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Bristol Palin: A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 9, 2012

Posted on Bristol’s Blog today:

A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan

October 9, 2012 By  19 Comments

Typical Palin picture – the day Track left for his second deployment.

As many of you know, my brother Track is in Afghanistan.  This week, I got the rare chance to talk to him over the phone, and I was so excited to hear his voice and know that he was safe.

While we were talking, I told him about Dancing with the Stars All Stars and he sounded confused.

“What show?” he asked.

He had no idea I was on DWTS!

There’s a lot of talk about being “in jeopardy” on this show, but most of us never experience real jeopardy.  The fact that Track didn’t even have the time to think about Hollywood or a dance competition put all of this in more perspective for me.

Thanks, Track, and all of the United States military.

For the perspective and everything else you do!

Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport when he went back to Afghanistan.


One Response to “Bristol Palin: A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan”

  1. joydbrower said

    What a HANDSOME family!! Well, we know where they get their looks, eh? Sarah & Todd are BEAUTIFUL!!

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