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Gov. Palin calls on Obama to Help American Citizen and Pastor Jailed in Iran for His Christian Faith

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 21, 2012

Governor Palin posted these tweets last night:

Sarah Palin@SarahPalinUSA

President @BarackObama, please help the American Pastor jailed in Iran for his#Christian faith!  via @ACLJ

Sarah Palin@SarahPalinUSA

Iran Imprisons and Abuses an American Citizen and Pastor  via @ACLJ(RT to help raise awareness!)

This is the posting on the ACLJ website that she linked to:

Iran Imprisons and Abuses an American Pastor

David FrenchFiled in:
IRAN10:53 AMDec. 19, 2012

This morning Fox News broke the story of Pastor Saeed Abedini, a U.S. citizen and Christian convert from Islam who has been seized by the Revolutionary Guard and held in Iran’s “notoriously brutal” Evin Prison, where guards and inmates have beaten him repeatedly. Pastor Saeed is formerly a leader of Iran’s small but growing house-church movement, but was in the country continuing a long-term humanitarian project (building an orphanage).

It’s tough to imagine the courage it takes to not only convert from Islam but to then lead an evangelistic house-church effort within Iran itself. Then, when confronted by the Revolutionary Guard and forced to cease evangelism, Pastor Saeed didn’t abandon Iran but continued a humanitarian effort apart from his evangelism.

Iran targets Christians because they present perhaps the greatest threat to the regime — the threat of a different, and radically better, belief system than the fundamentalist, Islamist theocracy that currently dominates the country. As history has proven again and again, it is the better idea that ultimately triumphs over totalitarianism. In this case, Iran is demonstrating that it will target Christians even when they are American citizens, and even when they comply with the regime’s demands. Not even charitable efforts are safe.

At the American Center for Law and Justice, we are representing Pastor Saeed’s family and are calling for the same kind of international diplomatic and public relations offensive that ultimately freed Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian pastor sentenced to death for apostasy. Suprisingly enough, a regime that can barely count itself a member of the international community can and will respond to intense pressure, properly applied.

Simply put, Iran cannot be permitted to imprison and abuse American citizens.

This article is crossposted at National Review Online.

AFA sent this action alert out last night also with a link to send an e-mail to Hillary Clinton:

U.S. pastor arrested, held in Iranian jail

He is in a prison cell. He’s been beaten and tortured. His family in Iran is under house arrest.

December 20, 2012

Dear ##FirstName[AFA Supporter]##,

A 32-year-old Iranian Christian pastor who is a U.S. citizen has been imprisoned without notice of any formal charges while visiting his family in Iran.

Saeed Abedini and his wife converted to Christianity from Islam and immigrated to the United States, according to OneNewsNow. He has made frequent trips to his homeland to visit with family who are also Christian converts. According to Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice, Abedini had been imprisoned before.

Sekulow said, “He has had a dust-up before there and agreed to stop his house church movement, which had hundreds of churches around Iran, but Saeed Abedini has been in prison now in Iran since September.” Abedini’s wife and two children remain in the U.S.

“He is in a prison cell. He’s been beaten and tortured. His family in Iran is under house arrest,” he describes. “He was placed in a cell with individuals who are saying they are al-Qaeda, and they’re in jail in Iran for being extremists there and they’re beating him because they found out he was a convert [and] a pastor.”


Send an email to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and your Representative and Senators, asking them to request the Iranian government release Pastor Abedini and allow him to return home to the United States.

Take Action Now Send an email to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and your Representative and Senators now!

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.

Sincerely,TimTim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

Jay Sekulow, director of the ACLJ, sent this information out by e-mail this morning, along with a link to a petition to sign in support of Pastor Abedini:

Iran has imprisoned and is abusing an American Christian pastor because of his faith.

Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American citizen, is in one of Iran’s most notoriously abusive prisons, separated from his wife and two young children this Christmas, simply because he is a Christian.

His wife told our radio audience yesterday that their six-year-old daughter was crying because she couldn’t remember her daddy’s voice.

Our legal team is representing his family, fighting aggressively for his release. Hundreds of thousands of you mobilized to free Pastor Youcef. Now we need your voice urging our government to take action on this American pastor’s behalf.

Sign the petition demanding American Pastor Saeed’s freedom.

Jay Sekulow
ACLJ Chief Counsel

P.S. Please forward this message on Facebook and through email to urge everyone you know to join this critical fight for this American pastor’s freedom.


One Response to “Gov. Palin calls on Obama to Help American Citizen and Pastor Jailed in Iran for His Christian Faith”

  1. I love you, Sarah, and you are one of my political heroes (a very short list), but do you really think Obama, Hillary Clinton or any connected to this maniacal government have any conscience about these matters? “Hope springs eternal!”

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