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Archive for December 19th, 2011

Gov. Palin on Bolling: Not Too Late to Jump Into 2012

Posted by Ron Devito on December 19, 2011

“You know, it’s not too late for folks to jump in. Who knows what will happen in the future?” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said near the close of her two-segment interview with Eric Bolling of Follow the Money from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Bolling had questioned Gov. Palin if she would be entering the race even after Iowa and New Hampshire. Gov. Palin will not currently endorse a declared candidate.

Ed. Note: Since announcing she would not seek the 2012 GOP nomination on October 5, Gov. Palin’s public and written statements on a 2012 run have been a clear and resounding “no regrets,” “I can shake things up better from the outside,” and “thank you again for your support and respect for this very difficult decision.” While tonight’s statement does underscore what Gov. Palin could do, we need to keep our powder dry and not jump to conclusions or spread rumors that she will do it. “Could” does not mean “will.”

Most of the interview focused not on 2012 or the the candidates, but on the Keystone XL Pipeline, North Korea and the leftist war on Christmas and Christianity.
About the pipeline, Gov. Palin said, “there is nothing wrong with it, except that Obama would be forced to bend his political will to create these jobs. Look at who is in his administration….Joe Biden voted against the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.” The XL Pipeline is “engineered and ready to go,” but Obama is beholden to the environmentalist lobby. “Politics is trumping common sense….It’s 100% political,” she said. Energy independence is a national security, jobs and economics issue, Gov. Palin said.
Shifting to the payroll tax cut, Gov. Palin said it should be extended as long as possible. “Most people are fed up with governments taking more money from our paychecks.”
Regarding CBS editing out Obama’s statement that he is one of the best presidents Gov. Palin said, “I think there’s a reason CBS did him a favor and edited that out….He failed our country and failed our economy. His economic activities have done nothing but fail.” She added that “we need to take care of ourselves and make sure our own investments are wise. Never look to the government.”
On the death of North Korea’s Kim Jung Il and the succession to his son Kim Jong Un, Gov. Palin said, “If you’re a praying man, pray for unity on that Peninsula. It’s the opportunity for progress and peace across the region.” She said North Korea’s missile launch after the death of Kim Jung Il “should be all the more reason to be wise in our foreign policy and take care of ourselves.” Gov. Palin cautioned against being dependent on foreign nations and reiterated her position that we need to be energy independent using conventional and renewable sources.
“We need a tougher president,” Gov. Palin said harkening back to Ronald Reagan’s, “we win, you lose.” She said, “Obama does not have that in him. We got what we voted for. He said he would sit down with our enemies without precondition.”
As with the Shannon Bream interview, Gov. Palin expressed her support of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow‘s on-field prayers. “I am pro-Tebow. I am proud of him. He is not ashamed of his savior. Jesus will rock your world if you give it all to him. You should try it sometime.” Gov. Palin said Tebow is a good role model and thanked him for being bold in his faith. She told an anecdote about a father with his four sons in tow who look up to Tebow. She suggested that those who don’t like Tebow’s public expressions of faith may be bothered by their own consciences.
About the apparent war on Christmas, Gov. Palin said, “atheists don’t need to show up to the party and Christmas is about Christ’s birth.” She made reference to the Seinfeld episode in which Dave Putty told Elaine Bennis that he was not the one going to Hell. Gov. Palin and Eric Bolling concluded the interview by “Tebowing” – a new verb that has entered our lexicon which means to assume the prayer position Tebow uses on the field.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

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Happy Hanukkah

Posted by Ron Devito on December 19, 2011

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

As Jewish families gather this week to celebrate the Festival of Lights, Todd and I would like to wish them a very Happy Hanukkah. This beautiful holiday commemorates the story of the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, following years of struggle by the Maccabees, when one-day’s worth of consecrated oil miraculously lasted for eight. This story never ceases to inspire because it reminds us of the power of faith, hope, and perseverance.

The modern State of Israel is the living embodiment of the Hanukkah miracle – a country that was not expected to survive the onslaught of its enemies, and which has not only survived but thrived as a beacon of freedom, tolerance, and innovation. In a region consumed by chaos and oppression, Israel continues to be a light of inspiration. As Jews around the world sing “Maoz Tzur,” we remember that our nation, too, was conceived in faith in our “mighty stronghold.” Let us cherish the values and warm bonds of friendship that unite us in this season.

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from:

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The GOP With and Without Palin

Posted by reagantman on December 19, 2011

Having started a new job and trying to keep up with a side business that can be a headache sometimes, I’ve not had much time to blog or do my BlogTalk radio show. But, I also have to admit that without Sarah Palin in the race, there’s not much that I can add to what the great folks out there in the blogosphere are saying. My motivation for blogging was to add mine as another supportive voice for the Palin cause. Without Palin in the race, there’s not much for me to do really.

This leads me to something that I was thinking about for the last couple of weeks. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one thinking about it as Conservatives4Palinpoints out. They picked up on an interview of Tea Party Express leader Amy Kremer by MJ Lee where Kremer says:

The grassroots conservative movement has yet to throw its support behind a Republican presidential candidate because “we don’t have the female Ronald Reagan running — and that’s Sarah Palin,” said Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express.

“We haven’t engaged in presidential politics yet because the movement hasn’t coalesced around anybody, so we’re just sitting back and waiting,” Kremer added.

For the past few weeks, I have been struggling with my own dissatisfaction over the direction of the Republican Party and the Tea Party. This is not to say that they’re not working to unseat Obama or that they have stopped pushing for limited Constitutional government. The troubling part to me is that neither the GOP or the Tea Party have one leader that they can coalesce around.

