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Gov. Palin: Wasilla Warriors Elect Glacier Prom King!

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 9, 2013

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday:

Sarah Palin · 3,527,407 like this

20 hours ago ·

Here’s a feel good story from Wasilla High. Glacier is the son of my friend Jana. We were both pregnant at the same time when we worked together at City Hall when I was mayor and she worked in Parks & Recreation. My daughter Willow and her son Glacier were born just a few days apart. And a few days after Glacier was born, Jana told me he had Down syndrome. I didn’t even know what to say, nor could I imagine what life would be like for her. All I could say was God knew what He was doing when Glacier became part of her life. She grinned and agreed, and she has been an inspiration to me ever since. And now all these years later, our Wasilla Warriors just elected Glacier Prom King!

The heartwarming video she linked to can be viewed here.

One Response to “Gov. Palin: Wasilla Warriors Elect Glacier Prom King!”

  1. joydbrower said

    Loved this story! And it just shows how much bringing up a “special needs” child in a warm & loving atmosphere can unlock so many positive things – including confidence and happiness. This one choked me up a bit, I must admit – but I’m grateful that Sarah brought this to our attention!

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