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Archive for June 9th, 2012

ET “Moore Assured Of Emmy For Palin Portrayal”; Of Course,Hollywood Wouldn’t Miss Another Palin Bashing Opportunity.

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on June 9, 2012

Entertainment Tonight AT THIS LINK has a glowing puff piece up on the entire cast of the Palin hatchet job, “Game Change,’ with particular emphasis on Julianne Moore’s chances of an Emmy. I completely agree that her win is “assured” because why would the leftist crew who produced this hatchet job miss another chance to stick the knife in to the female Emmanuel Goldstein they and the media have created.

Continuing on with their fantasy Palin, they now have Nicole Wallace as Palin’s “punching bag” which suits the make-believe world of Hollywood. 

What we have never seen are the financial reports on this turkey of a production. How much did it cost to make and how much did it garner? If it had made a profit, no doubt the left would have shouted it from the rooftops.

The only good thing about this Hollywood scare flick is that the groans from the financial backers that must have ensued when Palin announced she would not run in 2012 must have been enormous. They thought they would finish her campaign off with this fable, whilst protecting Obama, but all that has happened is that the public have seen the relentless attacks for what they are, whilst Palin continues to grow in popularity, which the poll AT THIS LINK  shows.

A taste of the hagiography for the Game Change cast can be found AT THIS LINK. if you like that sort of thing, you can read it there.

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Gov. Palin about 2016: Anything is a possibility

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 9, 2012

Video retrieved from 

During one segment of America’s News HQ on FOX today, Uma Pemmaraju interviewed Governor Palin.  While introducing Governor Palin, she mentioned that Governor Palin was speaking to ANHQ from Phoenix and that she would be headlining the Right Online conference (in Lss Vegas) next week.  She asked Governor Palin what she thought the impact of that conference would be.  Governor Palin replied:

I think it should be quite impacting.  It gives us an opportunity to contrast what private sector enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit that built America is versus Obama’s failed policies that really are centered on growing the federal government and taking economic freedom away from our small business men and women, especially as we try to re-invest the products of our labor and hire more people.  We’ll be able to point out some of those contrasts between policies.

Uma asked Governor Palin what she is hearing from voters about the question of leadership, to which Governor Palin replied:

Well,  it’s not just the hard core conservatives, fiscal conservatives, in the Republican Party, but many, many Independents, and just the patriotic Democrats who are understanding that President Obama’s policies are failing this country.  When you have 23 million Americans underemployed and unemployed and millions more on food stamps, and those having to rely on government or feeling invited to rely on government instead of their own work ethic in order to survive, so many Americans are understanding that we do need a choice come November.  Do we need to continue down this downward trajectory in our economy based on President Obama’s failed policies that are kind of modeled after failed socialist nations, or can we go another direction?  And can we allow the private sector to grow and thrive?  That’s what I’m hearing from Americans is that great concern.

When asked for her reaction to President Obama’s remarks yesterday that the private sector was just fine, Governor Palin said:

Oh, absolutely out of whack comment, but very indicative of his thinking about what it’s going to take even to get our economy back on the right track.  If he truly believes, until somebody dinged him and said, “Get back on there in front of the cameras and explain yourself a bit better”  and gave him some talking points.  But for him to truly believe that the private sector’s doing OK in this time of economic woes is quite indicative of he being quite out of touch with what the normal working man and woman is feeling today in America.

Asked for her response to Obama’s  claim that 4.3 million jobs have been created under his watch and that budget cuts in local municipalities are responsible for the slower pace in job creation, Governor Palin said:

Well, it’s quite unfortunate that President Obama had no experience coming into this office of the Presidency, no private sector experience and no local or state  government, really, experience, except for his time as a law maker, but not as an administrator in a state, he not understanding that no,  there is a proper role for local and state and the federal government in our lives, but that’s to allow infrastructure to be built in order to provide a tool for the private sector to be able to grow and to thrive, and instead, he believes that local and state governments need to grow and take more of what the private sector earns and produces and re-invest it according to politicians’ priorities, and growing government is the answer.  Again, a comment like that is quite indicative of his idea that government is the answer, and instead, most Americans, I believe, understand that, as is often the case, government is the problem, it’s not the solution.

