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Bristol Palin: In Case You Missed [My Mom’s CPAC Speech]

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 28, 2012

Posted by Bristol Palin on Bristol’s Blog this morning:


In Case You Missed It

April 28, 2012 By Bristol Palin

So, after my last post, I got a lot of comments from people saying they were sorry they weren’t at CPAC to hear Mom’s speech.  Well, those of us who were there know there’s nothing like being in the audience when she’s on a roll.  But, I did find this video of the speech in its entirety for your weekend enjoyment.

In the comments section, tell me your favorite part — when the crowd shouted down the Occupy Wall Street guys?  The Washington-DC-as-a-hot-tub line?

You gotta hand it to my Mom — she nailed this speech.  (And you can’t tell it from this video, but she was delivering it in some very cool shoes!)


One Response to “Bristol Palin: In Case You Missed [My Mom’s CPAC Speech]”

  1. CPAC speech was a very good look at who needs to be our next President. She is the leader for USA!

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