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Archive for August 11th, 2012

Oh, The Happy Memories: “CNN: Private Plane From Alaska Lands In Ohio” August 2008

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 11, 2012

From “Politically Drunk On Power” Blog, with thanks for the  happy memories, which are leavened with sadness, viewing the GOP today.  But there is the future to look forwards to as a direct consequence of the article below.

Photo Source:   Anchorage, AK to Middletown, OH Flight a VP clue?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Private Plane From AlaskA Lands In Ohio! CNN Speculates It May Be Palin

Rumors are flying this morning from CNN that a private plane from Alaska landed in Ohio overnight, fueling rumors that Sarah Palin may indeed be John McCain’s Vice Presidential Pick. Palin, an extremely popular Governor of Alaska has long been my personal choice for VP.Palin will represent a tremendous problem for Obama considering the ongoing claim that he has levied against John McCain that he is opposed to women’s right and equal pay. If Palin is the choice, I will gladly hand him a rag to wipe the egg from his face. It also represents a problem considering the millions of Clinton voters that felt that the Obama campaign launched mysogenistic attacks during the primaries.

CNN is reporting that last night at 10pm, a private airplane from Anchorage landed at a private airport outside of Dayton. According to reporters staked out at the airport, a woman and two teenagers, in the darkeness were immediately ushered into a SUV and driven away. An airport supervisor was quoted as stating that it was the most secretive flight he could ever remember.

UPDATE: Fox News Say Romney Has Said He Is Out! They Are Also Speculating It Is Palin!

UPDATE #2: ABC Reports Largely Debunked, based upon statements from Palin’s Office early last night. MSNBC is clueless, still stating Liebermann is in the running?? CNBC & Chicago Tribune Both Reporting They Have Confirmed That Palin Is The VP Choice. I Guess We Will Find Out! Bad Morning For Obama!

UPDATE #3: Fox News – Backstage Sources Confiming That Palin IS THE VP! Woo Hoo!!!!!!


If Palin is choice it will make a great commercial considering attacks by Biden and Obama both in the past days stating John McCain opposes equal pay for women.

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Todd Palin is the one to watch on ‘Stars Earn Stripes,’ premiering on Monday

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 11, 2012


In the new videoclip entitled “Todd Palin:  One Man Army”  (h/tp Gary Jackson), Todd Palin walks through the muck to retrieve a box of ammo while his teammates watch.   One of them exclaims:  “He’s just straight up Rambo!  Next time I go to war, I want Todd Palin on my side.”

The caption that accompanies this videoclip is  “Todd Palin proves from the beginning that he plans to dominate.”    I think we can expect a stellar performance from the former First Dude in this series!

The  ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ series premieres Monday August 13 on NBC  from 8 to 10 PM.    All of the  ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ videoclips can be viewed here.

Bill Brioux at the Canadian Press had this to say earlier this week:

Starting next week, you can watch actors and actresses leap from buildings and battle armies of invaders, emerging victorious and unscathed. Viewers may chalk it all up to stunt men and women and digital special effects. Today’s pampered celebrities wouldn’t survive five minutes in a real combat zone, right?

Take that back, soldier. Eight celebrities set out to prove that they really do have what it takes to be real-life responders in the boot camp reality series Stars Earn Stripes (premiering Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC, 9 p.m. on Global).

The celebrity recruits were on hand to meet the press at the recent TV critics tour in Los Angeles, including boxer Laila Ali; former TV Superman Dean Cain; actor and former NFLer Terry Crews (now on The Newsroom); The Sing Off host Nick Lachey; Alaskan outdoorsman and political spouse Todd Palin; Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince; former Winter Olympian Picabo Street; and WWE diva Eve Torres.

Posters for the series, showing the gun-toting celebs running next to the slogan, “They’re Not in Hollywood Anymore,” give it a Tropic Thunder vibe.


