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Amidst Mainstream Media Blackout, Thousands Rally Nationwide for Religious Freedom

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 24, 2012

Address at Athens, Georgia rally – Retrieved from 

As is the norm for their selective coverage of news events, the mainstream media largely ignored the nationwide protest against the Obama Contraception Mandate as thousands assembled in 140+ cities to stand up for their First Amendment right to religious liberty.   However, as Governor Palin pointed out in her Facebook post yesterday, they were also oddly silent about the second anniversary of Obamacare.  Perhaps they were afraid that celebrating Obamacare on its second anniversary would draw attention to the nationwide protests against its latest mandate.  (SEE UPDATE BELOW.)

Mr. President, you’re conspicuously absent from the 2-year anniversary of your “greatest accomplishment” (described by your VP as “a big f***ing deal”). Where’s the party? Concerned citizens around the country recognized the 2-year anniversary of Obamacare by protesting its attack on religious liberty. Oral arguments on Obamacare start next Monday, March 26, before the Supreme Court. Voting out Obama starts on Nov. 6.

However, reports of the success of the rallies emerged in the blogosphere.  At the Stand Up for Religious Freedom website,  John Jansen reported:


Today’s Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom today was an enormous success all across the country, with tens of thousands of Americans taking a public stand against the HHS Mandate.

In addition to the physical presence of the massive crowds outside Federal buildings, Congressional offices, and courthouses across the country, the Rally also, of course, had a sizable presence on Facebook and Twitter.

Beginning at 12 noon Eastern Time today, reports began to come in via Twitter from the 140+ cities that hosted Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies using the hashtags #StandUpRally and #StopHHS.

NPR covered the nationwide event, but added their usual spin at the end (omitted from this post):

Across the country, thousands of people skipped lunch Friday to protest what they see as a threat to religious liberties in the United States.

The protesters’ specific complaint was the birth control mandate in the new health care law, but the discontent runs far deeper.

It didn’t take much for the Rev. Pat Mahoney, an evangelical minister, to warm up the crowd in Washington. He gazed out at hundreds of people who filled the plaza in front of Kathleen Sebelius’ office at the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Come on,” Mahoney urged the crowd. “We want Secretary Sebelius to hear you!”

Beyond Birth Control

Earlier this year, Sebelius announced that the nation’s new health care law would require some religious organizations, like Catholic hospitals and universities, to provide birth control coverage to employees.

Many conservative Catholics and evangelicals — not to mention the Catholic bishops — were furious at the announcement. That anger sparked the nationwide rallies, dubbed “Stand Up For Religious Freedom.”

Kristan Hawkins, head of the organization Students for Life, says the contraception requirement is an attack on religion — and that the Obama administration is sending a hostile message to believers. “This is where tyranny begins,” she told the boisterous crowd.

Kathleen Burke, a Catholic who took the day off to attend the rally, says the White House is stepping into people’s private lives.

“The government has no business telling me what I need to buy,” Burke says. “What, are you going to tell me I need to buy broccoli next?”

Nearby, Patty Weaver, a home schooling mother and evangelical, says the mandate is an affront to American ideals.

“People came over here — the Pilgrims — not for free health care,” she says. “They came over for freedom. And we’re losing our freedom. We’re losing it every day.”

Rallies like this one took place in approximately 140 places across the country Friday. Hundreds turned out in Philadelphia, including Episcopalian Robert Mansfield, an Iraq war veteran.

“We didn’t travel 7,000 miles to have the government tell us how we’re going to practice our faith. If they’re coming after the Catholics, they’re coming after us next,” Mansfield says.

In Nashville, Tenn., evangelical Teresa Reff worries that people of faith soon won’t be able to practice any type of religion in public.

“They’ve taken prayer out of school; they’ve taken Scripture-reading out of school. They want to get rid of the Bible clubs that are in school,” she says. “It’s just systematic taking-away, and if we sit by and do nothing, then we’ll be like Communist Russia or China where it’s against the law to even go to church.”

The National Catholic Register reported on rallies in New York and other cities:

 From the halls of government in the nation’s capital to the hills of San Francisco, thousands of Americans turned out today across the country to voice their opposition to what they perceive as serious encroachments on religious liberty.

Sponsored by an organization called Stand Up for Religious Freedom, the rallies were held in 140 locations, including the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington.

That is the office that issued a regulation earlier this year requiring most private employers to provide co-pay-free contraceptive and sterilization coverage in health-care plans. The mandate provides only a narrow religious exemption, leading the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and other organizations to protest it as an infringement on religious liberty.

More than a score of Catholic bishops spoke at rallies, and others issued statements to be read at the gatherings. But the nationwide event attracted people of all faiths.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York, president of the U.S. bishops’ conference, in a letter, commended participants for “standing up for the fundamental rights of all people of faith.”

