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Archive for January 4th, 2012

Gov. Palin on Hannity: Can’t Win Being on Defense All the Time

Posted by Ron Devito on January 4, 2012

“You can’t win a ballgame being on defense all the time,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said in a two-segment interview on Sean Hannity’s TV show from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Gov. Palin’s quote was in reference to Newt Gingrich’s counter-attacks against Mitt Romney who he today accused of lying in political ads. Her words were also applicable to whichever candidate becomes the GOP nominee and goes on to fight the Obama machine.

Gov. Palin said the Iowa Caucus “was such an exciting night. It felt like it was as it should be.” She praised Santorum’s performance saying, “Iowa was a good place for Santorum to rise to the top. Iowa is a microcosm of America. It was a very strong showing for Santorum and what he would do for the working class. It leaves Americans optimistic about the field.”

She agreed with Hannity that the GOP nominee needs to be prepared for the attacks that are surely coming now that he has become a top tier candidate. “You know it’s coming. My concern is going on to face the Obama machine and his thuggery. McCain and I were the only ones to have face it. McCain (by his endorsement of Romney) thinks that Romney is best prepared.”

Hannity questioned Gov. Palin as to why Romney does not poll well among the GOP base – conservatives. “His past positions haven’t always been conservative,” she said citing his defense of a health insurance mandate under RomneyCare, his prior pro-choice position – now pro-life. Gov. Palin acknowledged that Romney believes in lowering taxes. “People are suspect of some of his positions versus what they are today,” Gov. Palin said. She described McCain’s “Tale of Two Mitts” as an effective ad back in the day and said that “McCain’s endorsement is a reminder that we must defeat Obama….Rough and tumble contested primaries are a good process for vetting candidates.”

Hannity asked Gov. Palin if she were ready to endorse a candidate tonight. She is not.

She said Gingrich “has every right to defend his record.”

Hannity asked Gov. Palin to expound on her statement that the GOP should not marginalize Ron Paul or his supporters. The basis of her statement is that if marginalized, Ron Paul could run third party, effectively re-electing Obama. She noted that Ron Paul’s supporters are advocating the type of fiscal discipline that is needed in Washington, D.C. today.

Gov. Palin closed by saying that the GOP nominee will “need to be more aggressive [about discussing Obama’s] associations. The GOP nominee has to do all they can and speak the truth about Barack Hussein Obama.”

Video retrieved from SarahNET


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Palin Poll Tracker;June 2009 At 17.9% December 2011 At 49.8%

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 4, 2012

Sure it is an online poll and there has to be an allowance for accuracy one way or the other. However taking all in all the trend is unmistakeable for this segment of public opinion anyway. Personally I would believe there is a large degree of accuracy as reflected by all the trends.

At the commencement of the poll in September 2008 Palin is almost at 80% popularity which accurately reflects her polling when governor of Alaska. Using that accuracy as a base line the further polling also reflects what I believe to be the Palin trend at the time.

Her nadir of 17.9% popularity in September 2009 is probably overstated but surely does reflect a trend. The interesting aspect however is the slow and steady climb since then to the current 49.8%-almost exactly balanced between those who support her and those who don’t.

The latest 12 month trend reinforces the ascent going from 43.3% to the current 49.9%. This slow and steady ascent marks, I believe a growing change in the public’s perception of Palin. 

This especially so as she is now being perceived as she is rather than through the hate filter of the MSM and Democrat activists. The “real” Palin,with her measured gravitas as an accomplished political commentator will see her ratings continue to climb.

The polls, with their adjustable date references are available  

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Palin The Ultimate Winner Of The Iowa Caucus Result Tonight?

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on January 4, 2012

had this prescient view of the subsequent Iowa caucus results;

“Isn’t it time for Newt to consider taking a dive in New Hampshire by telling two-thirds of his supporters in New Hampshire to purposefully vote for Paul in New Hampshire in the hopes that Paul can deliver a crushing blow to Romney in the state? After all, wouldn’t Newt take 5% in New Hampshire if it meant that Paul beat Romney by a 36-34 margin in NH because Gingrich’s voters strategically played Mitt like a fiddle? The short-run success of the Ron Paul Revolution may help make the long-run success of the Palin revolution possible.
What continues to be amazing about the media coverage of Mitt Romney is that he will likely win fewer votes in the 2012 Iowa caucuses than the number of votes he won in the 2008 Iowa caucuses despite the fact he’s facing significantly weaker competition in 2012 than he faced in 2008 and yet the media will declare him one of the winners if he finishes in second or third place”

Although I am a strong Palin supporter and, since she is not running at present I have urged conservatives to support Newt Gingrich, I now urge New Hampshire voters (and of course Virginia voters if Newt doesn’t get on the ballot there) to support Ron Paul as I similarly urged Iowa caucus goers.

The latest polling from New Hampshire, shows only three candidates with a realistic chance of winning, Unfortunately Gingrich, although polling in third place behind Paul is not one of them. 

However, we have to deal with the world as we find it. I don’t think Santorum has, in the remaining time left to make his case, the winning of New Hampshire, or for that matter Florida. If he loses both or even if he does pull out a win in New Hampshire, I can’t see him winning anywhere else.

Newt is too far off the pace in New Hampshire as are Bachmann and the rest and surely she is now finished. That leaves Romney and Paul. I will never vote for Romney, and am confident that a large number of conservatives feel the same. 

I am also confident that if he is the nominee then Trump will run and the GOP should at that point give up and just support the down tickets to take the senate and hold the house (see my “Palin candidacy only insurance Trump won’t run and ensure Obama’s re-election).

Thus, in my opinion the very best thing for the GOP would be for Ron Paul, following his strong Iowa showing, to win or do very well in New Hampshire. If that were the case then Gingrich would have a very good chance in Florida and South Carolina and the possibility of a deadlocked convention would be very real. 

If that happens then what is the reality now, as someone said, the “office seeking the woman” would come into play and Sarah Palin would stand every chance of being drafted in Tampa.

For that reason I urge Palin/Gingrich/Santorum/Bachmann supporters (Perry appears to think he still has a chance, as quixotic as that hope may be) to vote for Ron Paul. I personally would not vote for him in any other states but Iowa and New Hampshire if I had the vote there, but to vote for him in those two states is good common sense in my opinion. 

Paul will not be the nominee but he can, by following up his good dhowing in Iowa with a win, or more likely a solid second place showing in New Hampshire, help to ensure the right person is. With Romney having effectively lost in Iowa-even if he manages to squeak out a tiny plurality on the night, (75% voting against you is not a “win”) being, hopefully, held from running away with the New Hampshire primary he will run up against the “southern wall” where Gingrich should prosper.

The message couldn’t be clearer-the overwhelming majority of Republican voters, 75%! in Iowa voted for someone else besides Romney who got the same result he received percentage wise in 2008-25%. he doesn’t have a lock on the nomination, he is not the heir apparent next in line and a brokered convention would let the rank and file choose a genuine conservative.

Further the overwhelming number of GOP voters nationwide 75%+ don’t want Romney as the nominee;

NB;I note that “Smitty’ ( a Virginia voter) at the influential conservative blog 
The Other McCain, appears, under certain circumstances, willing to consider voting for Paul;
Could I vote for Ron Paul in a primary as a protest against GOP tomfoolery? It sounds mad, but less so over time. . .”

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