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Archive for September 7th, 2011

John Hayward: The Palin Uncertainty

Posted by joshpainter on September 7, 2011

– by Josh Painter
At Human Events, John Hayward opines on the Palin slam that Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter tag-teamed up to perform Tuesday night on Fox News:

Judging the fortunes of political candidates from polls is a tricky business, especially those who have not formally declared yet. Is it a sign of strength or weakness that non-candidate Sarah Palin shows up in third place behind Rick Perry​ and Mitt Romney? Whatever that says about Palin, it’s probably a more significant data point for the declared candidates chugging in behind her. Personally, I would not find the notion that I could enter the Presidential race in third place to be depressing.

At any rate, people do change their minds.


In the wake of the conversation between Coulter and Ingraham, many bloggers echoed Coulter by expressing their exasperation with fans who can’t tolerate any criticism of Palin. I suspect Palin herself would strongly maintain that the issues at hand are far larger than any single person, and would not be happy with those who say they will only participate in the 2012 elections if they can vote for her. She also wouldn’t want the issues she cares about to be evaluated solely through personal admiration or disdain for her. Of all the many things Palin has been, or aspired to be, I’ve never heard her express a desire to become an ingredient in an ideological litmus test. She puts too much effort into writing and speaking eloquently, about matters of great substance, to be treated that way.

Why are so many Palin fans dedicated to her, and why do they perceive so much of the criticism leveled at her from sources on the Right as unfair? Because she’s always out in front. She took a mountain of abuse in 2008, and then cheerfully began climbing the even bigger mountain behind it. Hers is often the first voice raised in response to attacks against conservatives, the Tea Party, and middle-class Americans… especially against the really vicious attacks. And when Palin herself is the target, as in the wake of the Tucson atrocity, too many conservative and Republican “leaders” are much too slow to speak up for her.

Look at her response to James Hoffa’s vile remarks on Labor Day, and Barack Obama​’s agreeable silence afterward. She didn’t just run to a camera and express her outrage. She wrote a very detailed, thoughtful response, as constructive as it was fiery, and posted it in the wee hours of the morning. Did you see anything like that from the declared GOP presidential candidates? Why not?

Maybe Palin won’t run, and never seriously planned to. Maybe she will, but she’s taking a long time to make her announcement. She always said she wanted to see if there’s another candidate she could support. Tonight will be the first big debate appearance of Rick Perry, the last big name to join the race. He had a pretty spectacular campaign launch. Is it so unreasonable for Palin to wait a bit longer and see how he fares, once his campaign reaches orbit? If she’s a non-factor, why are so many people – pro and con – being so unreasonable about her?


Tammy Bruce also discussed this on her show today.

Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Catch “The Undefeated” for Alaska and America’s Story

Posted by Ron Devito on September 7, 2011

Governor Palin today posted on Facebook:

Steve Bannon just released a powerful film about Alaska’s history, our rich resources, and a committed team’s successful effort to tackle political corruption. Bannon’s independently financed, produced, and directed film called “The Undefeated” is now available on cable via pay-per-view and video-on-demand. I’m thankful for Bannon’s group at Victory Films for independently putting their own time and resources into documenting the work my team in Alaska did in successfully fighting corruption and enacting real reform that put local and state government back on the side of the people. Thank you to the good Alaskans who participated in the film and spoke so passionately about our state’s history, our natural resources, and our destiny as the energy contributor for America’s security.

Bannon’s film shows how on a state and local level all citizens – no matter background or party affiliation – can come together to fight the special interests and the corrupt powers-that-be that steal power from the people. Through examples of putting government-run businesses back into the private sector hands, inviting competition, reducing taxes, and blowing the doors open to force government transparency, “The Undefeated” shows that though real reform is difficult and real reformers are vilified, it is possible. The obstacles in the way of reform are why true reform is so rare, but as the film shows, it can be done and it is worth it.

This film is not about any one person. It’s about great American values – like our indomitable optimistic pioneering spirit – that will always see America through no matter how tough times are. It’s the spirit of our Last Frontier, it’s the story of how Alaskans fought corruption and won, it’s the story of the spirit of the Tea Party Movement, and it’s the story of a people’s movement for reform. I’m grateful to these filmmakers for telling the story.