“Since Jan. 20, when the final HHS mandate was announced, two things have been abundantly clear: Religious freedom is under attack, and we will not cease our struggle to protect it,” Cardinal Dolan said. “Of course, this is not a ‘Catholic issue’ alone. It is wonderful to see so many of our fellow Americans of all faiths stand together in this important moment. Nor is this about what our opponents are marketing as ‘women’s health.’ It’s about the sacred right of any faith community to define its own teaching and ministry and the right of every person of faith to be free from being forced to do something that violates their conscience.”

New York City’s rally drew as many as 1,000 to Federal Hall on Wall Street. Cardinal Dolan’s letter to attendees noted the symbolism of the site. George Washington, described by the cardinal as one of the great defenders of religious liberty and whose statue dominates the steps, was inaugurated at Federal Hall in 1789. New York was the nation’s first capital.

Speakers included Alveda King, the late Martin Luther King’s niece, civil-rights activist and self-described “pro-life warrior”; Rabbi Yehudah Levin of the Rabbinical Alliance of America; Christopher Bell, head of Good Counsel, which provides homes for homeless, pregnant women; and Janet Morana, co-founder of the Silent No More campaign for women.

The Rev. Bill Devlin, pastor of Manhattan Bible Church, had just concluded a 42-day fast, which he ended after a favorable ruling allowing New York City schools to continue renting weekend space to churches was announced. To win this new fight for religious liberty, Devlin drew on his experience and urged everyone to pray, fast and work.

It is inevitable that a rally in New York City will draw detractors. A small group from the nearby Occupy Wall Street contingent shouted slogans for about three to four minutes. Two pro-choice women carried signs and engaged in interviews with New York 1 24-hour cable television channel.

Go here to read the rest of their report.

Thomas Peters at attended the rally outside the Health and Human Services Division offices in Washington, D. C.   His post contains photos from rallies at a number of cities across the country, which you may view here.   He writes:

 I just attended the Washington, DC Stand Up for Religions Freedom, one of over 140 rallies held across the country today. It was held right outside the Health and Human Services Department. Our permit was for 750 people but I bet we more than doubled that number! All the speakers were articulate, amazing women. Several times the chanting got to be so loud you can bet everyone in the HHS offices heard it.

But my favorite moment was when everyone kneeled in prayer asking God to have mercy on America and to rescind the anti-religion mandate — I managed to snap a photo:

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty is spearheading the legal challenge against the HHS Mandate and were the hosts for the Wall Street rally.  Victoria Beckiempis reports:


Uproar over Barack Obama’s Health and Human Services mandate, which basically requires that insurers provide contraception, has hardly come to an end, and a major pro-religion advocacy group has taken the battle against the birth control clause to court.

This law firm, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, is also hosting a rally today at the Federal Hall National Memorial, located at 26 Wall Street.

The Washington, D.C.-based organization has organized before upcoming arguments over Obamacare in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Present at today’s rally, which Runnin’ Scared unforunately could not attend, kinda appears to be a who’s who of some key pro-lifers: Dr. Alveda King, Director of African-American Outreach, Priests for Life; Melissa Moschella, Fellow, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty; Janet Morana, Silent No More Awareness Campaign; Fr. Agustino Torres, Franciscan Friars; Chris Slattery, Expectant Mother Care; Msgr. Philip Reilly, Helpers of God’s Precious Infants; Fernando Cabrera, New York City Councilman; Chris Bell, Good Counsel Homes; Dr. Anne Nolte, The Gianna Center for Women’s Health; Fr. Victor Salomon, Sacerdotes por la Vida.

The fund, which is spearheading the charge against the HHS mandate (leaders say they were the first to engage in court action against it, in fact) claims to rep all religions and be non-partisan, however.


Emily Hardman, the legal fund’s spokeswoman, told Runnin’ Scared that Becket isn’t advocating against HHS to support a particular belief system — she says that the opposition is because: “It’s a defense of religious liberty. The HHS mandate would require religious groups to pay for things they find morally unconscionable.”

Asked whether Obama’s compromise — basically that insurance companies, not businesses, have to provide free birth control coverage — addressed these groups’ concerns, she replied: “Over 500 leading religious scholars on both sides on the aisle came out and said this is unacceptable, that this is no compromise at all.”


Paul Moseley at the Star-Telegram provided a photogallery of  scenes from the Fort Worth Event, which you can view here.  He writes:

Hundreds gathered as the National Rally for Religious Freedom kicked off at noon outside the federal building in downtown Fort Worth. There people gathered to join the Pro-Life Action League for speakers, hymns and prayer as they peacefully protest the HHS mandate they say is threatening their religious liberty.

Ben Johnson at LifeSiteNews writes about the rally in Ann Arbor, Michigan:

In a college town known for its liberal politics, more than 400 people gathered at noon Friday to support religious liberty and oppose the Obama administration’s HHS mandate.

Just blocks from the University of Michigan, more than 400 people formed the local meeting of the National Rally for Religious Freedom held simultaneously at 146 locations nationwide.

Joined by schoolchildren from local Catholic schools, including Spiritus Sanctus Academies, the speakers focused on the constitutional crisis unleashed by forcing a religious institution to violate its conscience.

