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Madame President

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 15, 2012

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Effective today, the SPIB blog will be on hold until an appropriate future date.  The blog archives and SPIB pages will remain available as resources for Palin supporters.  Latest Palin News will continue to be updated.


6 Responses to “Madame President”

  1. Keep the faith, Palinistas! Proclaim Liberty throughout the land.

  2. Reema Gokal said

    Sarah Palin is the most prettiest woman in the whole universe… so elegant and oh i have a thousand words to describe u…. U R THE BEST BEST HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD… pLEASE MAAM WRITE BACK TO MY LETTERS… I HAVE SENT SO MANY LETTERS OVER THE MONTHS BUT NO REPLIES YET/…. PLEASE MAAM WRITE BACK

  3. I am going to miss your posts. I depended on you for Sarah Palin updates. Thanks for all of your hard work through the past few years. :)

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