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Archive for September 3rd, 2011

Governor Palin Unveils Her Plan

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 3, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

I was not in Indianola today, but I was glued to the television as Governor Palin addressed the “Restoring America” tea party attendees. I continued to watch, too, as she made her way through the crowd afterwards to greet as many assembled as she possibly could–shaking hands, signing autographs, posing for pictures. I was far away in New York, but I’ve had the privilege a couple times of seeing, up close, the Governor interact in these types of settings, and I can tell you there’s a reason people will weather the rain as they did today in Iowa, and the snow as they did in Wisconsin, for a personal moment with her. Indeed, she has all the characteristics and qualifications of a president, yet she has an uncharacteristic ability to connect to people, something Americans increasingly desire to see in their leaders.

Governor Palin’s detractors are never short on criticisms, and I imagine they will work hard to come up with something today to feed their various and sundry narratives. One thing no one can accuse her of, however, is presenting a speech rife with vague generalities. On the contrary, she laid out a plan for America that reveals serious time invested in evaluating the best way to move America forward.

I marvel, however, that despite this plan, so clearly articulated, some people continue to worry-wart (Yes, I’m turning “worry-wart” into a verb) about the fact that she has yet to announce she’s running for President. I spent some time on Facebook today communicating with some who say they listened to the same speech I listened to, yet it seems they did not receive the same sense I received. You’ve encountered these people before. They are compelled to believe that Governor Palin must do things their way and in their time. These are the same people who quote polls and pundits who say she shouldn’t run, probably won’t run, and couldn’t win if she did run. Obviously, they missed what the Governor told us about strippers and skiers! The worrying is followed by statements of how much they love her and believe in her. I suppose their worrying is their way of demonstrating that affection.

After going back and forth a few times, I finally had to let them go, quoting the saying, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Some people are simply determined to worry. To those people, you sometimes have to say, “Have at it” and continue on, with the hopes that they will follow.

Of all days to worry about whether or not Governor Palin is running for President, as far as I can tell, today would not be that day. I can’t say for sure, as I certainly have no inside information, but I do have common sense. Common sense tells me that unless one has an incredible amount of free time on her hands, she doesn’t devise a specific, detail-laden plan for America like the one Governor Palin delivered to the country today, if she weren’t planning to implement that plan. Perhaps there are some out there who have that kind of free time, with nothing better to do, but we have all seen what kind of schedule the Governor keeps; she’s not one of those people sitting around looking for something to do. Common sense also tells me that she doesn’t have to do things our way. In fact, she won’t do it anyone’s way but her own. Common sense says that if Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton could make their presidential intentions known in November and October, respectively, September is not too late.

So here’s my question: Should not common sense tell the worry warts the same thing?

Governor Palin’s plan for America, she tells us, is all about empowerment. It is, she adds, “the first step in a long march toward fundamental restoration of a strong and a free market economy, and it represents the kind of real reform that we need.” As a summary, her plan involves:

1. An end to expanding the federal government via a respect for the Tenth Amendment.
2. Repealing Obamacare.
3. No more runaway debt. This necessitates prioritizing and cutting spending.
4. Energy independence, an “all of the above energy policy.” She distilled it down to this: “America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”
5. Making America the most attractive country to do business. Included in this is eliminating all federal corporate taxes, which frees up job-creators but requires that they “stand or fall on [their] own.”

I can’t say I understand those who at the end of the day, at the end of this day, continue to worry-wart about how “late” it is to get into the 2012 race, for I didn’t come away from the speech thinking that her plan was the plan of a run-of-the-mill person with no desire to lead this country to a place called Restoration. Today isn’t the day to draw that conclusion. It isn’t the day to walk away and start talking about getting behind another candidate. And perhaps more importantly, as one soul discovered today, it certainly is not the day to suggest to this American–me–to get behind Rick Perry, or anyone else, for that matter. I’ve been in this fight for three years, and I’m not about to jump ship now. To those who are feeling their worry-wart temperature rising, I encourage you to remember that she said she’d let us know her plans by the end of September. If you’ve truly been in her camp this whole time, surely you can wait another few weeks.

One thing I’ve learned about crunch time over the years is that there will always be people who choke. If you don’t believe me, ask Lebron James. Seriously, though, whether in sports, business, or politics, some people simply have a penchant for not finishing what they started–and often it’s in the final hour that they lose hope. If this were not so, the poem, “Don’t Quit” would never have been written:

When things go wrong as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit —
Rest if you must, but don’t quit.