A few of the celebrities who made the cut almost wished they hadn’t. The series was shot over a few weeks at the beginning of this summer. The eight celebs had to compete in actual army-style events against eight real life Special Operatives, including former Navy SEALs, army special forces Green Berets, SWAT commanders and a current member of the Orange County sheriff’s department.

“I thought this was going to be the same old corny military show where they’ve got the obstacle courses and BB guns,” says former Navy SEAL Grady Powell. “That was the farthest thing from Stars Earn Stripes. We’re jumping out of helicopters. There are people crying. Might see me cry.”

“There was a moment,” adds Lachey, “when going through my mind is, ‘What in the world have I gotten myself into here?'”

“I can say I almost drowned, and that is for real,” says Crews. The fit and rugged actor quickly found out that having just five per cent body fat “don’t work for swimming.” He felt one of the Ops grab him from the back of his pack and haul him out of a river as he was going down for the third time.

“If this had been a real, live operation, I would have died. That is the truth.”


Still, like the others, he wanted to be involved to pay homage to the real men and women in uniform. Money is raised for charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project and the Military Child Education Coalition. Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark helps host the series, and acknowledges that if younger viewers who tend to watch reality television are inspired to enlist through Stars Earn Stripes, that’s OK with him.

Crews says the one to watch on the series is probably the least well-known celebrity: Todd Palin.

“It was life changing,” says the Alaskan outdoorsman, who was accompanied to NBC’s press tour party with his more-famous wife.

“I did things I’d never thought I’d be doing,” he added, including leaping from helicopters, shooting grenade launchers and a 50-calibre, First World War-era machine gun.

There’s no question, said Palin, that Mark Burnett’s involvement as an executive producer of this series helped get him into uniform. Burnett got to know the couple while producing Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

It was also just something he wanted to do. Palin has a genuine love of the outdoors and has childhood memories of playing hockey outside during team trips across the border to Yukon.

His wife seemed happy to see her husband in the spotlight for a change.

“He’s a world champion snow machine racer, he’s got all the physicality that’s required, a lot of mental toughness too,” said the former Alaska governor.

Asked if she could compete on Stars Earn Stripes, Palin didn’t think she was combat ready.

“I’d have to do a whole lot of push ups,” she says, although she later added, “politics are pretty brutal, too.”

Read more.

Tierney Sneed at U. S. News & World Report had this to say:

After lurking in the shadows of his wife’s television show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and daughter’s Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp—not to mention what is arguably the greatest reality show of them all, the presidential campaign, as the GOP vice presidential nominee’s “first dude”—Todd Palin is stepping into the spotlight himself, headlining NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes.

Palin, with the coaching of real-life special operative veterans, will complete various military-inspired missions. He competes with other celebrities including Nick Lachey, Picabo Street, and Laila Ali, to win money for military, veterans, and first responder charities.

Palin, who doesn’t consider himself to be a celebrity, says he was impressed with the performances of his celebrity castmates.

“They weren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get in the mud and be there for the cause,” he says.

A lifelong moose hunter, Palin had some experience with hunting rifles. But he says this didn’t give him much of an edge over the other contestants, and credits his special ops partner for teaching him how to use the military weapons required by the missions. “I’m not much of a pistol shooter myself, so that was a whole new ball game.”

Palin’s charity of choice is the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska, which helps military families in his home state “through the good times and the bad.” He has volunteered for the organization before, accompanying 250 Iraq veterans on a past sports fishing trip. “When they reel up a halibut and they’ve got that smile on their face, you just can’t put a value on that,” he says.

The goal of the show is broader than just a single charity, “shedding light on what our military do every day to save lives and defend our freedom,” Palin explains, which was the reason he ultimately decided to do the show, But he admits the nature of the challenges also piqued his interest: “It’s not every day you shoot 50-caliber machine guns and bazooka guns and sniper rifles, and jump out of helicopters.”

Kevin Scholla at SarahNET Radio also interviewed Todd Palin on his show this week:


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