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Governor Palin Is Keeping All Her Options Open

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 18, 2012

Before leaving New York this week, Governor Palin met with FOX News Insider.  On what FOX fans should focus on prior to the 2012  election, she had this to say:

So, going to a legitimate news source, listening to the interviews and listening to these candidates and doing your own homework. That’s the number one thing. You have to figure out what resonates with you. What are your important issues? To me, debt is an important issue, and I want to hear from these candidates: do they understand that our debt is undermining the value of our dollar? Do they understand that we can prioritize this budget, and they had better do so when they’re elected president?

We need these candidates to start concentrating on the important issues. This inside baseball stuff, this horse-race, who’s up, who’s down — I get tired of talking about it, because it’s not the main thing. The main thing is, what are the solutions that the candidates have in mind to get our economy back on the right track and to keep us safe as a nation by prioritizing the revenue that we have.

Asked about her family and their daily life, Governor Palin said:

The family is great — very, very busy. My husband, as a matter of fact, on Sunday kicks off his twentieth year of running the Iron Dog, the 2000-mile snow machine race across Alaska. He’s won it four times, so he’s shooting for a fifth victory. So he’s, he and his partner Scott Davis start the race on Sunday. I’ll miss the start of the race because I’m visiting troops in Indiana on their way to Afghanistan, and it is important … these deployed troops and those returning — whom I so honor — they are our heroes. So, I’ll miss the first day of the Iron Dog, but then I’ll get home to cheer Todd on throughout that week. That’s one day in our lives, that’s Sunday. (laughter)

The kids are very busy. My son’s in the service, the oldest. And Bristol’s very busy. She’s working full-time for a dermatologist. She loves her job in an office there, raising her son Tripp, a single parent, doing great. She’s also shooting a [documentary] series – kind of the antithesis of the ‘Teen Mom’ stuff you see on MTV, for Lifetime. She’s shooting these segments that show what real life is like for a single mom who loves her son more than life itself, but sure wishes that maybe a decade from now after she had an education, after she had some career experience under her belt, then she would have had a baby.

Willow’s doing awesome. She’s going to graduate high school a year early, and then she’s going off to hair school, and she’s so excited about that. She’s 17, and she was in New York and D.C. with me at the beginning of the week, and Willow got a little taste of real life because she was telling some folks that she was proud that she was getting to graduate a year early and that she’d gotten everything lined up and then she got accepted to hair school. Then it occurred to her, she was like, “I think they looked at me, mom, like, ‘well if you’re willing to pay the tuition, doesn’t everybody get accepted to hair school?’” But she’s still real excited, and I’m excited for her.

Piper’s awesome and obsessed with elementary school girls basketball and trumpet and all those fun things that sweet little innocent kids still do in elementary school.

And Trigg is just the light of our life … just an awesome little kid. He got glasses yesterday. He’s almost four years old, and [it’s] just the sweetest little heart of gold that he has. He keeps us grounded, keeps us knowing what our right priorities are.

So, our day-to-day life is quite busy, but of course we have extended family up there to help, grandmas and grandpas … we’ve got five generations. Day-to-day life is robust and … rowdy. (chuckles) It’s good.

Concerning her political future, this is what she had to say:

I’m keeping all my options open; everything’s on the table. I put my life in God’s hands and say, Lord, you know I mess up. I take wrong doors that I think are open that perhaps aren’t really open, and I learn through the school of hard knocks, but my life is in His hands and I do seek direction from Him in what it is I can do to positively contribute to this country, to our world, and everybody can do that. Everybody can make a difference and contribute, regardless of a title or no title, an office or no office. So, all options are on the table, but certainly running for office in the future is a consideration.

Read the entire article here.


One Response to “Governor Palin Is Keeping All Her Options Open”

  1. Ernie Hernandez said

    Well, the longer it takes Sarah Palin to jump into the race for President of the United States, the longer and harder it will be to restore this country and turn around the damage done to it by socialists, Democrats, liberals, statists, and establishment “sell-out” GOP’s! So I just hope God speaks to her soon, as we desperately need another Ronald Reagan, or Margaret Thatcher — Sarah are you that person? I hope so……

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