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Archive for August 12th, 2012

Palin: Statement on Republican Convention

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on August 12, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin released a statement via GretaWire regarding the upcoming Republican National Convention which will be held in Tampa, Florida August 27th-30th

“…Everything I said at the 2008 convention about then-candidate Obama still stands today, and in fact the predictions made about the very unqualified and inexperienced Community Organizer’s plans to “fundamentally transform” our country are unfortunately coming true. This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them. As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path. This is imperative. As President Clinton said in 2008 while candidate Obama and lapdogs in the media were thrashing his wife’s record and reputation, this is “…the biggest fairy tale.” For the sake of America’s solvency and sovereignty we must close this nonsensical book in November…” – Sarah Palin

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Outstanding Analysis:”After Trashing Sarah Palin, GOP Establishment Uses Palin to Defend Ryan”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 12, 2012

A site I had not discovered before, “Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom”, more than lives up to the blog’s title with this insightful post which deserves wide dissemination.  It is a site to bookmark.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

After Trashing Sarah Palin, GOP Establishment Uses Palin to Defend Ryan

Do you remember the days after John McCain lost? Remember how the Republican establishment treated Sarah Palin? They criticized her clothes. They accused her of spending too much on clothes with campaign funds and then accused her of trying to take those clothes despite them being lent to her to wear on the campaign trail as they suggested she was a white-trash dresser. Remember who the establishment working for the McCain camp accused her of destroying the campaign and outed her on many of the things she had done putting a twist on it to make her look even worse?

Well, think about that and then read how the Republican establishment is using Sarah Palin to defend Paul Ryan.


This e-mail is from the Republican establishment after trashing Palin after McCain lost:

Dear Conservative,

If you’re like me, you were both stunned and pleased to see Mitt Romney choose a running mate as bold and conservative as Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan is one of the leading lights in the conservative movement and has done great service for our cause.

Now the real battle begins. We know exactly what the Radical Left has in store for Paul Ryan–they’ll do exactly what they did to Sarah Palin. The Left (aided by the Liberal Media) will throw everything but the kitchen sink at Paul Ryan in the most relentless, vicious, personal way possible. They will try to smear his name, his family, and his record in order to strangle his candidacy before it gets off the ground.  We can’t let that happen. Not this time. We need your help.

You remember what they did to Sarah Palin: trying to find everything they could on her, attacking her family, calling her the most vile names imaginable, even questioning if she was the mother of her own child. If you don’t think the same thing is being planned for Paul Ryan even as we speak, well, you’re in for a big surprise on Monday.

The liberal group Act Blue has already launched a “Stop Paul Ryan”  fund dedicated to running ads smearing Ryan’s record. And the Obama campaign has been putting out assaults on Ryan all weekend, accusing him of not caring about women. And trust me, they’ve got a lot more bile where that came from.

Here’s the thing–we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. Whether you’re talking about Dan Quayle, Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, or Sarah Palin, this is what the Left always does to conservatives when they appear on the scene!

Here at, we are committed to fighting back. Our plan is to run TV and online ads in battleground states where funds allow, introducing Paul Ryan on OUR terms, not on the Democrats’ terms or those of their buddies in the liberal

We will respond to every single charge with FACTS, we will disseminate the truth to a growing email list, and we will run the online and TV ads in battleground states where funds allow. We are not just going to sit around and watch another conservative get slimed while we sit idly by, wringing our hands like there’s nothing we can do.

There is A LOT that we can do to fight back. Donate $35, $50, or even $100 right now to join us.

I don’t know about you, but I swelled with pride yesterday when Paul Ryan walked out on the deck of that aircraft carrier and told his story. That’s what a leader looks like, and that’s what the American people are looking for. Barack Obama and the Democrats do not have a record that they can run on, and they know it. The only way for them to win up to this point has been to smear Romney, and now Paul Ryan.

That cannot be allowed. We must defend this good man.

Just so you know, I’ve been a mayor, an ambassador, a HUD undersecretary under Jack Kemp, State Treasurer, Ohio Secretary of State and a successful businessman, author and educator. I’ve been through a lot of campaigns.

I know exactly what’s coming for Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. We cannot sit back and wait for the Left to attack. The time to act is now.

I’m ready to go to battle. Will you join me?


Ken Blackwell

by Bungalow Bill

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Gov. Palin’s Observations on the Romney-Ryan Ticket

Posted by Roderic Deane on August 12, 2012

Courtesy of Fox News:

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Palin: Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on August 12, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin posted a message of congratuations to Governor Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his selection for a running mate.  Palin also pointed out President Obama’s record of dismal failure,  citing example after example of his failed policies.