The Tea Party has always prided itself on being a leaderless movement. Until now, the Tea Party has been united despite not having a leader. But now that the Republican Party doesn’t have a clear leader, the Tea Party like the rest of the conservative movement has been a movement divided by candidate preferences even though it remains staunchly anti-Obama and anti- big government.

There’s nothing wrong with people choosing their own candidates. But, we all know people who were in lock step with each other about Sarah Palin who are now backing a different candidate than we are. The person who may have shared my thoughts, quoted my articles or retweeted a link as a sign of agreement may today be the person who is arguing Rick Perry or Rick Santorum when I may be thinking about backing a different candidate.

It’s so odd and so surreal to think that if I strongly backed another candidate or even leaned toward another candidate that people who I once locked arms with might argue with me. This doesn’t mean we’re still not friends or that we won’t end up uniting again to go up against Obama next year. But, again, it’s just so odd to not have that tying thread which Sarah Palin was to us all.

Because of Governor Palin, I have made some very awesome friends on here. I hope to continue those friendships into the future, Palin or no Palin, because I am convinced that there is still greatness left in America as evidenced by the mere existence of these people.

While we will all tend to disagree from time to time, we all recognize that America would be a better place if Sarah Palin led us back to that shining city on a hill and put an end to not only the national nightmare that is Barack Obama, but put an end to business as usual in Washington. Sarah Palin was a two for one special: someone who could destroy the Democrats and liberalism while cleaning up and reforming the Republican Party at the same time. Sudden and relentless reform? You betcha!

That’s why everyone on the left and in the GOP establishment were just crapping their drawers at the mere thought of her running. They knew that at the snap of a finger, millions of us would have poured out of the woodwork. It would have looked like a scene from Braveheart. There would have been pundits asking where all the Palinistas came from?

We’ve been here the whole time. We built an army over the past three years. We would have gone to war for Governor Palin. There would have been no sacrifice too great to demotivate or deflate us. The world was about to see something they haven’t seen since the Reagan revolution.

Which leads me to this. What was the Republican Party before Sarah Palin became a national figure? What is the Republican Party now that she’s not running?

Before Palin, the Republican Party was a mess. It had lost its way having become drunk on the Potomoc water. It never fought or spoke out loudly enough in advance of the housing and financial crisis. The principles of conservatism weren’t being adhered to or spoken of much in the halls of Congress.

While Sarah Palin remained a potential candidate following her run for vice president in 2008, we were a strong party. We took back a swath of seats not only in Congress, but in state houses and state legislatures across the country. America was hopeful again because we knew Obama couldn’t push anymore of his economy busting stimulus and health care craziness through Congress anymore.

Now that Sarah Palin isn’t running, the Republican Party is becoming a mess again. You can put eight Republicans in a room and all eight of them will pick a different candidate for president. Republicans know what they want. Conservatives know what they want. If what they want was up on that stage last night, they’d be behind her. Instead, they’re all trying to find pieces of what they want in each candidate and are ultimately going to end up going with the least common denominator.

The Republican nominee selection process is not so much about choosing the best person, it’s about choosing the least worst person. The 2012 election will be a referendum on Obama, not a coronation of Romney, Gingrich, Perry or anyone else.

While Palin remains a voice for our philosophy, without power she cannot stop the party from returning to business as usual once Obama is defeated. We will all breathe a sigh of relief when Obama is ousted in the election. But it will only be then that the real fight will begin. If we sit back and allow the Republican Party to return to business as usual, we’re screwed.

When you see Tea Party patriots like Nikki Haley and Christine O’Donnell endorsing Mitt Romney, it makes you scratch your head. The Tea Party is a leaderless party, but all movements eventually seek out a leader whether consciously or unconsciously. Palin would have become that leader. Without her, they wander in the wilderness. The discipline isn’t there. There’s nothing wrong with Republicans supporting Mitt Romney (he is a Republican after all). But when Tea Party members do it, it makes you wonder if the lights went out and now everyone is just bumping into each other.

I don’t want to sound like I’m not supportive of Governor Palin’s right to make her own career and family decisions. There is always a day down the road for her to come back into political life if she so chooses. And, if she so chooses, we will be there for her. Yet, one can see what’s been happening since she decided not to run. It’s not her fault. It is what it is. But, without her running, we’re just falling apart.

We can do the self improvement stuff without her. We can do the grassroots stuff without her. But, we can’t run this country without her. There are rare times in history when great leaders come into existence and this is one of them. We pray that someday Sarah Palin recognizes her greatness and takes the helm of a ship that is in dire need of a top notch captain.

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Mark Burnett Discussing Second Season of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ with TLC

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 19, 2011

From article by Sean Daly at the New York Post:

Producer Mark Burnett says he is in discussions with TLC to bring “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” back for a second season next fall.

“The plan would be to shoot this in the summer of 2012,” he tells The Post.

New episodes of the outdoorsy reality series — which shows the former vice-presidential candidate fishing, hunting and dog sledding with her family — would not air until after the November presidential election.

“By the time we edit it, the election will be over,” Burnett says. “But I am sure the election would be mentioned [in the show].”

“It makes perfect sense, because that is what’s going on. But it would be again Sarah in Alaska, living with Todd and the family and having adventures juxtaposed with doing her Fox News bits and discussing whatever is going on.”

Last week, reports surfaced that TLC and other networks balked at a new $1 million-per-episode spin-off series featuring Palin’s husband on the professional snowmobiling circuit.

“That is totally inaccurate,” Burnett insists. “In fact, the idea around snowmobiling was to be part of an episode in ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ — not a series.”

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” premiered in November 2010 to more than 5 million viewers.

“It was the number one premiere ever on TLC,” Burnett notes.

Read more here ….

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