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Archive for November 21st, 2011

Palin’s Grit, Tenacity and Fortitude

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on November 21, 2011

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Bannon, speaking with him and listening to him discuss the making of “The Undefeated”.  Someone unfamiliar with the making of “The Undefeated” would, most likely, assume that Sarah Palin was heavily involved in the making of the film and influencing its outcome.  She was not.  In fact, you’ll notice in Bannon’s “Grit, Tenacity, and Fortitude” article he specifically mentions filming and observing from a distance but not meeting Palin.  For a documentary film, this might, at first glance, seem odd to some.  I say it lends for a more objective weaving of the story Bannon tells in “The Undefeated”, one of “Grit Tenacity, and Fortitude”.

From Human Events:

I repeatedly get asked: “Why would you make a movie about Sarah Palin​–what could we possibly not already know about her?”

The answer is quite simply, “everything that’s important.”

Sarah Palin is what I describe as a “McLuhanesque” figure—one of the most media-saturated people in the world, relentlessly covered by the 24/7 news cycle, yet her real story is there hiding in plain sight, never having been told.

And what story exactly is that? The rise of a woman from complete obscurity to national prominence through her own force of will and sense of justice.

When The Undefeated starts in the late 80s, Sarah Palin is working on a small commercial fishing vessel she co-owns with her husband Todd, who is a blue-collar union member, working on the North Slope. The daughter of a school teacher, she is not part of the social, political, or cultural elite in the remote Mat-Su Valley, 40 miles northeast of Anchorage. In fact, Alaska at that time, was still a wilderness with the rough-hewen culture of a frontier state.

She is essentially out of the loop in a state that is out of the loop.  More

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Going Rogue Signed: Two Years On

Posted by Ron Devito on November 21, 2011

Signed two years ago today at the seventeenth hour and the fortieth minute Eastern Standard Time.

“Governor Palin…Sarah….it’s nice to see you again.” We locked eyes…she shook my hand, said “Hi, what’s your name.” “I’m Ron Devito, from Staten Island. You signed my heart in Pennsylvania.” She smiled…I could tell she remembered. “I like your buttons,” she said. But…I saw her looking at the Palin Power button, I had been selling. Pointing to the button, I said, “Today, I prototyped this one. And I will be giving it to you in the gift box. It is yours.” “Thank you,” Governor Palin said. It was time to leave….I turned back….”It was nice to see you again” — followed by a pregnant pause — “my President.” She ended the conversation with a final thank you and I took my signed books.

That day, I got to meet: Chuck and Sally Heath, Trig Paxson Van Palin, Jason Recher, and two of my authors: Adrienne Ross and Kristina Lazzaro, among several other friends and colleagues. Many things changed over these past two years, but my final two words to Gov. Palin this day are not among what’s changed.

Enjoy the complete journey:

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Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

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Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

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