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Archive for September 6th, 2012

A Massive Attack On Media Lies and Distortion About Sarah Palin – A Must Read

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 6, 2012

A most vigorous defense of Sarah Palin from media lies and distortion. Kudos to Randy Hollenbeck (that’s him) at SouthMilwaukeeNow

The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type “C” Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint “The way I see it!” on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Sarah Palin, Advocacy, Quotes, and Narratives

Postedby Randy Hollenbeck on Sept. 6, 2012 5:00 a.m.

2012 ElectionAmericaConservativesLiberalsObamaSarah PalinschoolTeachers

Advocate – to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument, a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc., a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor,  a person who pleads the cause of another in a court of law.

Synonyms of Advocate – supporter, backer, promoter, believer,activist, campaigner, sponsor, lobbyist.

If you speak in front of “Government” is advocate the best word to use or would lobbyist?  If lobbyist is the better word why do they not use it?

Bill Clinton once posed the philosophical statement, “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is!”

Why do Liberals dislike Sarah Palin so much?  You demonize what you fear.

The real problem Liberals have with Palin is that she threatens to wakepeople up.  Her common sense and bright nature can shatter the hypnotic hold that the liberals have on many.  When the liberals themselves feel their own hypnotic bubble growing weaker, they react with fear and hatred.  They are so comfortable in that state that they want to preserve it.  They really are just zombies, she represents the cure, she also represents the person in the zombie movies that is normal.  When the zombies notice the presence of such a person they are driven to destroy them.  The reason zombie movies and vampire movies are so gripping is because in a way, they are real, but it is all spiritual instead of physical.

She speaks the truth, and the truth spoken with a good nature is a powerful weapon.  A phony can say the same truths, but their words do not have the same power.  The messenger is as important as the message. The checked pants Republicans (Washington Republicans) never understood that, most Conservatives know they are phony and are not motivated by the words of a phony.

She is the cross to the vampire; she is the normal person to the zombie.

Let’s take a look at a paragraph statement and I want you to notice the guilt by association or proximity (hey I am from the same city that Jeffrey Dahmer lived does that make me a killer?)  Serial killers eat food; do you eat food?  So you must be a serial killer!  That is what happens with bad analogies, comparisons, and guilt by association or proximity.

And the lack of the real quote – Of course this is done to goose step the narrative and make his point which may or may not be what Sarah Palin meant.  But that doesn’t matter to Liberals – It is whatever they want something to mean!

Let’s get the real quote, liberals like to paraphrase things, take things out of context, cherry pick them or change things based on how they perceive things to be, then when questioned on it they shout out, I don’t like semantics!

“To the families of special-needs children all across this country, I have a message: For years, you sought to make America a more welcoming place for your sons and daughters.  I pledge to you that if we are elected, you will have a friend and advocate in the White House.”  – Sarah Palin (Speech to Republican National Convention, September 2008)

If you remember differently, you are incorrect and it is more than semantics.  But hey, don’t let the actual text stand in your way of making a political caricature.

This proves my point.  You don’t really observe things objectively.  You just perceive from your own preconceived prejudices.  If it conforms to your already formed opinion, you ‘hear’ it.  If it doesn’t, you somehow miss the facts.

BTW – I did let the Liberal know to do some research on Sarah Palin before doing a hatchet job on her just to further his narrative.  I warned him!  And yes it is true that he only talks about Palin in a few sentences of his whole post, but it is those few sentences have no added value to his post other than a hatchet job on Palin!  And yes it warranted this large of counter information for me!

(I believe in his cause, not his methods nor his addition of adding Sarah Palin to attempt to further his narrative.  I agree with the rest of it and ask that you read it in its entirety)

Sarah Palin promised parents of children with special needs that they would have a friend and an advocate in the White House if she was elected vice president.  If she was elected!!!

Then again we will never know since Palin isn’t the Vice President.

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

Oh yeah, also note the article is a Liberal blog he refers to!

In addition, it was a debate between two Republicans (Lynn Gattis and Mark Ewing) and the other Republican (Lynn Gattis) disagreed with Mark Ewing statement of:

“I got to be honest with you, I am not in favor of the No Child Left Behind Act,” Ewing said.  “We are spending millions and millions of dollars educating children that have a hard time making their wheelchair move and, I’m sorry, but you’ve got to say, ‘no’ somewhere.  We need to educate our children, but there are certain individuals that are just not going to benefit from an education”

And advocated/stated this –

“We define ourselves by how we treat our elderly and our less fortunate and our special needs people,” she Gattis, a sitting member of the Mat-Su Borough School Board said.