Posted to Facebook by Sarah Palin:

Congratulations to Mitt Romney on his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. President Obama has declared that this election is about “two fundamentally different visions” for America. Goodness, he’s got that right. Our country cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama’s fundamentally flawed vision. We must now look to this new team, the Romney/Ryan ticket, to provide an alternat

e vision of an America that is fiscally responsible, strong, and prosperous – an America that understands and is proud of her exceptional place in the world and will respect those who fight to secure that exceptionalism, which includes keeping our promises to our veterans.

When I think about the direction our country is rapidly drifting in, I can’t help but look at California as a cautionary tale. The Golden State once boasted the entrepreneurial innovation of Silicon Valley, the American creative engine of the arts, economically powerful and beautiful cities from San Francisco to San Diego, and fertile farmlands that helped feed the nation. Now it is descending into financial ruin accompanied by an exodus of middle class Californians leaving for other states. As one writer put it, California’s “fastest-growing entity is government and its biggest product is red tape.”

Obama’s vision for America will make the rest of the country look like California, minus the beautiful scenery and warm weather.

Obama’s America is today’s California – complete with $100 billion taxpayer funded bullet trains to nowhere; out of control environmental extremists who have destroyed family farms and left some of the most fertile farm land in America fallow in order to protect a three inch fish; permanent high unemployment; government policies hostile to small business job creators; crippling high taxes; an abysmal real estate market; bloated government that wastes taxpayer money; endless budget shortfalls due to massive unfunded liabilities; city after city declaring bankruptcy; and a state government run by, in the words of one Wall Street Journal writer, “a brothel of environmentalists, lawyers, public-sector unions and legislative bums.”

We can’t afford Obama’s vision. Our children can’t afford it. Today we are over $15 trillion in debt and running up trillion dollar budget deficits year after year for as far as the eye can see. And our “leaders” have no plan to stop it! President Obama and this Congress don’t even have the fundamental blueprint—a budget!—to outline where they intend to take us as they merrily roll along with their out of control spending and constant increases of our debt “limit.” Our debt to China alone is more than we can ever hope to pay off in multiple generations. Such debt and dependence on foreign nations weakens us in countless ways. And yet our government keeps on spending despite the risks and despite conscientious, hardworking citizens telling them to just stop it. Our debt is growing by $3 million per minute. This debt, in conjunction with Obama’s massive government over-reaches like Obamacare, has strangled the private sector, which in turn has stifled job growth and slowed all economic growth. The only way to get our country moving again is to get back to basics like normal people do with our home and small business budgets! That means we must live within our means, get government out of the way of our job creators, develop the God-given natural resources we have been blessed with to provide real jobs and real energy security, and stop growing government and wasting taxpayer money on D.C. cronyism and useless stimulus kick-backs for favored donors.

Barack Obama’s record is one of dismal failure, which is why he isn’t talking about it. He would rather spend his time demonizing his opponents. The simple fact remains that Mitt Romney is not responsible for the dire state of our economy or the corruption and incompetence of the current administration.

Over the next 86 days, Barack Obama will try to distract us from his record. Many in the media will roll along with him in this mission. We must not let them continue the deception and distractions, and we must not be afraid to call the President out on his lies. His entire record in office exposes the false promises he made four years ago. So, let’s take a moment to remember what candidate Obama said just four short years ago.

Candidate Obama promised us fiscal prudence. But President Obama’s reckless spending and lack of fiscal leadership has led to the downgrading of our nation’s credit rating for the first time in history.

Candidate Obama decried reckless spending and promised to cut the deficit. But President Obama and those in Congress who control the purse strings and “go along to get along” have tripled it. President Obama’s proposed budget was so absurdly and wildly irresponsible that not one member of Congress, Republican or Democrat, voted in favor of it. And yet the Democrat controlled Senate still refuses to pass a budget itself, and this refusal has been going on for years now. That is irresponsible and, much more, it’s unconstitutional.

Candidate Obama promised us a “smarter government,” but President Obama has created a government that’s not too big to fail, but too big to succeed.

Candidate Obama promised us a plan for American energy independence. But President Obama has forced American taxpayers to subsidize bankrupt green energy companies with ties to his campaign donors. And when it comes to the energy we actually use to fuel our economy, President Obama’s administration blocks drilling and drags its feet on the permitting process. Meanwhile, he supports foreign energy developments, but not American made energy development. His administration opposes everything from drilling in ANWR to building the Keystone Pipeline to coal plants, but he’s all for subsidizing offshore drilling in Brazil and sitting back on his thumb while China moves in to pursue oil deals with Canada because his administration blocked responsible energy infrastructure development.

