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Where to Watch Palin’s CPAC Speech

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 15, 2013

CPAP2012Governor Sarah Palin will be speaking at CPAC 2013 on Saturday, March 16th at 12 noon Eastern.  According to the official CPAC program, Palin is scheduled for a twenty minute time slot.

While numerous supporters of Governor Palin will be at the CPAC 2013 event, many more of us will be cheering her on from home in what’s sure to be a barn-burner of a  speech.  You can view Palin’s speech as well as other key events via live-streaming or by tuning into your local C-SPAN channel.  Live streaming is available at the CPAC site, The Right Scoop, Politico, and FOX,


4 Responses to “Where to Watch Palin’s CPAC Speech”

  1. Peggy Hall said

    Awesome speech. And LOVED the big gulp.

  2. Mark J Gregory said

    I pray she runs for President

  3. DocBarry1 said

    Gov Palin – Wow!!!! She is so special and unique. Her speech hit the perfect tone – GOPe, CPAC listen and get behind these principles. Stop your pettiness and get behind this fabulous American.

  4. jUAN cABRERA said

    looking forward for the speech and Sarah decision to run for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!

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