whatever the title is, had told the governor’s office that we were coming.  And at first she was ignored, and she told them again, and we finally, we wound up getting this invitation.  I’m not sure Sarah Palin was a Weekly Standard reader. But any case, we were invited, and we went to her house – myself, my wife, and my sister was along on the cruise.  She came.  Bill Kristol and one of his daughters and Mike Gershon, one of the speakers who was speaking at it, the former Bush speechwriter, and now columnist, he came, and we all had lunch.  one of the people he came and we all had lunch.  I sat right next to her.  And I’ll have to say, she was pretty impressive, in particular on the issues that she knew a lot about, which in Alaska are energy and the environment.   And so when I got back after that, I decided I’d write a story about her.   I mean I’d heard a little about her – you’re not going to hear much about Alaska politics down here, for Heaven sakes.   But that she had run against the incumbent governor, a Republican, and had defeated him in the primary and then won the election in 2006, which was not a good Republican year, but Alaska’s a pretty Republican state, and she won.  So there she was in 2007.  So I came back, I talked to her, I interviewed a bunch of people by phone, and talked to her twice.  I interviewed her twice on the phone and wrote a piece for the Weekly Standard about Sarah Palin.  It was only the first piece written about her by a national magazine in the United States.  I don’t go around bragging that I discovered her, but I think she was going to somehow emerge anyway, but I’m glad I was first.”

Interviewer:  “When did you know that that column might have had an impact that led eventually to John McCain choosing her as Vice President?”

Barnes:  “That’s when I did, when she was under – when her name started popping up.”

Interviewer:  “Who had seen it that you know?  Did you ever find out directly what person saw that and then reacted that strongly to it? “

Barnes:  “Well, there was one person who saw it and reacted strongly – was Bill Kristol, and he started talking her up.  This was back in the summer of 2008 when John McCain obviously had to pick a running mate. And Bill talked about her a lot on television.  It was on FOX News Sunday and other shows, and that got some attention.  And so I don’t recall any immediate reaction when this article came out – it must have been the late summer or early fall of 2007.”

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