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Sarah Palin: The Iron Dog Race – Competition at Its Finest!

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 17, 2013

The Iron Dog Race started in Alaska today, and Governor Palin has been keeping us updated through photos on her Facebook page:

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10 hours ago · 


Here’s a link to photos Bristol took at the start of the Iron Dog race last year. Today is this year’s race start, and I’ll post more pics from the starting line.

[From Bristol’s Blog]

This weekend is the start of the Iron Dog. As promised, here are some photos from previous years’ races. Above is dad and his partner

Just snapped this pic of happy, healthy, adrenaline-pumped race team #11 (Scott & Todd) in my living room – one final bit of warmth before these former champs hit the trail in the world’s longest snowmachine race: 2000 miles across Alaska’s unique terrain and amazingly challenging conditions. It’s competition at its finest!




Todd and Trig…


Trig says, “See you later, Dad!” at the start of the Iron Dog.



And they’re off…


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