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Archive for May 16th, 2012

The Media Changing Attitude To Palins? A Delightful Bristol Palin Mother/Child Photo & Article

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 16, 2012

From The Daily Mail – a positive piece on the Palins for a change – with a delightful mother-and-child photograph. You can read the whole piece AT THIS LINK.  Has the media decided to, finally, give the Palins a fair go (after she is safely, for them, no threat to Obama)?   Yesterday saw the very positive article on Sarah from a self-confessed liberal, “Palin my new BFF,” AT THIS LINK.

First look: Bristol Palin and three-year-old son in promotional photograph for new reality show Life’s a Tripp


Her reality show promised to feature ‘a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world,’ when it was announced earlier this year.

And, judging by a new promotional photograph, Bristol Palin’s cute-as-a-button son Tripp will also be playing a major part in the forthcoming Lifetime programme, entitled ‘Life’s A Tripp.

The picture features the smiling daughter of Sarah Palin crouching down next to the blonde three-year-old who is equally cheery.

First look: Bristol Palin and her cute sonTripp in a promotional photograph for her new reality show

First look: Bristol Palin and her cute son Tripp in a promotional photograph for her new reality show

The show will chronicle Bristol and Tripp’s journey from her hometown in Wasilla, Alaska to Los Angeles, where they move after Bristol lands a job with a non-profit organisation.

‘I was game for it,’ the 21-year-old tells TV Guide. ‘I wanted to show how down-to-earth my family and I are.’

Read more.

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Gleeful Reaction To Fischer’s Win From The Palinosphere. Crickets From the Sullen Left.

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 16, 2012

Why is this man smiling?

From Josh Painter:

Mike Flynn: Palin endorsement ‘made all the difference’ in Fischer win

Mike Flynn, former government affairs director for the Reason Foundation and now a contributor,writes that Gov. Palin’s late endorsement of state Senator Deb Fischer in Nebraska’s GOP primary for the U.S. Senate “shook up the race” and “made all the difference” in Fiuscher’s stunning upset victory Tuesday:

I follow politics very closely, yet I hadn’t heard of the Fischer candidacy until Palin’s endorsement. National tea party groups like FreedomWorks had put all their resources behind Stenburg, with nary a thought about Fischer. A good reminder that these groups aren’t as plugged into the grassroots as they like to claim.

Flynn says voters are rejecting politics as usual and rewarding bold, fearless candidates who stand on principle. Sarah Palin gets that, Flynn observes, while hoping that some day the national GOP will get it also.

The Weekly Standard’s Michael Warren reports that Fischer defeated “the better-funded” state attorney general Jon Bruning by nearly 9,000 votes.


Mike Flynn at Breitbart:


“Just two weeks ago, the battle for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Nebraska was between state Attorney General Jim Bruning and state Treasurer Don Stenburg. Neither inspired the growing base of conservative voters. They were, to be charitable, standard conservative-ish career politicians. Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin shook up the race with a late endorsement of state Senator Debby Fischer. It made all the difference”

Read the  entire post  AT THIS LINK

Here’s “FireAndreaMitchell being deservedly Ironic:

The Tea Party is dead but Deb Fischer wins Nebraska’s GOP Senate primary

rino-republicansWow. The Tea Party really is dead isn’t it? As if Richard Mourdock’s crushing of RINO old fart Dick Lugar didn’t send the pink slime media, establishment RINOs, and Marxist Democrats a message, maybe this will. Nebraska held their primaries tonight. Mitt Romney of course won the GOP nomination for president. But out of no where, Tea Party candidate Deb Fischer won the Republican Senate nomination after being endorsed by Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Next up is Texas on May 29th where Ted Cruz needs to beat RINO establishment David Dewhurst, next month Dan Liljenquist needs to beat RINO dinosaur Orrin Hatch
Read  the entire post at AT THIS LINK.

Just a basic early report from TWITCHY AT THIS LINK but the comments section is gleeful!

Nebraska GOP Senate primary: Dark horse Deb Fischer wins in an upset, faces New York transplant Bob Kerrey.