Later in the segment,  Ms. Pemmaraju introduced a few questions chosen from those that viewers had sent in via Facebook and Twitter.  The first question, from Jan Nicholson on Facebook, was whether Gov. Palin  still considered a third party a possibility  if  “the GOP continued to resist the new crop of commonsense conservatives.”

Oh well, Jan hit the nail on the head there in suggesting that it’s a possibility that the GOP would kind of  disenfranchise or invalidate this new crop of fiscal conservatives and Independents who just want to get the economy back on the right track.  Heaven forbid we see that in the next few months.  Oh, yeah, there is that possibility of a third party rising, but that’s only if  the GOP power players would choose to kind of co-opt this new crop of fiscal conservatives.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

Uma brought up the mixed reaction about the performance of those who came into office on the Tea Party wave in 2010.  She asked Governor Palin what she had to say about that, to which she responded:

Well, and then on the flip side, we have those who have stood so strong, like Allen West and others who have said, “No, I won’t be co-opted by some of those power players in that GOP machine, who still want quite this controlling hand over the GOP mechanisms, and we have good freshmen crop in there, who, you know they’re trying to do the right thing in getting government on the side of the people and get it off our backs, and we need to continue to encourage that new crop of law makers who understand what governments proper role is.

The next question from Facebook was what position in a Romney administratration she thought would suit her best and would she accept it.   Governor Palin replied:

Oh, hypotheticals like that, I think requires one to be quite pretentious and believe that that would ever happen.  I really don’t see that happening.  Thank goodness, there are millions of Americans, quite qualified, quite pro-private sector, who would fit well in a Cabinet that’s led by a GOP person like Romney, and I don’t think it’s going to be me in there, but thankfully, we have a lot of Americans who are ready and willing to serve.

In response to  Uma’s  question about folks wondering if she has her eye on 2016, Governor Palin responded:

I never know what will happen.  Never know, no.   This is America.  Anything is a possibility, and thank God, we have the freedom to choose what it is that  we will do with vocations.  and avocations.  We have the opportunites, you know,  nowhere else but in America.

The next question was from Terrence on Twitter asking if we would be seeing the “big blue bus” this summer.  Uma said that a lot of folks loved the bus tour.  Gov. Palin responded:

We loved that big blue bus!  We had just a blast on that One Nation Tour.  I don’t know, maybe  this go-round, we’ll do something a little more Alaskana.  Maybe Todd can take his little Piper Super Cub bush pilot airplane off the skis and floats and put it on wheels, and maybe we’ll wrap that and travel around the nation, talking to Americans about how wonderful and exceptional this country is and how to kind of save this country via that Piper Super Cub.

Uma asked if she would do something along those lines before the election.  Governor Palin replied:

I would love be able to continue to be out there talking to good hard-working Americans who understand what our foundation is.  You know, our economy is built on basically these two tenets:  national resource development opportunities, seizing those responsibly, and expecting reward for work ethic.  Those two things combined built the foundation of our economy, and we’ve got to get back to that in order to save our economy.  So talking to Americans, hearing their ideas, sharing ideas with them along those lines – it’s refreshing, it’s healthy, and hopefully, it helps lead to some productive and constructive conversation and solutions in our country.

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Gov. Palin to Appear on America’s News HQ Today at 12 Noon ET

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 9, 2012


America’s News HQ at FOX News has this announcement in their sidebar (h/tp Josh Painter):

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin stops by Saturday.  She’s answering your questions! Look us up onFacebook, or tweet us@ANHQDC with yours. America’s News Headquarters starts at 12 p.m. ET.

