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Coulter, Ingraham, Christie and Obama

Posted by villagejack on September 9, 2011

What do these four people have in common?  They are all attorneys.  As individuals, most attorneys are very interesting and provocative, but because of their association with the legal profession, they are also in contact with people who tend to compromise their moral standards or are in fact, unethical or criminal. Lawyers are frequently involved with various public institutions to the exclusion of private business.  They see the free market enterprise system through the prism of the law.  They are enamored with the law being the vehicle that is all- important and not focusing on the creativity of the individuals that make this economy work.  Law is simply an adjunct to the free market capitalist system that helps the process.  It is not the force that actually creates the markets.  That is left up to the individual Americans whose entrepreneurial spirit guides them to want to be next Ford, Gates, or Jobes. Most do not achieve that goal, but it remains the reason the country is exceptional.


 If you are grounded in the legal profession as these people are, then you can only see the benefits of the law and not the incredible hindrances that are created by government, regardless of which party enacts the policies. Throw Karl Rove in the mix and you begin to see what Sarah is talking about. It’s the reason Obama has no political advisors on his staff from private industry.  A class of people who believe they are entitled.  Entitled to what? 


Why should they set the stage and determine who the winners are.  I truly like Coulter’s columns and will continue to read them but I will not take her ordaining a professional attorney/politician to be our next president and question the intelligence of Palin.   Is it any wonder Coulter, Ingraham and Rove can’t stand Palin, while adoring Christie?  Palin represents the entrepreneurial spirit of this country.  She is coming into her governing positions with the knowledge of what makes this economy drive the engine.  She did not come from a legal background.  Why is Reagan held to such high esteem by Americans?  Reagan, a sports writer and broadcaster (sound similar to the mama grizzly?) was a populist president who went around the entrenched government/corporate (mostly lawyers) and made his appeal directly to the average American.  Why,  he wasn’t even endorsed by the Republican hierarchy.  Palin is setting the stage for exactly the same kind of campaign.  Why,  she is not even endorsed by the Republican hierarchy!


 It is refreshing to see the column in the NYT by Anand Giridharadas stating what has been obvious to the Palin followers for three years. He writes that Sarah Palin does have ideas that are clear to the working men and women of this country.   Wait, is this intellectually challenged woman (LSM cliché) actually appealing to a majority of people that might get her elected?  Would it not be great to have a president go into the White House without owing a favor to a union, or a corporation, a lobbyist, a party boss, a self-important media personality, or anyone else except the Tea Party, who only wants the president to abide by the Constitution and balance the budget?  As Giridharadas clearly states, Sara’s ideas cross the political divide. Coulter, how do you respond to this challenge to your statements about her lack of intellectual curiosity?  Game on.

5 Responses to “Coulter, Ingraham, Christie and Obama”

  1. wall,mount,brackets,…

    […]Coulter, Ingraham, Christie and Obama « Sarah Palin Information Blog[…]…

  2. Autism said

    Resources For Autism…

    […]Coulter, Ingraham, Christie and Obama « Sarah Palin Information Blog[…]…

  3. Joy said

    Further to Sonny’s comments, I’ve heard Laura on more than one occasion on her radio program as well, bashing Palin or, more accurately, “damning her with faint praise!” – a truly apt remark in this instance! Of course, the blowback to her embarrassing and disgusting segment with Coulter must have been fierce, indeed, ’cause she really walked back quite a bit of the rhetorical heat on her radio program the next day; she even rephrased some of her more egregious statements!

  4. Sonny Dee said

    I listened to Anne Coulter and Laura Ingraham, trash and bash Gov. Palin, all through this this bashfest segment.. and not one time did they ever speak about anything, Gov. Palin, had done, accomplished, achieved,  as Governor of Alaska..  facts that would be pertinent to her persona, and professionalism, in relation to being a US President..  let alone a Presidential candidate..
     All they did was talk liberal Democratic and Republican Party RINO talking points, of denigrating rhetoric..  nothing, absolutely nothing of any substance, whatsoever..  They both  seem to be morphing in to the very Crony Journalism, they profess to be against..  It was just a sad and pathetic display of liberal Republican Party BS Hypocrisy.. 

  5. I could not have said it better myself!. I wrote a book pointing out How Lawyers Are Taking America to Hell in a Hand Basket see:

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