As would be expected, the Free Republic folks are pretty enthused AT THIS LINK

For those of you who thought ( or hoped) that Sarah Palin was history, well, like I told you, you have another think coming.
Read the rest  AT THIS LINK


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Vetting a VP candidate…by A.B. Culvahouse

Posted by Roderic Deane on May 16, 2012

Excellent article by the man who vetted Sarah Palin:

A short list of five to 15 leading Americans soon will be notified that the presumptive Republican nominee for president believes they are serious contenders to be his running mate. They will be asked for their agreement to join him on the GOP ticket if chosen, and in the meantime, to submit to a most intrusive and far-reaching vetting by lawyers and advisers working for the campaign. No other candidate, not even the presidential nominee himself, is subjected to the same scrutiny.

I have been a lawyer on both sides of the Republican vice-presidential vetting process. I helped potential nominees navigate the vetting gauntlet in four elections, starting in 1976, and I had the honor of doing the vetting on behalf of John McCain’s 2008 campaign. For those of you who’ve managed to steer clear of the revisionist HBO movie about that campaign, I led the team that vetted Sarah Palin, apparently the five most newsworthy days of my life.


The vetting of Sarah Palin was no less rigorous, just compressed. She was a late addition to the short list, catapulted into contention by the campaign’s calculus that a woman would broaden the ticket’s appeal. Our team of lawyers churned out the expected detailed written vetting report—only we packed eight weeks of research into less than one. We pulled information from Alaska-centric websites, including her local critics’ blogs and copies of Wasilla church sermons.

You can read the whole article here.

Cross-posted from

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Palin Power: Congratulations to Deb Fischer

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on May 16, 2012

What’s in an endorsement? Apparently a great deal when you’re the underdog candidate and Sarah Palin gives you the nod.  Last week, Deb Fischer, candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, released a statement that the Palin’s had endorsed her candidacy.  Mama (and Papa) Grizzlies went to work by volunteering either in person, making donations, and/or setting social media “on fire”.  The announcement by the Fischer campaign was followed up by Palin’s own message via Facebook note here.  Sarah Palin’s endorsement had a similar effect on Richard Mourdock’s U.S. Senatorial campaign in Indiana last week.

With 100% of the precincts in, here is the final tally for the Nebraska primary for U.S. Senate.

Posted to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page overnight:

As recently as a week ago, Deb Fischer was dismissed by the establishment. Why? Because she is not part of the good old boys’ permanent political class. The message from the people of Nebraska is simple and powerful: America is looking for real change in Washington, and commonsense conservatives like Deb Fischer represent that change. I applaud Moms like Deb Fischer who are bold enough to step up and run on a conservative platform to restore America and protect our children’s future. Congratulations to the people of Nebraska. As the Huskers’ fight song goes: “The eyes of the land, upon every hand, are looking at you. Fight on for victory!”

– Sarah Palin

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Heck Freezes Over: Lib Journalist “I Was Surprised To Discover Palin Was Intelligent, Nice & Beautiful”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 16, 2012

Kudos to Laura Goldman, a self-professed liberal writing a honest, from the heart, and unbiased article “Sarah Palin, This Liberal’s New BFF” in a journal that has been notable for its vociferous attacks on Sarah Palin.

Goldman met Palin, whom she describes as her new BFF, at the recent SALT conference where Palin was a keynote speaker. As has been the case in every instance I have seen where people, from left and right, who have met Palin, she – Goodman – uses most of the terms that such encounters engender.

Goldman: “I was surprised to find her intelligent, nice, knows the names of newspapers that she reads” and “she was not a primadonna in any way, had no problem having her photograph taken with me (twice) and is even more beautiful in person”.

The most telling part of the article is Goldman saying “Whilst I do not agree with her positions it is pretty clear that she has been unfairly maligned by the press.”

That is an honest statement in every respect, and it shows that liberals need not be cast in one basket as unreasonable. it is just sad that it has to take a chance encounter with the real Palin to dispel the terrible malignity that the leftist media has partaken in in their disgusting caricaturization of this woman.

Hats off to Laura Goldman, and whether she likes it or not, she is my new BF and is also, as she describes Palin, beautiful (inside and out).

please read her article AT THIS LINK 

Editor’s Note:  Goldman’s article is primarily positive toward Governor Palin, but it does become mixed toward the end and contains some inaccuracies.

