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Bristol Posts Palin Family Thanksgiving Photo

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 24, 2012

Bristol posted this photo on her Facebook page yesterday:

First full family picture :)

7 Responses to “Bristol Posts Palin Family Thanksgiving Photo”

  1. joydbrower said

    Love Trig’s cool hair cut! And I’m guessing that the gal next to Track & new baby is new baby’s mom? So, where’s the youngest sister? But what a handsome family! God bless ’em ALL!

    • Dr. Fay said

      Joy, you are the first to point that out. I’m guessing that Piper is the one that took the photograph.

      • joydbrower said

        Hey, Dr. Fey (aka Det. Fey!) – I think you’re right! Can’t imagine that Piper would be anywhere else on Thanksgiving!

        I have to say that whenever I read something out of Camp Palin, my mood is elevated and my outlook is more positive.

        I can hardly wait for the fitness book tour to begin!

      • Dr. Fay said

        Joy, take a look at the Palin/Heath photo from Chuck Jr.’s website that I just posted. I’m beginning to think that the young lady standing next to Track is Piper with a totally new hairdo/look. Note that she is sitting in the foreground of the Palin/Heath photo, holding Trig. Standing next to Track at the back of the group is a blonde, whom I assume is Track’s wife. She must have taken the Palin group photo. Chuck Heath Sr. is not in the Palin/Heath photo, so he must have taken that one.

      • joydbrower said

        Hey, you’re REALLY earning your stripes, Det. Fay! Indeed, that IS Piper in the BIG photo, holding Trig – and it’s also the same gal, Piper, standing in the back next to older brother, Track, in the Palin photo/smaller family gathering. It’s just that she looks a bit more grown-up – new hairstyle & glasses! – and, no surprise, might have grown a couple inches in the past year!

        You know, the more I think about how things have turned out, Sarah Palin definitely made the right choice this election cycle by deciding NOT to run – not only bec. the cards were already stacked against her by the RNC, but bec. she had a lot of family to continue to guide as they grew into young adults. That’s a MUCH more important responsibility in the long run!

  2. knuckledragingwino said

    I see that the Palins are having keeping their younguns shod. Had the opposite problem with my kids.

    I truly respect Gov Palin’s decision to not subject fer family to evenmore abuse by running for POTUS in 2012, but Romney was a RINO and helot his butt kicked.

  3. Clemmons, NC said

    Wonderful! Am proud of y’all…

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