Here’s more about Steve Bannon’s film and where to view it. I encourage you to watch it. I promise you it will open some eyes.

– Sarah Palin

Retrieved from:

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Palin Soars In New WashPost Poll To 14%-Up 6 Points From Last Fox Poll

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 7, 2011

The (Link is here) just released poll from the Washington Post/ABC News shows Palin in a solid third place-just 8 points behind Mitt Romney. This is Palin’s highest poll rating since July

“Among all Republicans and GOP-leaning independents, Perry has edged ahead with 27 percent of the vote, followed by Romney with 22 percent, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at 14 percent, Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.) with 8 percent and Bachmann at 6 percent.”This result is a six point increase from last weeks Fox poll which had her at 8% and follows on from her substantive and highly publicized speech in Iowa last weekend.

Palin’s address to The Tea Party was long on substance and exhortation to get involved and,given the enormous Media bias against her, received some grudging praise in the main stream press.

It is clear that should Palin declare she has a solid base to start her campaign with poll wise.

 It would be expected there would be some degree of poll bounce for her following a declaration and that Bachmann’s residual support-down to 6% in this poll would shift to Palin to some degree-perhaps most of it which would put her in or very near second place.

The support for Perry is of course a media sensation creation-we have seen what happened to previous incarnations e.g. Trump and Bachmann who started with a huge jump in poll support only to see that deflate quickly.

Perry has hardly begun to receive the blowtorch of media scrutiny or have been judged in a debate whereas Palin has no fears of such aspects.

That Palin is in such a strong position when she has not even declared and when Perry has taken so much support from other candidates is remarkable.

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Perry,Gore’s Campaign Manager,Voted For Carter Whilst Attacking Reagan

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 7, 2011

According to Politico:

And in “Fed Up,” Perry, who has said he voted for Jimmy Carter in 1980, criticized Reagan from the right:

During the Reagan years of the 1980s, federal spending still doubled, numerous federal agencies expanded, and there was a proliferation of federal criminal laws. Only 12 of 94 programs the administration proposed to eliminate actually ended. And programs that were ‘scaled back’ simply returned in full force in the face of a relentless Democratic Congress …

With this from Perry’s own book, and his activism as a Democratic party senior official in Texas as head of Al Gore’s 2000 campaign committee there how can there be any credibility in his efforts to portray himself as a genuine Tea Party centered candidate for president on the GOP ticket?

Heck, I voted Dem right up to Kerry before I saw the light, but I am not running for office and neither was I a major campaign official for the Dem’s.

We have had enough of politicians running for office on one platform, and shifting once the main campaign gets under way, and shifting even further once in office (see Obama, Barack for example.)

Palin’s speech in Iowa and the coda in New Hampshire, where she railed against politicians who are tied to big money, and advised she can’t be bought, resonate with any amazing prescience in the light of the Politico article. With the big money boys backing Perry with $55,000,000 from a Superpac just how much of the common man will be part of his thinking? Palin on the other hand would run a grass roots campaign from the people.

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Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 7, 2011

Sarah Palin has indicated that, with the deadline for registering as a candidate approaching, she will decide, one way or the other if she will run for president by the end of September.

In her “thank you” message to the people of New Hampshire for their warmth and courtesy Palin said “we will see you again soon”. It would seem possible that when she does see them again soon it will be as a candidate or she will declare in New Hampshire.

There are a number of auspicious days in September e.g. Constitution Day, which might be suitable and there are days that if she declares she could participate in a debate with other candidates. She also said she would declare on the local Bob & Mark radio show-in which case a Friday might be auspicious for weekend media coverage.

Here’s what top pundit Stacy McCain thinks:
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain: 

“Palin has specified September as her deadline for making a decision, and there are three debates in September — Wednesday at the Reagan Library in California, Sept. 12 in Tampa and Sept. 22 in Orlando. If Perry underperforms in those debates, Palin may see the front-runner’s weakness as an invitation to enter the race.”

See if you can pick the date, and how many others get it right. The only prize will be self satisfaction at being a seer and, if you leave your reason for your choice in the comments section I will re-publish this with the winners names for you to bask in your punditry!  AT THE RED “vote here” LINK BELOW, YOU WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE VOTING LIST;


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