Side note – Special education, which requires speech pathologists, psychologists and trained teachers, and sometimes special facilities and equipment, can cost four times more than general education.  Federal funds only cover a fraction of the extra expense.

Watch for the disagreement to be presented in the paragraph statement and now the statement!

“I recently read an article where a local candidate in Alaska did not feel it was worth educating some children with special needs ( because it cost too much.  These were comments from Wasilla, AK, the same town that former Gov Sarah Palin was from.  The same Vice-Presidental  candidate who said while campaigning that if elected, she would have a friend in the White House.   “Well, I guess that since was not elected, she does not feel the need to be that vocal advocate that sounded good on the campaign trail.”

Any mention of the Republican Lynn Gattis who disagreed?  Did you see it?  Nope me neither!  See that would not further the narrative!

Why add Sarah Palin?  Is he trying to say she thinks some kids are not worth educating as well?

Again, why add her to his post?  Why?  What does it add?

And how should one advocate?  Is your way the only way?  Advocate for what?  Rights?  What?

You see what you want and believe what you want!

Self-perception does not equal reality.

Oh yeah and just because Sarah Palin isn’t out there as her job advocating or more correctly lobbying you want to condemn her?  You are going after her for a broken promise when Obama has how many?  Oh that’s right, he is your “Guy”!

Some of the statements and lack of follow-up info begs the questions of motive and reason to include Sarah Palin (cheap shot?) on/in it!

Axe to grind????

Just because the world does not look the same to others as it does to you does not mean they cannot see.  It means they see things differently, from different perspectives and interpreted by knowledge, experience, and ideas of which you may know little or be unable to comprehend.

It also prompts more questions –

Does she say anything about being a vocal advocate?  Was that going to be her 24/7 job to advocate?

How much time would make the liberals happy?

Can an advocate be silent?

Would the Liberals who are advocates ever be satisfied with what Sarah Palin was doing?

Are they complaining to distract and distort so Sarah Palin cannot further the conservative agenda?  If we don’t fix America and get it under fiscal sanity (priorities) will we have the money to spend on Special Needs children?

If she was advocating for it would they not call her a lobbyist then?

I think a lot of questions answer themselves!

Sorry though – A double helping of half-truths does not equal the truth!

The brain will reject patterns it sees if those patterns don’t support their own ideology.

Liberals – Would it have been better that she aborted Trig?

Liberal parents of Special Needs children, do you regret not aborting?  Wouldyou have aborted if you knew?

Ithink Sarah Palin might end up — in the long run — being the “right” kind of advocate.  She advocated the most and best way, she didn’t have an abortion when she knew.  Standing up and being someone who has a Down’s child is meaningful.  People learn from example and they set their expectations based on what they observe.  In a society where many families abort Down’s babies, you have to be crazy or extremely strong-willed not to if you know the child will be born at a disadvantage and a life long struggle in a society that can be cruel!

Using a bit of CSI-type investigating – Just kidding!!!  All I did was a Google search

From February 6, 2012 NewsWeek

Life With Trig: Sarah Palin on Raising a Special-Needs Child

During the 2008 presidential campaign, on rope lines at rallies across the country, my husband, Todd, and I met so many of these families and caretakers, and I’ll never forget them.  There was an instant connection—a kind of mutual acknowledgment that said, “Yes, these children are precious and loved. Yes, we face extra fears and challenges, but our children are a blessing, and the rest of the world is missing out in not knowing this.”

Every parent struggles with juggling the commitments of work and family.  Women, especially, know this well.  Over the years, I’ve learned that women can “have it all,” just not all at once.  For me, it was a lesson learned through the school of hard knocks, but it was one my own mother made me aware of when she calmly told me that as a working mom in the rough-and-tumble political arena, I would have to make tough choices.  We all do.  In making decisions about my career, I’ve put my family first, and I’ve never regretted it, although it has meant periodically putting particular pursuits on the back burner.

When I discovered early in my pregnancy that my baby would be born with an extra chromosome, the diagnosis of Down syndrome frightened me so much that I dared not discuss my pregnancy for many months.  All I could seem to muster was a calling out to God to prepare my heart for what was ahead. My prayers were answered beyond my shallow understanding of what true joy could be.  Yes, raising a child with special needs is a unique challenge, and there’s still fear about my son Trig’s future because of health and social challenges; and certainly some days are much more difficult than if I had a “normal” child.

Many everyday activities like doctor’s appointments and social gatherings and travel accommodations and even mealtimes and a solid night of sleep are that much more difficult, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade the relative difficulties for any convenience or absence of fear.  God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Trig.  We went from fear of the unknown to proudly displaying a bumper sticker sent to us that reads: “My kid has more chromosomes than your kid!”  He may not be the next Wayne Gretzky, but our hearts are filled with so much pride watching Trig giggle with his sisters’ puppies, or sway to the rhythm of his Little Angels DVDs, it’s as if he were hoisting the Stanley Cup.

