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Archive for July 16th, 2012

Uh-Oh … Palin Supporters Not Happy About Romney’s Non-Invite to Sarah Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 16, 2012

The redoubtable crusading journalist Robert Stacy McCain of “The Other McCain” blog fame has issued the Tweet below in response to the Newsweek article which basically sets out the stonewall response from the Romney team regarding an invite to Sarah Plain for the Tampa convention. That this is an act of, in my opinion, political hara-kiri is getting huge traction at the various Palin- supporting sites.   They are not happy to say the least.  What is in Romney’s mind is beyond me, and apparently many others too.

R.S. McCain has over 13,000 followers on Twitter, and his blog is read by millions over time. For him to call for ameliorative action by Romney must, surely, be a warning sign, even if the Romney team chooses to ignore the mass Palin-supporting sites like Conservatives4Palin or that Palin has over 3 million followers on Facebook as I set out below.

Dear Mitt: Please fix this immediately.  Signed, Several Million People Whose Help You Need to Win in November

Here is yet another conservative Palin-supporting Blogger at The Last Refuge (with some outstanding anti-RINO graphics) who is apparently not too happy with Romney:

“Mittens Throws The Election…. Report: Mitt Romney Bans Sarah Palin From GOP Convention

If these reports are true Mitt Romney has just pulled out a double barreled shotgun and shot himself in both feet simultaneously.”


The Romney campaign has not invited former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to speak at the Republican convention in Tampa. The Romney folks have not even invited her to attend the party’s premier event. It’s no secret that Sarah Palin does not TRUST Mitt Romney to hold steadfast to constitutional small governmental principles, no-one does. It is the same reason why Mittens became the ‘Anyone But Obama’ candidate by default after failing to get more than 40% support from self-identified Conservative Republicans during the primary season.

If Romney disparages someone who holds the trust of the constitutional majority, well, he’s toast.

WASHINGTON DC – On the day that Mitt Romney formally announced his run for the presidency last year, he found himself competing with a stiff New Hampshire wind, which stood his hair on end and played havoc with his microphones. What blew in later was even more distracting: the red, white, and blue bus bearing Sarah Palin on her “One Nation” tour. Palin stole the headlines, and Romney’s buzz, that day (“Coincidence,” she said), and beyond. Through much of the summer, she hovered at the edge of the Republican primary campaign as a shadow candidate, once predicting that she could not only beat Romney, but President Obama, too, before finally declaring herself out of the race last fall…

As is clear from the huge amount of negativity from the Palin supporters blogs, including the very influential Conservatives4Palin site, the Newsweek article (at the site AT THIS LINK with acerbic comments following the post) which shows Romney team members as stonewalling a Palin Tampa invite, has stirred up a hornets nest.

And the bad news just keeps on coming. Here is “Firelight” who runs the dynamic
“Palin 4 America” site’s take on the matter-and it not complementary to Romney’s team.

As I have said, if Romney wants to insult the 3 million plus Palin admirers on Facebook, plus the Palin activists who were willing to vote for him as ABO-then on his head be it if they don’t show up to vote in November.

Earth To Romney: What The Hell Are You Thinking?

