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Romney Denying Palin A Prime Speaking Spot In Tampa Would Be The Ultimate Suicidal Insult

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on May 5, 2012

Even a casual perusal of the comments section at the Palin-supporting sites like Conservatives4Palin will see a recurring theme. The attitude to Mitt Romney runs from grudging support to outright hostility.

For those expressing total abhorrence of the idea of Romney being the standard bearer, their negativity to him finds expression in a commitment to voting down-ticket (whilst writing in Palin), if not staying at home in total disgust at “having yet another RINO shoved down our throats.” Even if Palin endorses Romney, they still will not vote for him

On the next level, there are those who consider that, as Palin states, “anyone but Obama” means they will hold their nose and pull the lever for him, whilst not expecting any real conservatism from his administration should he win. Even amongst those folks, a number are waiting to see if Palin actually endorses Romney before making their decision.

However there is a common thread running through all the statements of those adamantly opposed and of the hold-their- nose groups.   That is about how they will react to how Palin is treated by the Romney forces at the GOP convention in Tampa.

Even amongst the hold-their-nose group, there is a bitterness as to how they perceive Palin has been treated by the GOP establishment. They see her as being left out to dry by the establishment by their not defending her over the “Game Change” hack job, the Gifford’s “blood libel” incident, the backstabbing by the McCain forces, and the insult from the Bush clan.

They hold that if this lack of support is compounded by not giving Palin a key prime-time speaking role in Tampa, then all support for Romney will be withheld. Giving Palin a ten-minute slot early in the afternoon or late at night would not cut it either. For such a high profile former VP candidate with a massive and loyal following to be given any such fobbing off will be seen as the ultimate insult.

If the Tea Party/Palin following is so visibly insulted, it would be suicidal for the Romney forces, especially in a close election. 

Palin has wisely rented a site near the hall where she can talk directly to her supporters, the whole GOP, and the media. This will ensure she will have a voice either inside or outside the convention. If the Romney forces drive Palin outside, then on their heads be it.

9 Responses to “Romney Denying Palin A Prime Speaking Spot In Tampa Would Be The Ultimate Suicidal Insult”

  1. James Crawford said

    Now that RINO Romney seems to have the GOP nomination assured, he is reverting backnto his RINO roots. I expect he would be little more than Obama rebranded. I am prepared to reluctantly hold my nose and vote for Romney. However; if Romney severely insults Governor Palin or she chooses to withold her support, I will stay home. Perhaps enduring four more years of Obama will prepare the way for Palin in 2016?

    • joybrower said

      My feelings completely! I simply cannot imagine how a Romney Administration would even FEEL, he’s so damn unpredictable. And then we have the negative attitude toward Palin – almost driving her to lead a New Party Movement if Romney loses to Obama.

      If that situation should transpire, I think the RNC will be on the ropes BIG TIME – and the Conservative natives will be very restless, indeed! It might be our one good chance to FINALLY take a stand and make every effort on God’s green earth to give Conservatism – in the form of a Pres. Palin – a fighting chance to succeed where generations of Lib-Prog policies have abysmally failed!

  2. Chas said

    As a loyal support I am not a flip flopper. I’m writing SARAH PALIN name in no matter what.

  3. well, unless she steps in, I will be voting for Paul. Unless you all want to write her in?

  4. Well, for me, Romney is an “Anyone But Obama” choice, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he shunned
    Sarah :~(

  5. joybrower said

    God, MJS, you stated my feelings PERZACTLY!! And, yes, for me, that will be the ultimate litmus test – how they treat Palin at the Convention! (I guess how they treat her on the campaign trail will be important to watch as well.) And frankly, I don’t want Romney to win if Palin is snubbed or in any way sidelined (unless she chooses to sit things out – which I don’t think she will; she’s too loyal and too much a great team player!).

    The RNC has earned my eternal emnity bec. of their treatment of Palin – and I proudly announce to one & all that I’m now POST-Republican. In fact, the GOP disgusts me even more than the Democrats – at least, I’m not surprised by the DNC and their Marxist minions and expect no less than Big Government mentality & actions. As for the RNC, they just keep sinking further and further into the muck & mire of the DC swamp – led, in no small measure, by the feckless so-called Senate & House “leaders” (which is a complete misuse of the word “leader!!”).

    • James Crawford said

      Is the GOP establishment analogous to Mastadons sinking into the Labraya Tar Pits?

      I confess that after being a Republican since voting for Reagan in 1980, I changed to independent during the 2008 primary after McCain had a hissy fit over one of his supporters referring to Obama as “Barack, no not that Hussien, Obama.”. Of course it was an edgy insult but it was also an insightful observation. I was planning to not vote for McCaine until he picked Palin to be his VP. It took Palin to remind me of McCain’s past service.

      • joybrower said

        Yes, indeedee, James, the GOPe (as in GOP Establishment – love that new short term!), is – like those ancient creatures that sank into the La Brea tar pits – also sinking into irrelevancy! What emerges in its place only time (and Conservative leadership!) will tell…

        If you want to read all the ugly details spelled out in gory, juicy fashion, read Tony Lee’s excellent dissection of the losing/loser McCain Campaign team in 2008 and beyond in this week’s Big Politics @ Breitbart’s site; it’s a doozy!! And the Comments merely confirm how gazillions of us feel about the GOPe (it’s WAR!!) and those who would diss Palin because of her strong Conservative persona and leadership skills.

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