Granted, I know I may be more fortunate than others to have loving friends and a big, supportive family I call on to help, including a husband who spends many sleepless nights with this restless little one.  (And Todd actually makes Trig’s puréed baby food!)  Others aren’t so fortunate, and in our thankfulness I am made more compassionate toward others who have less.

I often think now, what would we do without Trig?  He’s our “everything that really matters.”

Trig is almost 4 years old now, and every morning when he wakes up, he pulls himself up, rubs the sleep out of his eyes, looks around, and then starts applauding!  He welcomes each day with thunderous applause and laughter.  He looks around at creation and claps as if to say, “OK, world, what do you have for me today?”

My family knows that Trig will face struggles that few of us will ever have to endure, including people who can be so cruel to those not deemed “perfect” by society.  The cruelty is more than made up for, though, when someone simply smiles at our son.  Nothing makes me prouder.

As I explained in a Thanksgiving article, I notice it happens often in airports.  Travelers passing by will do a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; or perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise.  Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think, “He’s awkward.”  But when that traveler pauses to look again and smiles, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with pride.  I am so thankful for their good hearts.  They represent the best in our country, and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.

My family understands that up ahead, some days will be better than others.  We will adapt and juggle things and work through it.  But Trig applauds the day.  And that’s what he teaches us.  That’s our priority, and we’re blessed by it.

Of course for many people no amount of evidence—whether presented by skeptics or believers—will change their minds.

So if a liberal says “I support anybody who advocates for disability issues” would you really believe them if it was Sarah Palin advocating?

Do you think they would find fault with it/her?

Liberals have made me cynical when they make claims that they would be supportive of anyone on the right. Remember these are the same people who blame Bush for everything, attacked Rebecca Kleefisch for her outspokenness on cancer and think they see that Walker claimed a
net job creation of 250,000 jobs.  They see things how they want to and discard anything else!

How Liberals view Sarah Palin and Trig

We Know Democrats Hate Sarah Palin, but Now We Know They Hate Her Down Syndrome Baby, Trig, Too


Did He Cross The Line?  Wayne Brady Cracks Joke Using Sarah Palin’s Son With Down Syndrome

(BTW – I did let our liberal friend have this link before his post was up and nothing)

I guess it was over the line – Wayne Brady Apologizes for Trig Palin Joke

Hey where was the Outrage over the joke from someone whose mission is advocacy of the disabled?  Did anyone notice a post about it?  Anyone, any liberal blogs around town?

I must have missed your post condemning it!  Or was it okay because she is a Conservative and Republican?

What was that Rape thing about –

Sarah Palin attacks David Letterman over ‘sexually-perverted’ joke –

The CBS funnyman joked Monday of Palin’s recent New York visit that “during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by AlexRodriguez.”

That would have been statutory rape and rape is rape right?

Or was it –

Sandra Bernhard: Palin Would Be Gang-Raped By Blacks in Manhattan

Why would I think the left and liberals for that matter agree with Palin.

Also, maybe some people need to bone up to the falsehoods.

I will end with this, if you feel that strong about your convections then you would have voted for McCain/Palin and had Trig and Down Syndrome take front stage, did you?

Principles only mean something if you stand by them when it’s inconvenient.

Now if a Palin was a Liberal and a Liberal was writing about it, they would say anyone who didn’t vote for Palin was a Bigot and against Special Needs wouldn’t they?


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Happy Birthday, Todd ‘Rambo’ Palin!

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 6, 2012

Click on photo to view slideshow.

Today is Todd Palin’s 48th birthday.  After an outstanding performance throughout the series, he placed fourth in the ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ grand finale, which aired Monday night.  So we at SPIB want to wish him a happy birthday and congratulations on his successful performance  in that competition.  His performance earned him the nickname ‘Rambo” and remarks such as, “he’s very, very tough, ”  “he’s the quiet assassin,”  “he really was amazing,” and more.  Todd Palin’s Bio at the ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ website also indicates that he assisted in the production and logistics of the show.

Of course, no one should be surprised at this from a four-time Iron Dog champion.  Todd’s skills and toughness from running his commercial fishing business and hunting moose in the wilds of Alaska stood him in good stead also.   Todd has a keen business mind as well, as evidenced by his focus on jobs and vocational training opportunities  while First Dude of Alaska.

Today we want to wish Todd all of God’s best blessings and success with all his future endeavors.  May all your plans succeed and all your dreams come true!


Happy birthday, Todd ‘Rambo’ Palin!


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