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Conspiracy Theory? Or Did Palin Selection Backfire on Planners?

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 1, 2012

[UPDATE:  I see that one of the hater blogs (to which I will not link) has posted a link to this article but changed the title to suit their PDS.]

Stella Paul certainly introduces a new wrinkle with her “Producers Theory”  about Sarah Palin and the 2008 election (emphasis mine):

So here’s a new thought: Suppose McCain’s real job was to gracefully lose and that picking Sarah Palin was part of the plan? McCain’s dim-witted brain trust figured that picking an obscure first-term governor from Alaska was a certain deal-breaker with the American public.

Instead, they discovered to their horror that Sarah was a smash hit and she might actually lead them to victory. Call it “The Producers” theory of 2008: their beautifully planned certain flop was now a disastrous success.

What lends credence to this novel theory is that George Soros has been significantly funding McCain since 2001, and that many members of McCain’s election team had Soros ties.

Furthermore, McCain was implicated in the Keating Five scandal in 1989, in which he received campaign contributions in exchange for protecting criminals from investigation.  So his integrity is hardly unimpeachable.

I think perhaps a back-door deal was struck. What else could possibly explain the media career of Meghan McCain?

Well, if George Soros catapulted Sarah Palin to national prominence, I finally found something to be grateful to him for.

2 Responses to “Conspiracy Theory? Or Did Palin Selection Backfire on Planners?”

  1. It makes sense to me also. Since Wallace has said she spent time at the Obama camp while they were still running campaign. She told people that came to talk about her book that she had voted for Obama and would be voting for him again. You can look and see how the media had set her up to get paid doing walk on roles for several series.She talked about the difference of working with the Bush’s that it was high class and that working with McCain was low class. Who ever heard of the operator for both teams getting together like they were good friends. I would bet money they were paid off by the obama people. They were surprised when Palin did so well with the crowds and the first speech.They knew it was not going to be okay for them to just lose they had to destroy her. That was their big mistake. What they were doing didn’t make sense they were not happy with her losing they saw her as big trouble in the future. If they had back off after the election. They woke up that sleeping Giant in many americans who knew something that was really wrong. The more Palin Spoke the more people went towards her. I have no doubt if she had run she would have won.Even if she does it now she will win. She was something that had being missing in politics a long time. What we saw in Palin we liked. We know the polls didn’t,matter. For we knew for a long time things were done to fit the candidate it the candidate was theirs. Palin was the peoples and we didn’t care what polls or media said because they lied before and we all knew even FOX lied on their polls to make someone else good.Bill O’Rielly was the worse about lying in his polls. When Palin was way ahead on several of his polls he would change it so we could see how she was doing. We just stopped playing their games. We knew she was on top. We are all still waiting on Palin to answer the call.They tried to paint Palin as a big shopper but nothing was further from the truth.McCain did not stand up for Palin until the campaign was done. What kind of person would allow your running mate to attacked like she was. He would not let palin bring up Obama past after how they attack her. What kind of person listens to his operatives and not to also speak to Palin too. They would not let her meet with the people she did so well with. They sent her on the interview with Katie and when Palin said it went bad she Nicole told her she did great.So if you though someone did so bad why would you send her back for more. What did they think McCain was going to do in Washington. It was a joke. Palin’s computer was hacked into and I bet they had help from someone on the bus.McCain operatives were a punch of low class people. operatives that. They say Schmidt is working with Obama team now. They lied on the HBO movie. There was a lot of fraud that went on the the election in 2008. Al Franken did not win the election and it was proven later but he is still in the senate. Why? Why have the republicans complained the democrats would not let the republicans away with it. Obama even gave 450,000.00 after congress said they could not longer collect money from the government. Obama doesn’t have to follow the laws everyone else has too. He even makes his up as he goes.Obama did not win the election it was done through fraud.

  2. Ken said

    I have long felt that McCain was a false- flag operation, designed to destroy the only honest person in politics, because she was famous for taking out the crooks from both parties ! I fear that our political system is so dirty now, that we may be doomed regardless. I am not ready to give up yet, but unless we can wake the fools up sho voted for 0bama and his ilk, and get rid of the RINO’s like McCain and Graham and Boehner, our fate is just a matter of time.

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