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Defining a servant’s heart

Posted by Roderic Deane on October 2, 2011

What follows is the monologue from today’s The Roderic Deane Show:

Tell me, my friends, how do you define a servant’s heart? More importantly, how will we know when we see it?

For the record, I don’t currently entertain the thought of elective office. It’s not that I wouldn’t be willing to govern as a true servant for my constituents, it’s just that I’ve chosen a different path in life. I do try and carry a servant’s thoughts with me as I go about my job. The goal is to make things work for my clients and to do so in an ethical and honest fashion. In fact, I hold honesty as the very first ideal in my professional life. I figure that honesty will supply all the ethics I need.

But what about those who choose to govern? What standards should we expect of them?

From my standpoint, first and foremost should be honesty. As a constituent, I never want to be “spun”. I want the unvarnished truth about whatever circumstances an official was elected to deal with. If stuff ain’t workin’, tell me! I’m a big boy, but I can only deal with the truth. I need to know the facts to advise my response, not bullshit, sorry, I meant spin.

Secondly, I expect anyone I vote for to adhere to the highest standard of ethics. I expect that person to rise above whatever “laws” have been prescribed for their particular office. In fact, I expect a Biblical interpretation of ethics. A STRICT Biblical interpretation! And no, I’m not talking about “an eye for an eye” kind of stuff. I’m talking about the Golden Rule “Treat others as you want to be treated” kinda stuff.

Why do I say that? Because the laws of man can never be depended on to guide a person’s soul. A Biblical interpretation can, as can a servants heart.

Take for instance the ethics laws in the State of Texas. They don’t have a lot of restrictions, outside of prohibiting outright fraud. The intent of the laws that are there can be circumvented rather easily.The State of Alaska, however, has taken ethics to a whole new level. It doesn’t leave nearly as much to interpretation, nor should it. We know what can happen when one doesn’t take a Biblical view of ethics and depends on man’s law. You’re only get people to go with the minimum requirements.

Did you ever wonder why we have so many attorneys in this country? We’ve had to construct a myriad of laws to, basically, guide man’s ethics. The thought of a servant’s heart seems a distant memory to most. Remember when a handshake used to count so much? What about man’s word, a promise? I guess it depends on what the meaning of the word word is.

Sarah is pointing us toward something when she calls on the need for a servant’s heart. I think that the Washington elites can’t see it because they’ve invested themselves completely in the so-called “rule of law”. And yes, we are a country that believes in the “rule of law”. I’m going to up the ante a bit, however. I really think that the majority of this country believes in the “rule of God’s law”, not man’s law. Man’s law can be written to the advantage of a small group of individuals and we see that all the time. If my attorney is bigger and better than yours, I’ll win in an interpretation of man’s law. But do we need some high-priced lawyer to help us define God’s law?

In the past, who did we depend on to help us understand God’s law? The answer is simple. We depended on our spiritual counselor, our preacher or our pastor. But even with the very best of intentions, we’ve seen where the bureaucracy of a church can thwart the rule of God’s law. Look no further than the Catholic Church and their terrible lack of an immediate response to all the pedofiles in their midst. Look no further than the scandals that have continued to rock the world of televangelism. Look at the terrible consequences that have been wrought on the world by the medieval tenets of sharia law.

We have always governed ourselves as a Judeo-Christian nation and the vast majority of Americans still believe we should continue to. I would venture to say that we have supplanted the term “conservative” for “Judeo-Christian” in these politically-correct times. We’ve lost sight of our roots and run from them for fear of persecution. Many now run for fear of being persecuted due to their “conservative” beliefs. It’s no different than Peter denying knowing Jesus three times. The good news is that Peter recognized what he had done and took himself to task for it. Now, too, we see many Americans awakening to what they have denied in the past. We’re seeing it in the Tea Party today. Why do you think that so many people are now telling pollsters that their support of the Tea Party has waned? It’s because they fear persecution, it’s not because they don’t still believe in what the Tea Party stands for.

That notion was borne out in the November, 2010 elections and it’s going to happen again in 2012. The difference will be who we choose to lead the Republican ticket in the Presidential election. We need someone to embody the principles of the Tea Party, of conservatives and of Judeo-Christian belief. We need someone that understands how much more important God’s law is to our growing worship of man’s law. We need someone with a true servant’s heart to lead us back to our roots.

If we try to define what “a servant’s heart” is, we must first look at the Bible. A “servant” is one who does his master’s bidding. In Judeo-Christian belief, we have but one master in this life and that is Almighty God. Maybe now you can begin to understand why Sarah Palin, Judeo-Christians, the Tea Party and conservatives are all intertwined. It’s because they all implicitly understand the meaning of “a servant’s heart”. It also why those who oppose these groups are so afraid. They know fully well that only God’s law is a threat to man’s law and their cling to power.

…and that’s my two-cents worth for the week.

You can listen to the show HERE.

2 Responses to “Defining a servant’s heart”

  1. Doc Kimble said

    Well and truly spoken, Roderick Deane. Very precisely my sentiments, as well.

    ” The :Law ” written by by Frederick Bastiat in 1850, goes into great detail to express more of what you are driving at here. I encourage all to read it; the Truths therein express the Servant’s Heart, and draw from the very Heart of the Gospel, reaching back to the heart of King David of Israel:
    ” Oh, how love I thy Law; it is ever with me. It is my meditation, all the day in my thoughts. I have held back my feet from the ways of this world; Thou hast given me wisdom by Thy righteous commands.”

    Serve God and Him alone
    Mark ” Doc ” Kimble

  2. akabosan said

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