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Archive for June 1st, 2012

Gov. Palin: Please Support Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch in Wisconsin Recall Election Tuesday

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 1, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin Madison WI,  April 16, 2011

(Video retrieved from )

Governor Palin posted these comments on Facebook today:


First this one:

Please remember to support Gov. Walker and Lt. Gov. Kleefisch in next Tuesday’s recall election. Wisconsin is still the front lines in the battle for our nation’s future. Last year, Andrew Breitbart and I spoke at a rally in Wisconsin. Here is the video clip of our remarks.



And then this one:

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch could really use our financial support as well. Her opponent is getting massive last minute funding from organizations out of DC. Let’s show her that we have her back. Please visit her website to help.

Rebecca Kleefisch, Wisconsin’s Conservative Lieutenant Governor is a leader in the Scott Walker Administration. She is a pro-life woman who says Wisconsin Is Open For Business with her hard work and drive.

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Conspiracy Theory? Or Did Palin Selection Backfire on Planners?

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 1, 2012

[UPDATE:  I see that one of the hater blogs (to which I will not link) has posted a link to this article but changed the title to suit their PDS.]

Stella Paul certainly introduces a new wrinkle with her “Producers Theory”  about Sarah Palin and the 2008 election (emphasis mine):

So here’s a new thought: Suppose McCain’s real job was to gracefully lose and that picking Sarah Palin was part of the plan? McCain’s dim-witted brain trust figured that picking an obscure first-term governor from Alaska was a certain deal-breaker with the American public.

Instead, they discovered to their horror that Sarah was a smash hit and she might actually lead them to victory. Call it “The Producers” theory of 2008: their beautifully planned certain flop was now a disastrous success.

What lends credence to this novel theory is that George Soros has been significantly funding McCain since 2001, and that many members of McCain’s election team had Soros ties.

Furthermore, McCain was implicated in the Keating Five scandal in 1989, in which he received campaign contributions in exchange for protecting criminals from investigation.  So his integrity is hardly unimpeachable.

I think perhaps a back-door deal was struck. What else could possibly explain the media career of Meghan McCain?

Well, if George Soros catapulted Sarah Palin to national prominence, I finally found something to be grateful to him for.

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Updated! Gov. Palin Talks ‘Drill Baby Drill’ with John Stossel on ‘Gas Myths’ on Saturday

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 1, 2012

UPDATE:   It looks like FOX Business may have aired Governor Palin’s interview earlier than they had announced (see below).  The video at this link has a time stamp of 8:36 AM.  (h/tp Palin4America).

Palin: Obama Doesn’t Have an Energy Policy

Memorable Palin Quotes from the interview:

Our President really is clueless when it comes to the need for an energy policy…

God has just dropped this cornucopia full of resources underfoot, and it just takes political will to tap into them…

What it’s all about is fundraising for the environmentalists….

Onshore drilling is much safer than the deep offshore drilling…

America has the highest standards in the world when it comes to environmental protection…

The President has been dishonest with the American public about what he has allowed, if you will,  the drilling that is taking place.  Not only did President Bush tee up the drilling that we see going on now, but President Obama taking credit for private sector and safe land allowance of drilling is … it’s quite disingenuous because the President doesn’t have control over that aspect of the energy industry.  What he does have control over is federal land.  And yet he has locked those up.

We have more oil here than anything that we would ever have to look to to import from these foreign countries if only we had the political will to tap into it…

[ANWR] Or laying a postage stamp on a football field – that is the equivalent of the thumbprint that is needed for that drilling, especially with the new technology and the directional drilling…

Alaska is hundreds of millions of acres. It’s huge.  It’s 2 1/2 times the state of Texas.  We’re asking for 2000 acres, and that’s it.  It’s about the size of LAX – a typical big-city airport…

… flowing it into the existing TransAlaska oil pipeline, the 800-mile pipeline that used to produce about 25 % of the U. S. domestic supply of energy, and now it’s way, way down.  We went from about 2 million barrels a day, now to about 700,000 barrels a day.   It needs to be full…. Environmentally and energywise, it flows oil better the fuller it is.  It makes no sense that we can’t tap our resources up there.


