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Archive for July 8th, 2012

Kooky Romney Supporters on Facebook Dream Up Palin Conspiracy Theory

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 8, 2012

Mark America has uncovered a Facebook group comprised of Romney supporters who are flipping out over an imaginary conspiracy by Governor Palin:

Them’s Some Kooky Sheep…

I must admit to having read some bizarre conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin, because in seeing what these nuts write, one gets a sense of just how thoroughly out of touch some people have become.  For far too many rank-and-file Republicans, it’s all a cult of personality.  Few are concerned about fundamental principles, to such an extent that they are unable to linger over even the most obvious facts that might stand in opposition to their odd-ball theories.  I have been sent a link to a group of such odd-balls on Facebook, where one may find the most obtuse concoction of cobbled-together propositions embraced by psychological delinquents I’ve seen since the anti-Palin bloggers I have covered in the past.  It’s a veritable nexus of dumb, and it seems to be composed of Romney supporters who seem to believe Sarah Palin is an evil genius, setting up for a 2016 Presidential run in which she expects to face Hillary Clinton in what these brain-addled doorstops term a “mud-wrestling match.”  It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that they have nearly one-hundred members.

This means there many more deluded, psychologically broken people in Romney’s camp than one might otherwise expect.  Their basic theory?  Sarah Palin is trying to undermine Mitt Romney in 2012 so she can run in 2016, and she’s being aided in that venture by none other than Rupert Murdoch.  Yes, there are certifiable mad-caps in the GOP, too.

Before any of the Palinistas reading this get too excited, I’d like you to have a sample of the intellectual rigor of the people who are positing this theory.


They weren’t satisfied to go after the Tea Party, as they attack Mark Levin for his support of Sarah Palin, and generally regard Palinistas as brain-dead zombies.  Yes, they are leaping to the defense of Mitt Romney from the she-devil Sarah Palin, who they will tell you is a socialist.  That’s right, for these folk, Sarah Palin is a socialist.  Try not to soil your computer screen with spewed coffee as you laugh at these flakes.  I promise, you will read their ‘critiques’ of Governor Palin as very nearly a parody of leftist critiques, and I think this demonstrates my point from earlier Saturday.  If they had been mere Romney-bots, we might not have spotted the fact that these are full-bore kooks every bit as bad as any on the left.  It’s refreshing to have one’s assertions born out within the space of an afternoon.

Editor’s Note: While it is clear that these people claim to be Romney supporters, it is certain they aren’t doing this with the blessing or endorsement of the Romney Campaign.  Then again, he couldn’t tell the SuperPacs what to do when they were bashing Newt Gingrich, either. (Wink Wink) They could also be Obama-shills, attempting to stir up trouble between the Palinistas and Romney-bots, but at least on the surface, these appear to be genuinely nutty Romney supporters.  Go figure.

Read the entire post here.

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A Palin “Profile In Courage”: Romney Endorsement A Career Ending ABO Sacrifice?

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on July 8, 2012

Such men as John Quincy Adams, whose Federalist Party represented the interests of the traders, supported the actions of Jefferson, who wanted an embargo on British goods in retaliation for Britain’s  impressing American sailors. The embargo seriously affected trade in Adam’s home state of Massachusetts, for which Adams was roundly ostracised as a traitor to his party, but Adams supported the interests of his country above party and business.

Sam Houston, who refused to take part in Texas’s secession, the obscure Edmund G. Ross who voted for the acquittal of President Andrew Johnson when on impeachment charges, and whose vote made the difference between impeachment being progressed and  ceasing, even though he was a Republican.   Kennedy gave many other examples of courage that are,  especially in these rightly cynical times, not expected from politicians, especially those with much to lose.

There is, in our times, the possibility of a courageous act which, surely, JFK would have considered for his book.

Sarah Palin, indisputably a person of huge relevance and significance in the current political scene – as her six winning endorsements in a row testify – has not formally endorsed Mitt Romney.  In response to direct questions on the matter,  she has stated emphatically, “anyone but Obama ABO,” but she has not stood side by side with Romney at a press conferenceto give her endorsement.

If Palin eventually does, such an action might well spell the end of any hopes she might have of being a presidential candidate in the future as such an action might be  a “bridge too far” for the Tea Party and her conservative support base.

Her endorsement of John McCain’s re-election campaign for senator was grudgingly accepted by many, who, although they saw McCain as a RINO, agreed in the end that it would have been churlish at least for Palin not to have supported the man who brought her to prominence.  Her endorsement of Utah senator Hatch was also, again grudgingly, accepted as his voting record was sufficiently conservative to give her a pass, and it was noted that Hatch had gone out of his way to court Palin and the Tea Party.

But Romney is a different kettle of fish, and to many a smelly, rotten lot of fish altogether. Romney has come under serious attack by the Palin-supporting site Conservatives4Palin, which has a substantial following.  A C4P article notes that the Romney campaign has hired a spokesman noted for, as C4P describes it, his “Palin bashing”.

There is considerable resentment amongst Palin supporters for what they saw as Romney undermining Palin throughout the primary campaign as well.

If the substantial number of conservatives who see Romney as a flip-flopping, originator of Obama’s health care program, RINO, and, of course, non-Christian Mormon are added to the resentful Palin-ites, it is obvious Palin herself faces a massive ticking time bomb.

If Palin takes the “profiles in courage’ route and formally endorses Romney because she sees the danger to America from an Obama second term as outweighing any personal ambitions, her endorsement might just provide enough impetus to the currently moribund Romney campaign to put him on the winning track.

It would also bring the high probability that she would lose a massive amount of support, without gaining any real thanks from the GOP establishment, to ensure she would be classified as a self-interested RINO at heart, and her career might be over.

The other possibility is that Palin might search her heart and believe, with valid reason, that not endorsing Romney and concentrating on the house and senate would be the higher call on courage.  She would get the ire of the establishment, and Obama might get his second term, but in the long run that might be for the best.

A Republican-controlled Congress would effectively ensure Obama was a lame duck from day one of his second term, which, with or without Palin’s endorsement of Romney, seems likely anyway. America has survived worse things, and the prospects of a massive swing to the conservatives in 2016 would be on the cards. The GOP establishment would never support a Palin run (Jeb Bush being next up in 2016 most likely), but a Palin primary campaign with the solid support of the Tea Party could overcome that.

On balance, Palin’s non-endorsement of Romney is the more Kennedy-esque courageous act and the most beneficial for America.

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