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Archive for September 21st, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to 2012

Posted by Roderic Deane on September 21, 2011

If you’re at all like me, you’re starting to get antsy about the 2012 election. The economy seems to be going nowhere, jobs are not being created and our officials in Washington are mindlessly playing cat and mouse games, or, as Rush calls it, “Chess”. The better question is: Who is the cat and who is the mouse? I tend to think that Washington in general seems to think they are the cat and we, their constituents, are the mouse.

Au contraire! (That’s vichy-speak for “on the contrary”.) I see things differently. I see Washington as the mouse and all of us conservative, Tea Party types as the cat. We’re just waiting for the opportunity to pounce, but alas, we have to wait until next year.

Or do we?

What should we make of the current GOP field? What should we make of the spectacle of debate so far? In a word: NOTHING! The current GOP field is wasting its powder in a comical, yet tragic, circular firing squad. They just can’t seem to rise above the politics of the establishment’s nomination process. Further, they just can’t seem to distinguish themselves to the electorate (us) in a meaningful way. How sad….

As we watch this tragedy of the absurd, we hear the pundits in Washington suggest that more fodder is needed for the cannons of mediocrity. If I were a potential candidate thinking of getting into the race, I’d take pause before jumping in right now. Why participate in a circular firing squad? Why not wait until the smoke has cleared and you can see who has survived the month of September?

No, in my book, this is a waiting game. Although it’s always been a game of “last man standing”, it doesn’t have to be. The person who defines the game in his (or her) own terms can win. It just takes a steel spine to believe in your tactics. It also takes an ability to convince your troops to keep their powder dry.

Sarah Palin is playing the most significant cat and mouse game in our collective memory. While extolling her troops to keep their powder dry, she has served up a magnificent feast of issues that resonate across recent history. With her Iowa Tea Party speech, she turned the popular narrative to a discussion about the perils of corporate, crony-capitalism. Those perils are unfolding before our eyes as we learn about Gardasil, Solyndra and, most recently, LightSquared.

Nope, it appears that Sarah Palin has hit the nail on the head. The current field of GOP candidates is well-advised to follow her lead, or, of course, they can continue to blaze away in their current circular firing squad.

This reminds me of a play, only this time, the title should be “A funny thing happened on the way to 2012!”

Cross-posted from Roderic Deane

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SarahPAC: Governor Palin’s 2012 Announcement is Imminent

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 21, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

It’s certainly getting close to Governor Palin’s announcement concerning 2012. I received the following letter from SarahPAC today. Click on the image to zoom in.

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Marist/McClatchy Poll: Governor Palin is Now Tied With Mitt Romney. If She Declares She Wins

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 21, 2011

Further to the RCP aggregate poll that shows Palin gaining 8 points on president Obama in just over six weeks and the McClatchy poll released yesterday showing Palin within 5 points of the president we now see this poll.

In addition to the fact that she wins the same percentage of the vote against Obama as Mitt Romney does, she’s now tied with Romney in the GOP horserace (this poll was taken right after 9/11, so Rudy probably got a bounce):
Perry 20%
Rudy 14%
Palin 13%
Romney 13%
Bachmann 6%
Gingrich 6%
Paul 4%
Cain 4%
Santorum 2%
Huntsman 2%


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Huge Trend To Palin in Obama Vs Palin Poll That Media Keeps Hidden

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 21, 2011

As reported the latest McClatchy poll shows Sarah Palin within 5 points of president Obama and in fact doing better against him than media flavor of the month Rick Perry.

This is the latest in a series of polls that show an unmistakable trend towards Palin e.g. the West Virginia poll that shows her ahead of the president and others as set out in THIS LINK.

Some commentators have said they think the McClatchy poll is an “outlier” and want to see more polls showing a similar result before they will accept it. It may indeed be the case that this poll has overstated Palin’s support for whatever internal mechanism they use, conversely the poll may have underestimated her support and the margin of error may have her actually only one point behind Obama.

There is another poll analysis, which the media never comments on, that shows the true picture however. LINK Real Clear Politics keeps a rolling aggregate of all major polls which show an Obama versus Palin result. 

Since this is an aggregate analysis is smooths out sudden spikes or drops and results that show a reaction to a particular news event. This aggregate result would be the most reflective of the true position because of the massive number of people polled and lack of bias.

Here is the current RCP aggregate poll result. As can be seen Palin is 11.2% behind President Obama today which result reflects polls going back for some time. However, the trend line is unmistakeable and shows the gap closing inexorably.

On August 8th the result was Obama 55% Palin 35% (the poll is interactive when you go to the site) a gap of 20 points. As of today it is 11.2% and thus has closed by 8.8% in just over 6 weeks. On current  trends they will be equal in about two months. If Palin declares a presidential run it might be expected the gap would close even faster.

It is no wonder the liberal media does not show this picture.


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Establishment Republican Slams McGinness Book

Posted by joshpainter on September 21, 2011

– by Josh Painter
There has been a surprising litany of criticism from the left of Joe McGinness’ book of smears against Sarah Palin. Many liberals have apparently realized how damaging the 315-page hate-filled rant is to the “progressive brand” and are making a real effort to do damage control. Establishment Republican Matt Latimer (he wrote speeches for George W. Bush) has added his voice to the chorus, for an entirely different reason. Latimer, you see, is horrified that deranged Palin-haters such as McGinness are “the only people who are really keeping Palin relevant—and rich,” and if the PDS-afflicted would only shut up about the former GOP vice presidential candidate for a while, she would fade into obscurity — at least according to the beltway GOP’s way of wishful thinking:

Well, the former governor surely has enough money now, and you’ve had enough fun. Palin haters, it’s finally time for some tough love. You need to stop encouraging this. It’s really time to move on. If The Rogue proves anything, it is that this advice is sadly overdue.