John Stossel posted this announcement on FOX Business yesterday:

Gas Myths (airs SATURDAY at 3PM & 10PM on FNC)

Posted by John Stossel | May 31, 2012

The summer driving season is here.

People believe myths about oil and gasoline. We’re running out of oil! America should be energy independent! Our oil comes from evil dictators! Electric cars and ethanol are so much better for the environment and America!

This week we challenge those ideas.

Jerry Taylor of the CATO Institute and Power Hungry author Robert Bryce explain the truth about oil and gas.

Bill O’Reilly and I continue our argument about those greedy oil companies “conspiring” to keep gas prices high.

Fox Business reporter Charles Payne will be here to explain how oil speculation works.

Former Governor Sarah Palin also joins us to talk about her famous mantra, “Drill, baby, drill!”

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More Details Emerge About Bristol Palin’s Reality Series

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 1, 2012

First look: Bristol Palin and her cute sonTripp in a promotional photograph for her new reality show

Catlin McDevitt at Politico has new details about Bristol’s ‘Life Is a Tripp’ series:

“Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp,” set to air on June 19, follows Bristol’s move to Los Angeles with her then-2-year-old son, Tripp. In the first episode, Bristol explains that she’s leaving Alaska to work for a charity, to “get out of my comfort zone and show Tripp another part of the world.” (It’s not Bristol’s first time living outside Alaska, however: She lived in Arizona for a few months last year, before returning home to Wasilla.) While discussing the plan with her youngest sister, Piper, their mother — casually dressed, hair piled atop her head — pops into the living room and encourages Bristol to go have “an adventure.” Later, Sarah teases Bristol and her other daughter, Willow — who’s also going to California — by singing the theme song to “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

The show is reminiscent of another Palin clan reality show, TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” which offered a carefully curated peek inside the former governor’s family life. Bristol’s show offers some of the same — shots of the Palins hanging outdoors in Alaska or spending time together at home — but there’s a bit more drama.

The second episode, for instance, gives a play-by-play of Bristol’s headline-making fight in an L.A. bar — a spat provoked by a heckler who called her mother an offensive name. The cameras follow Bristol, who has just ridden a mechanical bull, as she confronts the man, asks him if he’s a homosexual and eventually leaves in tears. “Mom, this is not fair and this is not fun,” Bristol later tells her mother on the phone. “And I’m so pissed off, Mom. The hate that we go through. How many times has this happened already?”

In another scene that recalls MTV’s “The Hills,” Bristol and Willow, both wearing big, dark sunglasses, sit outside, arguing at a café in Los Angeles. There’s also plenty of talk about Bristol’s boyfriends (her ex, Levi, who fathered Tripp, and Gino, with whom she’s “on and off”). Another scene shows the Palin girls shopping in Hollywood.

“This is a normal store …” Willow says incredulously, browsing tight, sequined dresses.

“For strippers,” Bristol quips.

As you’d expect, viewers also get a glimpse of Bristol as a single mom to her blond-haired toddler. Crying about how hard it is to raise a child alone, she says at one point, “It’s not fair to him that he has no one here except for me.”

While Bristol is ostensibly the star of the show, Willow may be more interesting to watch. Largely kept out of the spotlight during her mother’s rise to fame, the 17-year-old comes off as fun-loving, fiercely independent and unconcerned about what others think. Before moving to California, Willow laughs about quitting her job in Alaska via text message.

“You quit by texting your boss? Willow!” her mom says.

Willow shrugs it off.

In another scene, Willow and Bristol sit and chat with Sarah as she prepares for an appearance.

“I have to go study,” Sarah says, asking the girls, “Do you have any advice on Syria?”

“I don’t know what Syria is,” Willow says, smiling.

To which her mom playfully replies, “Don’t admit that publicly, please, oh my God!”

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