Posted on July 15 2012 – 11:47 PM – Posted by: 
Ok, so I’m lounging by the pool today watching my kids play and a tweet comes across my phone with a link to a well written article by Peter Boyer. Now I’ve met the Romney people here in Colorado so I’m not surprised that Gov. Palin hasn’t been issued an invite but seeing it writing just makes me stop and wonder what the hell Romney is thinking.  Does he want to win?
Gov. Palin is still one of the most sought after Republican or conservative speakers. She draws enormous crowds. She sells out speaking engagements, her books hit the best seller lists, she gives ratings spikes when she appears on TV and she has the biggest grassroots following in the GOP. People listen to her.  People relate to her.  An insult and slap at her like this is an insult and slap at every conservative out there. It’s a slap at the GOP base itself and that is no way to win votes.  Gov. Palin EXCITES, INSPIRES, and MOTIVATES the more thanjust the base.
How do I know she inspires more than the base? Because I was lounging at the pool next to 3 of my best friends today. Of those 3, one is a Romney supporter, one is completely non-political and one thinks Al Gore is the bomb (I know, we love her anyway).  They have all come around to like and respect Gov. Palin and my Republican friend who supports Romney loves Sarah.  I read parts of the article to them and they were all in shock. They couldn’t believe it. They knew politics was dirty but usually it stays behind the scenes and publicly everyone at least plays pleasant. My Romney friend looked like she had seen a ghost. She also provided the title to this thread, lol.  Her first thought was that he will lose if he follows thru with this.  I can’t argue with her.  I don’t think this is a smart move.  We discussed that while Romney and the GOPe may think they have the luxury of playing petty intra-party partisan politics, it will cost them the election. Maybe another 4 years of Obama for those people isn’t that big of a deal but for people like me and for my kid’s future… everything is on the line in this election so for Romney to be playing these games is offensive.
I will make one correction in Mr. Boyer’s article.  Gov. Palin did not reimburse the RNC for the clothes.  She did not purchase the clothes nor did she keep the clothes. The clothes were the property of the RNC and they returned the clothes. You can find the truth of that story here as told by the stylist Lisa Kline.

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Sarah Palin: What is wrong with “made in America” energy?

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 16, 2012

Full video of Governor Palin’s speech at the Patriots in the Park event in Michigan on Saturday:

Video retrieved from 

h/tp Adrienne Ross 

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Romney Team Stonewalls On Inviting Palin To Convention:Political Hara-Kiri?

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 16, 2012

Josh Painter at the Sarah Palin Journal  has a post up (quoting a Newsweek article) which explores the consequences of the Romney team prohibiting Palin from speaking, or even attending the Tampa convention. If they do that they are insulting millions of Palin supporters who, rightly, shoudl just either stay at home or, more positively, vote only the down ticket as I explore in my comments below Josh’s. If Romney wants to commit political suicide, so be it.

GOP loyalists are having quite a battle on their hands defending, not Romney of course, but the premise that if he is the candidate then we should vote for him. Under any normal circumstances that would of course be correct as per Reagan supporting Ford after the convention, but if the Romney team stonewalls (arrogantly and with lies) inviting Sarah to Tampa and in fact do exclude her then I can’t see why any Palinite should vote for him. 

Even a casual perusal of the comments section at the Palin-supporting sites like Conservatives4Palin will see a recurring theme. The attitude to Mitt Romney runs from grudging support to outright hostility.

For those expressing total abhorrence of the idea of Romney being the standard-bearer, their negativity to him finds expression in a commitment to voting down-ticket (whilst writing in Palin), if not staying at home in total disgust at “having yet another RINO shoved down our throats.” Even if Palin endorses Romney, they still will not vote for him

On the next level there are those who consider that, as Palin states, “anyone but Obama” means they will hold their nose and pull the lever for him, whilst not expecting any real conservatism from his administration should he win. Even amongst those folks a number are waiting to see if Palin actually endorses Romney before making their decision.

However, there is a common thread running through all the statements of those adamantly opposed, and the hold their nose groups, and that is how they will react to how Palin is  treated by the Romney forces at the GOP convention in Tampa.

Even amongst the hold their nose group there is a bitterness as to how they perceived Palin has been treated by the GOP establishment. They see her as being left out to dry by the etsablishment by not being defended over the “Game Change” hack job, the Gifford’s “blood libel” incident, the backstabbing by the McCain forces, and the insult from the Bush clan.

They hold that if this lack of support is compounded by not giving Palin a key, prime time, speaking role at Tampa then all support for Romney will be withheld. Giving Palin a ten minute slot early in the afternoon, or late at night, would not cut it either. For such a high profile, former VP candidate with a massive and loyal following to be given any such fobbing off will be seen as the ultimate insult.

If the Tea Party/Palin following is so visibly insulted it would be suicidal for the Romney forces surely, especially in a close election. 

Palin has wisely rented a site near the hall where she can talk directly to her supporters, the whole GOP, and the media. This will ensure she will have a voice either inside or outside the convention. If the Romney forces drive Palin outside then on their heads be it.

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