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Archive for December 1st, 2011

Gov. Palin on Hannity: “Endorsement Not Worth Hill of Beans,” No Regrets

Posted by Ron Devito on December 1, 2011

“Today, my personal endorsement doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. I have great respect for the wisdom of the American people,” former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tonight said during a two-segment interview on Sean Hannity’s TV show from her home in Wasilla, Alaska. Gov. Palin also said she has the fire in her belly, but no regrets about her 2012 POTUS decision and said, “we have a good slate of candidates. We have to back a Constitutional Conservative.” No mention was made of the Conservatives4Palin Reconsider advertisement.

Hannity repeated his question about endorsing a candidate prior to the Iowa Caucus, which is now 32 days away. “I honestly don’t think a pundit’s endorsement and their personal opinion amount to a hill of beans,” Gov. Palin said. When asked if she was leaning toward endorsing a particular candidate, she said, “I am leaning toward endorsing a candidate who is the antithesis of Obama.” She added that no person who has served in Congress can legitimately make the claim that he or she cut budgets.

Hannity asked Gov. Palin if she thought the race was now down to Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. She said no and added that other candidates such as Rick Santorum also have messages that should be heard. Gov. Palin noted that Santorum has been consistent on the sanctity of life, Israel and other issues. She lauded Rick Perry’s defense of the Second Amendment and Ron Paul’s domestic policies, though she disagrees strongly with his foreign policy. “All are infinitely better than Barack Obama because they know we cannot survive the status quo.

Gov. Palin said it was good that Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were “going back and forth,” but said it was important that they not “lose focus which is to make sure Obama is not re-elected.” She said the candidates should provide sudden and relentless reform to clean up the crony capitalism that now infests Washington, D.C.

The first segment of the interview focused on the allegations of sexual harassment and affairs swirling around the Cain campaign. “If Herman did not screw around on his wife and give money to some broad on the side…if she made false allegations, it is despicable. If he did it, boys will be boys, but there is no room for a boy in the White House,” Gov. Palin said.

“I have had people swear on Bibles that they had affairs with Todd or me that never happened….Whether he likes it or not, he is guilty until proven innocent. He should have her show the proof,” she said. During his interview with Gov. Palin and with Herman Cain before her, Hannity said that hotels, airline tickets, and tickets to venues would be easy to prove and many of these places have video surveillance. Gov. Palin said that these allegations are a distraction that causes money to dry up and the candidate to make no further progress. Though Gov. Palin is resolute in her 2012 decision, Cain is reconsidering his campaign, and he promised to announce one of three possible dispositions of his campaign by next Monday: continue, suspend, or terminate it.

Gov. Palin and Hannity discussed the double standard whereby taking gratuitous swipes at conservative blacks and conservative women is considered fine, but calling Obama out on his past associations is “racist.”

Like the prior interview, Gov. Palin was seated before her operating fireplace, giving the feeling of a Fireside Chat. Hannity quipped that her Christmas tree needed more decorations and Gov. Palin said she have her daughter Piper get on it.

Video retrieved from SarahNET.

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