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Archive for September 24th, 2011

Non-Triumph Of The (George) Will “Daniels Or Pawlenty Will Be Sworn In 1/20/13”

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 24, 2011

Yes, I know – I ran this before, but I am only human and can’t help myself. Nothing exposes the “predictive” abilities of the Beltway denizens better than this. None exposes more the wishes of the GOP establishment – as exemplified in George Will – to have a traditional “safe” insider candidate for 2012. 

Nothing exposes more their arrogance and turned-up noses at Sarah Palin, who exemplifies the feeling expressed, as Carl Sandburg said of Lincoln, “He so loved the great plain folks of America.”

The Wills and their ilk just don’t get it – something has changed in America, and they are to be cast into the outer darkness to the uncharted territory where the flyover people live, love, laugh, cling to their guns and religion, and are the salt of the earth.

Here’s what the Beltway doyen predicted about the GOP race and who would be standing in the West front of the Capitol building on January 20th, 2013 to be sworn in (not President Obama, of course)

Disagreeing with the conventional wisdom that the race for the Republican nomination is off to a sluggish start on Sunday’s “This Week with Christiane Amanpour,” columnist George Will said only three candidates really have the potential of being sworn in as President in 2013.

“This is the most open scramble on the Republican side since 1940 when Wendell Willkie came out of the woodwork and swept the field,” Will said. “I think — people are complaining this is not off to a brisk start. 

I think that’s wrong. I think we know with reasonable certainty that standing up there on the West front of the Capitol on Jan. 20, 2013 will be one of three people: Obama, [former Minnesota Gov. Tim] Pawlenty and [Indiana Gov. Mitch] Daniels. I think that’s it.” 

Even better than reading about it you can see him making a fool of himself in this video.  Transcript can be found here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thus in the light of his poor predictive skills, which are of course wishful thinking, we can give the same credence to this condescending comment about Sarah Palin as we could have with his Pawlenty/Daniels oracle capacity. Will turned his nose up at the very thought that Palin should even be considered as a presidential candidate.

Here he is again, in his own words.Palin eats up these old time Beltway boys and shows them for the elitists they are. If she runs, Will will be in danger of being swept away with the other flotsam of yesterday’s men.

(CLICK THIS LINK)  George Will” Should we give this person nuclear weapons? The question answers itself” (Condescending jerk).


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Palin Proxy Cain’s Fla.Win Shows Romney Doomed/Perry Gone & All Hinges On Palin

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 24, 2011

The Florida Straw Poll Result-where Perry said he had “all his hopes on”

Herman Cain: 37.11%
Rick Perry: 15.43%
Mitt Romney: 14.00%
Rick Santorum: 10.88%
Ron Paul: 10.39%
Newt Gingrich: 8.43%
Jon Huntsman: 2.26%
Michele Bachmann: 1.51%

Cain is yet another in a growing line of Palin substitutes who flame up as she is not available to vote for, and when vetted, flame out.

Conservatives don’t want Romney. With Perry collapsing then as putative ‘electable” with “front runner” status Romney should have been the recipient of Perry’s support and have had the nomination sewn up. 

That the Florida voters have rejected him and that premise shows that even if he managed to get the nomination through Beltway support he would lose the general election. Conservatives wouldn’t even go so far as many did with McCain, and hold their nose and vote for Romney  against Obama – the stay at home  protest would be remarkable.

The non-Romney non-Paul conservative vote in this straw poll is about 65%. I would be certain that the majority of that would go for Palin if she had declared. Palin is what everyone is waiting for and Cain, for all his likeability, does not have the experience, and of course has not been subject to the blowtorch of vetting, after which it would be expected he would end up with Bachmann’s support level.

All hinges on Palin – until she declares one way or the other, everything is preamble.


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Blockbuster show on Sunday!

Posted by Roderic Deane on September 24, 2011

I’ve wanted to focus on what people are doing as we wait for the dust to settle from the GOP debates and before Sarah Palin announces her intentions. I decided to reach out to the Palin blogosphere and elsewhere to help me with my show.

Here is the line-up for this Sunday’s “The Roderic Deane Show”, airing at 11am CT, noon ET:

Hour 1: Peter Singleton, Co-Coordinator of O4P (Organize4Palin) in Iowa; Ron Devito, “US4Palin” blogger and Coordinator of the NY Chapter of Organize4Palin (NY4Palin).