Candidate Obama promised us “the most transparent administration in history.” But in addition to refusing FOIA-requested documents, President Obama’s administration regularly holds meetings outside the White House and off the official White House visitor list with lobbyists and corporate interests they don’t want us to know about.

Candidate Obama promised to unite all America, but President Obama has cynically divided us again and again in his efforts to win reelection by playing identity politics and class warfare and pitting one group against another.

Candidate Obama promised us a “fundamentally transformed” America, and that is the only promise he’s delivered on. We can see now what his idea of “hope” is. Now we want change. He has failed to lead, so We the People must lead. And our leadership starts at the ballot box on November 6th.

Please continue to focus on the presidential race and on helping Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but it’s also imperative that we get involved in the nation’s important House and Senate races. These candidates need our help to ensure that our next president has a responsible and ethical Congress that actually gets things done for America. Now on to November!

– Sarah Palin

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Jeff Crouere: Give Palin the Microphone

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 12, 2012

Excellent article by Jeff Crouere at St. Tammany News:

Give Palin the microphone

Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012 1:00 am

JEFF CROUERE Ringside Politics | 

The GOP is slowly releasing the names of speakers for the upcoming convention in Tampa. This week it was announced that former presidential candidate Rick Santorum will address the delegates. Among the other confirmed speakers is former Republican Party presidential candidate U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

As the Republican Party prepares to challenge an incumbent president in November, it needs to have total unity in its ranks. One good way to solidify support from conservatives and Tea Party activists who are lukewarm toward presumptive nominee Mitt Romney is to invite former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to speak at the convention.

Over the past year, Palin has had the magic touch in her endorsements. Her endorsed candidates have won races all across the country, including the recent victory in the Texas Senate GOP primary. Conservative candidate Ted Cruz was not only endorsed by Palin, she made a highly publicized visit to the state to speak on his behalf. In many of these endorsements, Palin has supported underdog candidates with limited funding. As in Texas, Palin usually endorses candidates opposed by the Republican Party establishment.  It is a way to support conservatives and at the same time challenge the moderate country club wing of the party that has been in control for so long.

Palin and her Tea Party supporters are tired of the Beltway elite running the Republican Party. Likewise, the GOP powerbrokers don’t care much for Palin. For example, in a recent CNN interview, former Vice President Dick Cheney criticized her selection as John McCain’s running mate in 2008.

Cheney’s disapproval only helps to generate more support for Palin. He is also dead wrong. In 2008, she brought enthusiasm and excitement to the McCain campaign. While some liberals claim she was the reason for his defeat, nothing could be further from the truth. She energized a dead campaign with a weak nominee. Right after her selection, the polls shot up for McCain. Palin gave a tremendous acceptance speech at the GOP convention and was well received on the campaign trail. While she made some missteps in “gotcha” television interviews, the fault lies with the McCain campaign, which did not properly prepare her for the media grilling.

Once the 2008 campaign ended, she soon thereafter resigned as governor of Alaska. Of course, she did not go away and actually increased her public profile. As a best selling author, reality TV star and Fox News commentator, Palin has become the most popular advocate on behalf of the Tea Party and conservatism.

Whenever Palin arrives to campaign, the media and a swarm of supporters always follow. She is a crowd favorite because conservatives admire her strong principles and courage in standing up against a negative onslaught from the media and her political enemies.

To unify the party, excite conservatives and bring viewers to an otherwise dull convention, Mitt Romney needs to give Sarah Palin a prominent speaking role. While Romney is not conservative or affiliated with the Tea Party, Palin has the credentials to reach those voters on his behalf.

Political conventions are a time that parties come together to unite behind a candidate, but all factions of the party need to feel included. Romney won the nomination even though he is not conservative. In contrast, most of the convention delegates and GOP activists are clearly conservatives. These rank and file members of the Republican Party would love to hear from Sarah Palin at the convention, as would millions of Americans watching at home.

By giving Palin a speaking role at the convention, Romney will help ensure harmony in the party and give reluctant conservatives more of a reason to vote for him in November.

Jeff Crouere, a native of New Orleans and resident of Mandeville, is host of a Louisiana-based program, “Ringside Politics,” which airs at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and 10 p.m. Sundays on WLAE-TV 32, a PBS station, and 7-11 a.m. weekdays on WGSO 990 AM on the Northshore. For more information, visit his Web site E-mail him at

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