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Chuck Heath Jr. Reminds Us That Today Begins the Second Week of Advent Before Christmas

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 9, 2012

Today Chuck Heath Jr. posted the following comments on ‘The Porch’ about the Our Sarah book signing in Anchorage and a reminder that today begins the second week of Advent.

As I mentioned on Facebook, thank you to everyone who attended our Anchorage book signing yesterday. I’m especially grateful to people like Ann and Jon, who braved the snowstorm and made the trip from the Valley. Also, thank you to people like Donna P who bought multiple books for Christmas presents. I know how tough money is to come by these days, so we really appreciate your support.

We had a great time visiting with you all, and we met a lot of new friends too. The store sold almost every book they had on hand so they were happy. Thanks B&N for helping us out.

One of my former students from my teaching days in Talkeetna showed up and handed me a poem I had written about him and his classmates 26 years ago. I was touched that he still had it… I hadn’t seen it since I’d written it.

It’s week two of the Advent season, the remembrance of the arrival of Jesus Christ into the world.

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Advent is a period observed by many Christians that begins on the fourth Sunday before December 25 and ends on December 24.   It is considered by those who observe it as a time of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.

Chuck Jr.  also posted this week’s Advent comments by the Reverend Billy Graham and a BGEA Classic Christmas Specials video, which you can watch online here.  This video has a series of inspiring video clips, and I liked the (11th) one in which George Beverly Shea sang a short Christmas song just before his 99th Christmas.  I went to YouTube to see if I could find the clip and saw this one, in which he is singing my favorite song just before his 103rd birthday.

According to another video, ‘How Great Thou Art’ – one of the greatest Christian songs of  our time – was written by Shea and sung for the first time at a Billy Graham Crusade at Madison Square Gardens in 1957.  A YouTube  Search pulls up many of his songs from 1957 onward.

Watching Billy Graham and George Beverly Shea continue to minister as they have grown into a ripe old age is a reminder of what God can do with dedicated lives.  Remember that God’s servant Moses lived to be 120 and remained strong until the end of his life.

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