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Tiemessen: Shawn Christy’s behavior in court is consistent with his past behavior

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 9, 2012

Rachel D’Oro of the Associated Press describes the events at the court hearing in which the Palin stalkers from Pennsylvania were sentenced for their threats to and harrassment of Governor Palin’s attorneys:

Two Pennsylvania men convicted of harassing Sarah Palin‘s Alaska lawyers were sentenced Friday to time served and five years’ probation, with the proceedings briefly halted after a short outburst in court by one of the defendants.

During his sentencing in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, 20-year-old Shawn Christy said the judge’s order that he live up to six months in a Pennsylvania community re-entry program was “ridiculous.”

His father, Craig Christy, 48, was ordered to perform community service.

The Christys, of McAdoo, Pa., pleaded guilty in January to making harassing phone calls to Palin’s attorneys. Attorney John Tiemessen testified that the men’s calls threatened Palin and attorneys. Both Christys apologized Friday for their actions.

Shawn Christy was released and sent back to Pennsylvania last month after an evaluation report said he wasn’t a danger to the public.

Before that, he and his father had been held since their arrests in Pennsylvania last August. Prosecutors say the men were upset about state restraining orders issued on behalf of Palin, a former Alaska governor and the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate. The restraining orders covered Palin, her family and friends.

In Friday’s sentencing, U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess ordered Shawn Christy to spend up to six months at the Scranton residential facility, where a bed will become available in mid-July. Christy wanted to return to his parent’s home, where he had been living until his arrest last year.

“Why can’t I go home now?” he said.

“Because I’m not letting you go home,” Burgess said, prompting Christy to ask what was the judge’s reason for imposing the order.

“It has to do with consequences,” Burgess said. “It’s part of the consequences for your behavior.”

“I understand my behavior, and I understand this is ridiculous,” Christy said. A short time letter, Burgess called for a short recess after blurts from Christy.

Burgess ultimately said Christy could stay with his parents at their McAdoo home until a bed at the residential facility becomes available.

After the sentencing was completed, Tiemessen said Christy’s behavior in court was consistent with what he and others had witnessed in the past two years, including hundreds of calls from the Christys to his law firm’s offices in Fairbanks and Anchorage.

“I’ve seen dozens and dozens of such little outbursts and worst,” Tiemessen. “It just the first one Judge Burgess has seen.”

Burgess rejected binding plea deals in December that would have allowed the men to avoid jail time.

Both men faced up to two years in prison and fines of up to $250,000. Tiemessen’s law firm also is seeking about $15,000 in restitution for the billable hours it says were tied up in dealing with the huge number of calls to its offices in Anchorage and Fairbanks. Defense attorneys have said the Christys don’t have the financial means to pay restitution, and Burgess did not rule on that issue Friday, saying a final decision can be made up to 90 days after sentencing.

Tiemessen testified earlier this year that many of the calls from the Christys began last June, escalating in July and August. Besides being threatening, many were filled with profanity, he said.

“There were hundreds of calls a day,” he said at the time. “The only thing that ever stopped it, frankly, was when they were taken into custody.”

According to an affidavit by the FBI, Craig Christy threatened to kill Tiemessen in one obscenity-filled message, and in another, Shawn Christy said he might have sex with Palin. The younger Christy also threatened to come to Alaska and rape one of the attorneys, according to the document.

The restraining orders were issued after Palin left office.

The order against Shawn Christy was issued in 2010 after he was accused of stalking Palin. It was renewed last year after Palin testified that Christy appeared to be sending a clear signal when he made a one-day visit to Alaska on her February birthday.

Palin also said she feared Christy’s parents because of their claim that she had a sexting relationship with their son in 2009, when he was a teen.

The order against Craig Christy was issued last year after he was accused of barraging Palin’s parents with telephone messages.

Palin’s parents, Chuck and Sally Heath, attended the hearing Friday. They declined to comment.

Tiemessen said time will tell if the sentencing was adequate.

“The only adequate remedy is a remedy that results in our firm, our families, our clients being left alone,” he said. “We’re interested in the result, not necessarily the mechanism, that achieves it.”

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