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Archive for June 14th, 2012

Gov. Palin: Happy 237th Birthday to U. S. Army and Happy Flag Day!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 14, 2012

Governor Palin tweeted this on Thursday:

Sarah Palin

Happy 237th Birthday to the U.S. Army! And Happy #FlagDay!

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Bristol Palin on FOX & Friends: Faith is Her Compass that Guides Her Decisions

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 14, 2012


Bristol talked to Gretchen Carlson on Fox & Friends today about her upcoming reality series.  A lot of topics were covered, including her role on Dancing with the Stars, the mansion that she, Willow, and Tripp stayed in while filming in Los Angeles, and the role of faith in her life.  Of the latter, she said that faith is her compass that decides every decision she makes and that it is the root of her and her family.

From the FOX News site:

Bristol Palin says if she had known how much of her life would be revealed on her new reality show “Life’s a Tripp,” she might have reconsidered her decision to do it, but added that it’s been a fun experience that she is “excited” for people to see.

In an interview with Fox News “Fox & Friends,” Palin, who is the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, said she never sought her own show. But she said she is excited for people to see “what it’s truly like” for her on the new Lifetime show.

“Life’s a Tripp” follows Palin on her move to California with her sister to work for a charity. She said the mansion she stayed in was the home of a family friend.

Among the topics explored will be her life as a single mother, and the custody battle with her ex-fiancé, Levi Johnston.

“He does not use any of his visitation rights right now and you see that unfold in the show and you see the journey that I do struggle with the custody case and with trying to get him involved in Tripp’s life and viewers are really going to get a glimpse of that in this show,” she said.

Palin also said she is proud of her mom’s current role in the public arena and did not comment on whether or not she wants her to go back into politics.

“I think she’s doing great with what she’s doing right now,” she said. “I think she’s awesome at endorsing candidates and giving her speeches. I think she’s doing very well.”

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Blaming the Victim: Bar Heckler Sues Bristol Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 14, 2012

Video retrieved from The Young Turks

The guy who, without any provocation,  verbally assaulted Bristol Palin by calling her mother a whore in this scene from Bristol’s  reality series in which she falls off a mechanical bull, has filed a defamation lawsuit against Bristol and Lifetime.   Hanks inserted himself into a scene into which he was not invited by yelling insults across the room and now wants to cash in on it.  The timing of his move just before the premiere of the series and the man’s hatred for Governor Palin leads me to suspect that there is more to his actions than meet the eye.   I strongly suspect there are political motivations as well as monetary ones.

From Ethan Sacks’ article at the New York Daily News:

The infamous altercation between Bristol Palin and a heckler has spilled out of the bar and into the courtroom.

Talent manager Stephen Hanks, who got in a heated exchange with the 21-year-old conservative scion after he lobbed insults about her mother, ex-GOP VP candidate Sarah Palin, at the Saddle Ranch bar in Los Angeles last September, filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday against the country’s most famous single mom.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. federal court in Los Angeles because Hanks is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, also includes Lifetime — the network that is airing Bristol Palin’s upcoming reality television series, “Life’s a Tripp” — on the grounds that Hanks didn’t give them permission to film him during the incident, Reuters reported.

“Bristol Palin’s conduct was outrageous,” the lawsuit states, according to the wire service. “Bristol Palin first accused Plaintiff of ‘being a homosexual’ in a degrading manner in front of others.”

The exchange, which was caught on camera for her show, began with Hanks shouting out at Palin that her mother was “a whore,” after noticing the Wasilla, Alaska, native being thrown from the bar’s mechanical bull.

“Your mother’s the f–king devil,” Hanks can be heard yelling at the young Palin, after she confronted him and asked him to repeat the insult.

“Is it because you’re a homosexual,” Palin asked. A few seconds later she pointed to a male companion with Hanks and added, “that’s a nice wife you have there.”  [Editor’s Note:  Bristol said instead, “that’s your boyfriend, right?”  Watch the video for the correct context.]

The exchange then degenerated into profanity from Hanks before Palin and her entourage left the bar.

Palin told In Touch Weekly in January that the confrontation was one of the reasons she decided to ditch California to return to her hometown in Alaska. “I wasn’t really into the Hollywood thing,” she told the celebrity glossy. “After that, I just realized that I was over it. I was ready to come home.”

Read more.


Ron Devito at US4Palin also reports that the Bob and Mark Show in Alaska came to Bristol’s defense on their radio program today:

Alaska’s Bob and Mark, who have been friends with the Palin family for over 16 years today defended Bristol Palin on their airwaves against deranged heckler Stephen Hanks, who had the unmitigated chutzpah to sue for her and Lifetime Networks for $75,000 for “defamation of character,” as is widely reported in many media reports today. Hanks claims he did not give permission to film him during an altercation with Bristol he initiated during which he insulted former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin – Bristol’s mother – calling her a “whore” and “the (expletive redacted) devil,” among other things.

Hanks’ claim that the incident was filmed without permission is bogus. TV cameras were there with Bristol when she entered the establishment, and Hanks was well aware of their presence. The talk show hosts also noted that Hanks is friends with Levi Johnston, who with the support of Rex Butler, Tank Jones, and the Roll Corporation has carried on a harassment campaign against the Palins. One could argue that Hanks probably likely had fore-knowledge that Bristol would be there.


Bob and Mark said the outpouring of support for Bristol – even among those who don’t like the Palins – has been nearly unanimous on their personal Facebook pages. Hanks thought he would score points with the left for his actions, but even leftists will not defend him – and rightfully so.

Read more.

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