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Left Gets Answer To “Sarah Who?” As Palin-Endorsed Underdog Fischer Wins Nebraska Senate Following Mourdock Win In Indiana

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 16, 2012

                                  “Sarah Who” Indeed, Libs

Deb Fischer with a 5% lead with 80% of the vote in-that’s good enough to go. NOW CONFIRMED

After Sarah Palin declined to run for the GOP nomination, the left sarcastically asked “Sarah who” almost inevitably whenever they thought they were kicking her political corpse.

That was usually followed by “why does anyone write about Palin – she’s irrelevant.” Well, the left and the media (one and the same of course) has the answer to “Sarah who” after two candidates for the Senate, Mourdock (by 20 points) in Indiana, and Fischer in Nebraska, asked for her support and then won striking, come-from-behind victories in their respective primary campaigns.

That candidates for such major office would ask an “irrelevant” person for her support would seem strange, based on the Lefts meme, but intelligent people, not blinded by wishful thinking and elitist snobbism, knew better.

With these two wins, and the possibility of three in a row when the votes are counted for Cruz, her endorsed choice in Texas, Palin has shown she is hugely powerful and influential. She is building up a large body of endorsed senior elected officials, starting with Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss in 2008. 

Then her subsequent 62% success rate from the 2010 election campaign, with winners who owe their election in some or most part to her – Gov. Hayley for example – should hold her in good stead for the 2016 presidential campaign that will commence at the end of this November.

If the Romney forces do not acknowledge Palin’s power and authority with a substantial speaking role in Tampa, they will be sowing the seeds of their own destruction if Palin supporters feel insulted and alienated.  Palin has been proven right, yet again, with her statement that she doesn’t need a title to effect change.  But not having a title should not mean she should be ignored by the GP establishment.

The astonishing political influence and power of Palin can be seen by a review of the events of the Fischer race within  just a week after she made her endorsement culminating in Fischer’s victory.

Firstly the WeAskAmericapoll

This latest WEAskAmerica poll is astonishing

Nebraska senate candidate Deb Fischer has gone from a 16 point deficit in second place to a 5 point lead. This whilst pollsters advise she still suffers from a degree of name recognition.

This massive turnaround in one week comes directly after Fischer was endorsed by Sarah Palin, who is also doing a robocall for her. Palin’s endorsement was subsequently followed by other high profile local politicians.

If Fischer wins, following on from the win of Palin endorsed Mourdock in Indiana last week, who could but agree with Palin that she doesn’t need a title to make a difference?

Then this pre-election analysis

“It’s another example of Palin power. Since her endorsement, Fischer has received the endorsements from one of three sitting Nebraska congressmen, the founder of TD Ameritrade (along with $200,000 in media buys), and now Herman Cain. They are simply following her lead, and should be applauded for it.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry on Thursday endorsed Republican Senate candidate Deb Fischer, adding to her apparent surge heading into the final days of the GOP primary campaign.
Fortenberry’s support followed on the heels of a high-profile endorsement of Fischer from 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.
Fischer’s apparent momentum caught the eye of the Washington Post, which published a story questioning whether there might be “a Mama Grizzly upset in Nebraska” brewing.
Fischer, the Valentine state senator, has been transformed in recent days into Attorney General Jon Bruning’s “biggest obstacle” in the May 15 primary election, the newspaper stated” 

And this analysis:

Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, have endorsed Deb Fischer, providing the state Senator’s struggling bid to succeed retiring Sen. Ben Nelson (D) an adrenaline shot six days before the GOP primary.
Fischer sought the former Alaska governor’s support early in her campaign in “a note,” according to the Fischer campaign press release.
Often in the 2010 cycle, candidates were surprised to receive a Palin endorsement. The Palin endorsement proved to be an effective tool for obscure candidates to gain footing in competitive primaries.
“I am writing to you as both a fan of your strong, conservative principles and as a fellow female Republican,” Fischer wrote to Palin. “I have watched your career with respect as you take on tough issues, all while raising a family and serving your great state. Your career has inspired me and so many other female politicians who believe principles should be above politics.”
The Palins wrote back six days before the primary.
“We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign,” they wrote. “Good luck next Tuesday — the Palins are in your corner.”
The endorsement is an enormous boost to what had previously been an also-ran campaign. Fischer has struggled mightily for both attention and campaign funds in a field of three. Her GOP opponents include state Attorney General Jon Bruning, widely considered the frontrunner, and state Treasurer Don Stenberg, who has benefited from the support of the likes of the Club for Growth and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

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