Nick Thomm, the executive producer of the nationally syndicated radio show “Kresta in the Afternoon,” said, “At Notre Dame in 2009, President Obama promised conscience protection. It’s pretty clear he lied.” He stated current coverage is a step toward full, federally funded abortions.

“As the bishops said, this fight is not about or contraception abortion, or a compromised Catholic Church,” Thomm said. “This is about the power of the federal government to define what is or what is not the mission of Christians” in a “voluntary institution.”

“To sixty million American Catholics the president has said that to be good Americans, we must be bad Catholics,” Thomm said.

Although churches and houses of worship are exempt, the guidelines for religiously affiliated institutions to gain a religious exemption are “impractical, impossible, and illogical.” Requiring religious institutions to “serve their own kind and hire their own kind” means “in hiring, you’re forced to ask a question that’s normally a violation of EEOC practices.”

“Must Catholics hire and feed only Catholics in their food pantries?” Thomm asked. “Until today, you did not need a baptismal certificate for soup.”

Meeting near the local Occupy Wall Street campsite, the throng of mostly young people received virtually no opposition and no organized counter-demonstration.

Instead, speakers encouraged the crowd to fight to preserve the Constitutional rights of their forebears. Sister Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, a nun from the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, said God “has given us these rights, and we must proclaim them in the streets…It is our responsibility to stand brave and to shout to the world.”

“Today is a day in which we need heroes,” the sister said. “We value our freedoms and since they do not come freely, we beg God that we will all be prepared to pay the price, if that should be in the Divine will – to stand with the countless soldiers, heroes, saints, and martyrs through the ages in union with the One Who hung on Calvary.”

Her fellow sister, Sister Martin Therese, said she is proud she became an American citizen two weeks earlier because she cherishes this nation’s founding ideals, however imperfectly they are practiced now.

Fr. Dennis Brown, O.M.V., warned those ideas are in danger. “If this HHS mandate – diktat – passes, the America we knew will be no more,” he said. “That’s not a dramatic statement. It’s not exaggerated. This essentially changes what America is.”

He called this administration’s war on religion “the worst crisis we’ve faced in our history in terms of our basic American identity.”

Read more here.

Pat Hickey at the Windy Citizen reported on the rally in Chicago.  He includes photos of the event, which you can view here.

With a complete media blackout and absolutely zero pre-event announcement whatsoever, more than a thousand citizens (I estimated the crowd in Federal Plaza at between one thousand and twelve hundred)stood in the rain to stand up against the HHS Obama Mandate.

Speakers included United States Congressmen Democrat Dan Lipinski (3rd) and Republican Joe Walsh (8th)as well as the head of B’nai ‘Brith Chicago Joe Morris -President and General Counsel of The Lincoln Legal Foundation.

This was a respectful and polite throng of very angry people. The anger is palpable, because the respect is purely one-sided. President Obama has made it clearly evident that his will be done and religious people can keep their mouths closed, much as he and his script writers told the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Earlier today, Matt Yonke posted this blog at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom website:

The Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom was an outstanding success. So huge the media simply could not ignore the Rallies as they sometimes do with conservative events.

Rally co-chair Eric Scheidler appeared on Fox News twice in the leadup to the Rally—watch yesterday’s interview to the right—and they covered the New York City Rally live. Eric also appeared on the Laura Ingrahm show and other major commentators like Glen Beck covered and promoted the Rallies.

I’ve been involved in grassroots activism for years, including protests that have drawn national attention, and I’ve never seen as much secular, mainstream media coverage as the Nationwide Rally garnered.

Check out the results of a Google News search for “Rally for Religious Freedom”. News outlets nationwide covered these Rallies because of the huge numbers involved.

There was fairly extensive coverage of the rallies by conservative media.  However, I think my conclusion that the liberal media tried to ignore the rallies is corroborated by this comment at  the above cited article:

M.C. Costello says:

Not surprisingly, there has been no coverage by the left-leaning mainstream media outlets. Other than one or two local affiliates, nothing was covered by CBS ABC NBC CNN Nothing in the NYTimes, nothing in Hartford Courant, nothing printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Washington Post piece is in the “On Faith” section with a majority of comments on the web article being rabidly anti-Catholic.

Due to media bias and manipulation, this issue has been marginalized as a “Catholic issue” and “a contraceptive issue” or, alternatively, labeled as a “denial of women’s rights issue” rather than an issue of government over-reach. If these had been rallies by the women’s rights factions, the big media outlets would have been there.

When the liberal media mentioned the rally at all, it was usually brief or buried in a longer article.  This article at, for example,  actually includes a photo and a caption about the protest in Phoenix at the top of a two-page article by the Associated Press that does not even mention the rally.


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One Response to “Amidst Mainstream Media Blackout, Thousands Rally Nationwide for Religious Freedom”

  1. Our freedoms are near and dear to the citizens of the USA! We choose to continue on in the freedoms and unalienable rights given us by our Creator. ~~ God bless America~~

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