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Archive for June 17th, 2012

Palin: Right Online Speech Rocks the House

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on June 17, 2012

Sarah Palin delivered a “fire and brimstone” speech prepared especially for the new media attendees of “Right Online 2012” Friday evening in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel.  Palin was both serious and funny in her delivery evoking loud applause, cheers, and laughter.

Tony Lee of penned the must-read “Top Ten Quotes From Sarah Palin’s Right Online Address”.  In it, Lee cites “Palin showed once again how she, like Breitbart, could inspire conservatives, be funny, and mock liberals in a way that allows her message to cut through the mainstream media’s filter.”  There were so many gems in this speech I’m sure Tony Lee had difficulty coming up with his top ten list.  One of my favorite moments not included on Lee’s list is when Palin is discussing the lamestream media and their lack of vetting of Candidate Obama. Palin went on to say said that there are a few good reporters out there that want truth and they’re not wanting to put anyone  on a pedestal that would seek to be “Prince of MakeStuffUpistan”.  In my book this was classic Palin.

Take a listen for yourself and be inspired.

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Gov. Palin: Happy Father’s Day!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 17, 2012

Governor Palin posted this comment on her Facebook page this morning:

3,388,840 like this
  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thank you for everything. Happy Father’s Day, Todd. You are my rock. And Happy first Father’s Day, son. You and all our troops are my heroes. To all the good dads out there, God’s blessings on you all.

Here is an excerpt from the article that Governor Palin linked to:

When Fathers sent their sons to war


Published June 16, 2012

The only thing more difficult than ordering men into harm’s way is sending one’s own son into battle. It has happened throughout history and continues with men and women today, but rarely have there been more sweeping and poignant father-son experiences than during World War II.

Men in command repeatedly found themselves making decisions that affected a younger generation that included their own offspring. These sons were grown men of fighting age, but at some point each of their steely fathers couldn’t help but mutter a silent prayer: “Take care, my boy.”

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, commander in chief of the Pacific Fleet, expressed those worries in a 1942 message and acknowledged the “long periods of silence when your boys will be active at their stations in far places from which no word can come.” Regrettably, Nimitz continued, “there will be losses along the road to victory.”

Nimitz’s own son was in submarines. At the outbreak of the war, Chester W. Nimitz, Jr., was an officer on the Sturgeon operating out of the Philippines. “Boy oh boy!” “Chet” Nimitz later wrote his father after he got his own command, “I get the delicious trembles when I think of my first patrol as C.O.” But Chet’s first sortie with Haddo in March 1944 proved a frustrating experience when torpedoes either exploded prematurely or not at all. Haddo endured terrible depth charge attacks and while the letters Chet posted home were enough to make any father proud, Nimitz shed a private tear or two on those nights when the father knew so well what the son was facing hundreds of feet below the surface.


There was another particularly poignant father-son relationship that extended to a third generation. While Vice Admiral John Sidney “Slew” McCain led fast-strike aircraft carriers against Japan, his son, John Sidney McCain, Jr., captained the submarine Gunnel. Four days after the Japanese surrender, Admiral McCain, worn out by the stress of war, dropped dead of a heart attack. He was posthumously promoted to admiral and twenty-some years later, when his son was also promoted to admiral, they became the first father-son pair to hold the four-star rank. When the junior McCain was appointed commander in chief, Pacific Fleet, his own son, John Sidney McCain, III, a naval aviator who had been shot down over North Vietnam, was a prisoner of war enduring five and one-half years of captivity.

World War II and its inherent dangers and uncertainties took its toll across generations. Some of the sons who were rushed into men did not return home. Many daughters did their part in America’s industries and support roles around the world. There were, as Chester Nimitz intoned, “losses along the road to victory.”

From all of us at SPIB: Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there, including the Palin and Heath Dads, and to your families. And happy Father’s Day to those of you whose fathers left behind cherished memories.

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Newspaper Chides Left For “Political Ploy” Over “Civility” And Linking Palin To Gifford’s Tragedy

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 17, 2012

An editorial from the New Hampshire Eagle-Tribune  basically calls out the left for its utter  hypocrisy over the “new civility” nonsense they ran with after the Gifford’s tragedy, a “political ploy,” they rightly call it.

They also castigate the left for the vicious attack on Governor Palin as they tried to link Palin, ridiculously, to Loughner the mad assassin. The infamous Kos Moulistas tweet (Daily Kos radical leftist site) “Mission accomplished Sarah Palin” after Gifford’s was shot being the most disgusting example. 



From my previous post: AT THIS LINK.AT THIS LINK

Gifford’s;First Anniversary Markos Moulitsas Infamous Tweet “Mission Accomplished Sarah Palin”

Posted by M. JOSEPH SHEPPARD’S “A POINT OF VIEW” on January 7, 2012

One year ago marked the absolute height, or absolute nadir, rather, of “progressive’ hate think when Markos Moulitsas the founder of the radical leftist website “Daily Kos”  used the tragic shooting of Gabby Giffords, colleagues, and rally attendees, to advance his leftist program.

Without knowing who did it, or why Gifford’s was shot, Moulitsas tweeted “Mission accomplished Sarah Palin”. As it turned out, the shooter was a criminally insane man who had no connection to or motivation by or from Palin, or in fact any connection with conservatism in thought or person – in fact, there was evidence he was a leftist.

That didn’t matter to the left,  who saw an opportunity to attack Palin using the disgusting methods of guilt by association. That Palin’s team had created a map targeting a number of Democratic party Congress people, which included Gifford’s district, was somehow “proof'” that Palin was connected with the shooter. 

The fact that the Dem’s had used a similar campaign method  previously did not matter – they were after Palin, who they saw as a threat to all their radical beliefs.

Palin subsequently, and quite rightly, labelled the left’s disgusting cynicism a blood libel, which indeed it was. This, of course, only enraged the left further as their foul Alinsky methods were exposed and they, bizarrely, accused Palin, who is staunchly pro-Israel, of anti-Semitism, of all things.

But logic and truth don’t enter into the frame of things where the left sees an opportunity to slander and destroy. “Kos’s” tweet should never be forgotten as classic example of what the left is capable of. Their pursuit of power at all costs, even the destruction of individuals, is their goal and any method of achieving it is fair, or rather foul, game.

Mission accomplished, Markos Moulitsas. 

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