A word about the author of this masterpiece of meanness, Joe McGinniss. This is not some low-rent gossip columnist or celebrity stalker. He is a veteran journalist and critically acclaimed author whose various writings have appeared in practically every highbrow magazine there is. Clearly a man who values his reputation and follows his every mention in the media, he has many friends within the Boston–New York literary establishment. That only makes his latest enterprise that much more depressing. This is the kind of book McGinniss thinks his tony Manhattan audience wants to read. Even more alarming, perhaps it is.

What more really needs to be said about a screed so lazily sourced and innuendo-filled that even The New York Times felt the need to step away from it? A book whose author made the creepy and in retrospect, incredibly foolish, decision to move into the house right next door to the Palins and then had the nerve to feign surprise when the Palins were more than a little teed off. (If you think the Palins were rough on you, Mr. McGinniss, then I suggest you try pulling that move on Tom Cruise some time. By the time his lawyers are through with you, your great-great-grandchildren will owe him damages.)


Is anything in this book true? Who knows? And in this book’s view, who cares? It is so lazy that it doesn’t even bother with an index. But it will fit well on the bookshelves of those unthinking idiots who buy tomes saying that Barack Obama is a closet Muslim who invites terrorist attacks or that Dick Cheney is the root of all evil in the modern world.

I’m sure this book will be fodder for late-night comedians and anti-Palin pundits on MSNBC, but I hope maybe a few of them might for a moment stop and wonder if even someone as horrible as Palin might deserve a little bit of temperance and discretion. That maybe when we talk about changing the tone of our politics, we could start by changing the way we talk about our opponents. And even if you don’t buy that, you might at least consider that you are only making your enemy even stronger and richer.


Latimer is shocked — shocked! — not so much that McGinness’ book aims to tear down Gov. Palin, but that “a literary endeavor can go so terribly wrong.” The Bushie Republican laments the fact that the McGinness effort lacks “meritorious revelations” and only offers a “litany of revulsions (sic).” In other words, if you’re going to try to destroy Sarah Palin, he wants you to do a better job of it while not sounding as unhinged in the process as McGinness. Latimer would no doubt find much more to like in such a book of personal destruction if only it had been written by Kathleen Parker or David Frum, just to name two cocktail party Republicans who know how to eviscerate Reagan conservatives while not seeming quite as deranged as those on the left who share their Palin-hatred.

Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Shock; Palin Within 5 Points Of Obama McClatchy Poll Shows: Obama Will Lose To Palin Based On Historic Precedents

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 21, 2011

Marist/McClatchy Poll: Governor Palin Is Now Within 5 of Obama after trailing him by 26 in June. According to Dick Morris’s analysis,  any president below 50% is vulnerable to lose to the challenger, as the undecided vote goes overwhelmingly against the president. On that basis, not only is Palin doing better than Rick Perry against Obama in this poll but she, by taking the bulk of the undecideds as per the Morris formula, would be elected.

Obama 49

Palin 44

She is a stronger general election candidate than Rick Perry as he trails Obama by a 50-41 margin (Michele Bachmann trails Obama by a 13-point margin).

Governor Palin has cut Obama’s 26-point lead in June….by 80%.

The biggest gain came for Palin, the former Alaska governor who hasn’t yet announced whether she’ll jump into the fast-changing race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

After trailing Obama by more than 20 percentage points in polls all year, the new national survey, taken Sept. 13-14, found Palin trailing the president by just 5 points, 49-44 percent. The key reason: She now leads Obama among independents, a sharp turnaround.

This results, which seems to come as a surprise to the reporters covering the story-which it shouldn’t if they spent any time away from their prejudices-and looked at the facts as shown in the chart linked below: (and this report which shows Obama trailing Palin in West Virginia)


“Obama trails Palin by 14 with independents in North Carolina, that’s when you know you’re having a bad month.”

Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows that Governor Palin Has Turned an 18-Point Deficit Among NC Independents Into a 14-Point Lead in One Month/Open Thread



Palin 51

Obama 38


Independents; Obama 53 Palin 38

The media continues its “unelectable” campaign against Palin and the GOP establishment including those media personalities who have chosen their favorites e.g. Coulter, who has swooned for Christie, have switched into all out attack mode against her.

What goes unremarked upon was Palin’s solid third place at 14% in the Washington Post /ABC poll-when she is not even a declared candidate and Perry has received the star treatment.

Digging down further into where the statistics can’t lie, because they are an aggregate of polls, the  Real Clear Politics aggregate of Palin versus Obama belies all the negativity directed against her as the unmistakable trend line  shows:

Further, as this compilation of recent polls shows Palin’s 41% in the ABC poll is her highest rating with smallest gap between her and Obama since November 2010. The Rasmussen poll distorts the aggregate because they measure likely voters but even here the result is striking with Palin having closed the gap by 5 points in under a month with President Obama being below the 50% mark against her for the first time since March


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