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Another Win for Sarah Palin at the Alaska Supreme Court

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 13, 2012

From the Associated Press article by Becky Bohrer posted at The Republic:

The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court decision that does not forbid use of private email accounts for state officials conducting state business.

The case stemmed from emails sent during then-Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration.

Palin and members of her administration used private emails to conduct state business. In 2008, activist Andree McLeod submitted a records request for all emails sent to or from the private accounts of Palin and her husband. McLeod also sued, arguing that Palin and the governor’s office had a responsibility to save as public records e-mails related to state business, regardless of the accounts the messages were sent through.

The state maintained that state officials should be able to decide what is or isn’t subject to public disclosure and that it if use of non-state accounts is to be banned for state business, then the Legislature, not a court, should say so.

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