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Sarah Palin’s Reagan 100 speech: ‘Choosing the Stars’

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 30, 2012

Video retrieved from .  Text of speech can be found here.

Governor Palin gave the keynote speech for the Reagan 100 celebration of  Reagan’s 100th birthday.  During her visit to the Reagan Ranch, Governor Palin was given a private tour of the ranch, which she mentions during her speech.  Jensen Sutta, the photographer who was hired to photograph the tour, tells that story here.

bain 12 at Alaskans4Palin wrote an excellent article about Governor Palin’s speech:

Governor Sarah Palin addressed dinner guests at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara, California on February 4, 2011 as the keynote speaker for the Young America’s Foundation Reagan 100 Celebration. I got a little misty eyed as I watched it live. For a precious hour it was ‘Morning in America’ again! An oasis in the Obama desert. This was as “presidential” a speech as you will ever see.

Note at the beginning of her speech where Sarah describes riding on the same trails that Ronald Reagan had cleared. Sarah is doing that politically now: Following in Reagan’s footsteps.

“There isn’t one replacement for Reagan, but there are millions who believe in the great ideas that he espoused,” Governor Palin told her audience.”There is a whole army of patriotic Davids out there across this great country ready to stand up and to speak out in defense of Liberty, and these Davids aren’t afraid to tell Goliath, ‘Don’t Tread On Me!’”

In this one statement, Sarah gives ownership of America to those in whom it rightly belongs. It’s up to us. Last night she said there would never be another Reagan. But just as Reagan did, “We The People” must fight for Conservative values, principles and personal responsibility. That is how we all can honor Reagan.

Sarah continued: “He (Reagan) saw our nation at a critical turning point. We could choose one direction or the other: Socialism, or freedom and free markets; Collectivism or individualism. In his words we could choose the swamp or the stars.

It took a Carter to get a Reagan. Both Reagan and Sarah Palin credit the love, spirit, and greatness of America to its people, not to themselves. Both Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin place their trust in people, created in the image of God, guided by Constitutionally guaranteed freedom, to excel. Real leaders give authority and credit to the people who are actually in charge of getting things done. Sarah leads with the understanding that people yearn for the freedom to lead themselves. She provides a springboard and a rallying cry from which American Patriots can move ahead if they so choose.

They’re not comfortable with her because Sarah is not a member of the establishment. “The irony,” according to Lee Edwards, a Reagan biographer and fellow at the Heritage Foundation, “is that neither was Reagan.” President Reagan would be proud of Sarah Palin!

“I must admit it was an impressive speech. The first I have heard her give since she accepted the VP nomination, only much better. Reaganesque even.” – (Follow this link to read the entire article from Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett)

Some highlights from Governor Palin’s speech –

“As an Alaskan I proudly consider myself a western conservative in the spirit of Ronald Reagan…He refused to sit down and be silent as our liberties were eroding by an out-of-control centralized government that over-taxed and over-reached in utter disregard to our Constitutional limits.”

“President Reagan said that you can’t be for big government, big taxes, big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.”

“In the words of the left, American exceptionalism is ‘exceptionally big government.'”

“History has proven again and again that when government picks the winners and losers, we’re stuck with the losers.”

“The stimulus didn’t stimulate anything but a tea party.”

“Last November, ‘We the People’ rose up and decisively rejected big government. We don’t want it! We can’t afford it! Enough is enough!”

(On ‘green jobs’) “This is not an economic policy. Its not an energy policy. This is diversion and this is social engineering. This is not the road to national greatness – This is the road to ruin. Its ‘crony’ capitalism on steroids.”

“I’m in favor of a sound, all-of-the-above approach to energy independence.”

“Put faith in God, not government.”

Also see:

Palin on Reagan: He was ‘America’s lifeguard’  


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