Hour 2: Adrienne Ross, “MotivationTruth” blogger and major contributor to the C4P (Conservatives4Palin) website; Stephen K. Bannon, Producer and Director of the Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated“; O.P. Ditch, “Vets4Sarah” organizer and major participant in the Maryland chapter of O4P.

I’m really looking forward to the show and I hope you are too!

Major hat tip to: Nicole Coulter, for helping me gain introductions to so many folks.

Cross-posted from Roderic Deane

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Gov. Palin vs the Other Debaters

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 24, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

I have watched each of the Republican presidential debates, finding them mildly entertaining, if nothing else. Last night’s debate ran short of entertainment, however, and I’m becoming less and less impressed. If I have to hear Mitt Romney and Rick Perry argue over what’s in their books one more time, I might throw one at the television. What did candidates do before they wrote books? Are these Oprah Book Club events or presidential debates?

Honestly, the two so-called frontrunners aren’t doing much for me at all. Romney, of course, is as plastic as they come, and I don’t believe anything he says. He’s a flip flopper, and I simply don’t trust him. Perry is preferred to Romney, but he’s a horrible debater, and he’s on the wrong side of the immigration issue. Does he really believe that illegal aliens should get to have a free education in this country? Don’t even get me started on Ron Paul. Can you say foreign policy?

Herman Cain has a great personality, a warm sense of humor, and refreshing authenticity. I think he’s a great guy, but I don’t think he’s ready to be President of the United States.

Obviously, the person I believe is ready to move America forward is Governor Palin, but she has yet to declare. I’m still waiting, and I believe an announcement is coming soon. I look forward to what she’ll add to these debates. Not only is she solid on the issues, but she can articulate her stand on these issues based on intelligence, experience, and common sense.

Take a look back to her 2006 Alaska gubernatorial debate against Tony Knowles and Andrew Halcro after she beat Frank Murkowski in the Primary election. The first video is the full debate, and the second one has YouTube highlights.

Things will drastically change once she enters the race. I look forward to someone who will cut through the bull, call a spade a spade, challenge candidates on their records, spotlight her own, and revitalize the American people.


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Yep-Lib’s Blame Palin For Huge Sales Flop Of McGinnis/Johnston Books

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 24, 2011

In a classic headline,  the leftists insinuate that “Palin”s book has bombed (LINK) “Levi Johnston and Sarah Palin Books Bomb.”

So unhappy are the “progressives” that the latest smears and pathetic attempts to make money off the Palins has been a disaster that they have a final Alinsky tactic throw of the dice to try and discredit Palin.

Not only is the “Palin book”  ( as one commentator noted, the McGinniss book)  a flop after the massive publicity and hate mongering by the left in promoting it, but it has brought down the author, publisher, and media with it.

As Andrew Breitbart has exposed, the McGinniss book is full of unsubstantiated stories. One reviewer called it more of a novel than biography. With charges that it is a hoax, the publisher has had to come out with a press release to try and defend the authenticity of the pages of gossip and contradictions.

The result of near universal condemnation of both “books” is:

The Rogue is ranked in the fifties on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Deer in the Headlights is hovering in the seven hundreds on Amazon and in the two hundreds on Barnes & Noble. Both books had weak pre-sale numbers as well with The Rogue in the high hundreds and Deer in the Headlights in the high thousands.

Now how does the left handle that ? By putting the onus on the Palin family ”

“Is public interest in the Wasilla family drama on the wane?”

So we see that the fact that the two trash books are discredited and flop is due not to that basic fact but because the Palins have not generated enough supporting publicity to push the sales along.
What we see with Palin, yet again, is her enemies confounded and her friends dazzled with her astuteness.  By saying absolutely nothing about either book, Palin has kept her dignity, has given no opportunity for her critics to seize on and distort any statement.  She has done, by her silence, exactly what her enemies accuse her of actually seeking: she IS the victim of the left in this case and has generated sympathy from a public fed up with the media’s antics.
The turning point with the public’s attitude to how unfairly Palin has been treated was, surely, the insane media’s hoopla over the 24,000 emails, which proved nothing, and in fact, showed a hard-working, competent governor.
The new look at Palin is further reinforced by these ridiculous books, and her dignified attitude to them.  The steady rise in her poll ratings, to be just outside the margin  of error against President Obama, is due in a major way to the failing actions of her enemies, who are making her stronger.
Read the comments at the site linked above to see that the public are not the fools the left thinks they are.


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