Life is strange with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow —
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a fair and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
And he learned too late when night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out —
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems afar,
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit, —
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.

— Author Unknown —

Governor Palin has absorbed the darts and arrows thrown at her in her service to this country. It’s not time to quit. She has stood while having her intelligence insulted, her family derided, and her record distorted. It’s not time to quit. Governor Palin has supported our military and their families. It’s not time to quit. She has embraced special needs children and shouted their worth from the rooftops. It’s not time to quit. The Governor has said, as recently as today, that we must take care of our senior citizens and give them what is rightfully theirs. It’s not time to quit. She has endorsed candidates who later showed her none of the respect she had given them. It’s not time to quit. She arrived in Iowa and took the time to stop by a gathering of people who support her and have her back. It’s not time to quit. Governor Palin has laid out a plan to empower America and get Americans back to work. Again, it’s not time to quit. I believe she’s running for President of the United States, but that’s her decision to make. I’m certain that no matter what announcement she delivers, she will have made it with much prayer, reflection, and wise counsel. And I believe that desite all the spin that’s been thrown at us, history will tell the true story: whatever path she takes, she has never quit on the American people. She has never turned her back on us, and we must not turn our backs on her.

To those who are getting antsy, perhaps you should remember all she’s done and how much she’s given of herself. Go back over the plan she unveiled today, and evaluate what it tells you about her commitment to this grat nation. Then stiffen your spine and plow ahead.

Cross-posted at MotivationTruth.

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The likely result of “no corporate taxes”

Posted by Roderic Deane on September 3, 2011

Sarah Palin proposed eliminating all corporate taxes in her speech to the Iowa Tea Party today. This is HUGE. The ripple effect of putting this in place would affect a vast swath of corporate America, in addition to eliminating crony-capitalism.

Consider for a moment all those that would be affected by such a policy. Corporate tax attorneys, CPA firms and countless tax department employees would lurch to a halt in their jobs. The focus of countless corporate controllers would shift from tax avoidance to net income maximization.

Countless corporate lobbyists would be out of a job overnight. Their corporate benefactors would pull the plug on their funding immediately. The focus of corporations would turn away from Washington, DC in a heartbeat.

Companies that have relied on government largess to support their bottom lines would be horrified. Weaknesses in governance would be exposed overnight as the SEC would mandate that companies disclose any risk in their business plans beyond company guarantors. GM and Chrysler would suffer a major downgrade in their stock valuation because the federal government would no longer underwrite and support their operations.

In a word, the free-market would explode! Risk-taking would suddenly be in vogue again and entrepreneurs would be empowered to invest. There would be a massive shift of cash out of savings into new endeavors. Corporations would scramble to find fitting investments for their stockpiles of cash. The value of small companies would skyrocket as these investment dollars would be looking for a good return and compete for the best ideas.

The downside? Washington politicians would immediately demonize the idea as a major impediment to deficit reduction, as if they’ve ever cared about that in the past. The caterwauling about reduced revenues for Washington would be deafening! If such a policy was implemented, we would watch Washington pundits undergo convulsions as they began to realize how their lives would be impacted. There would be no incentive for ANYONE involved in business to pay attention to them.

Sarah Palin has opened Pandora’s box with her proposal to end corporate taxation. I am anxious to see the effects of her proposal on other Republican nominees, especially in next week’s debate.

While doing nothing but address a Tea Party event in Iowa, Sarah Palin has turned the 2012 election upside down. Now that’s what I call an unconventional campaign!

Cross-posted from Roderic Deane

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Sights and Sounds from Iowa: Leadership Money Can’t Buy

Posted by Ron Devito on September 3, 2011


INDIANOLA, IA – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today took the stage to chants of “Run Sarah Run!” from the crowd of 2,000, which was double the event organizer’s expectations. Following her epic speech in which she outlined her five-point plan to revitalize our economy, Gov. Palin spent nearly 45 minutes shaking hands and hugging her supporters, signing books, posters, tee shirts, twice walking the rope line to ensure everyone had their special moment. We were not high-powered executives, major donors, corporate sponsors, or fat cats who paid thousands of dollars to pose for a picture. We were ordinary wanting to be with an ordinary woman who is on an extraordinary path.

Jelayne Sessler professionally transcribed much of Gov. Palin’s Five-Point Economic Plan, punctuated by the crowd 2,000-strong summoning her to run for President in 2012.

These two Standard Definition Videos from the US for Palin Live-Stream contain the entire speech and a significant portion of the meet and greet session that followed.

Video streaming by Ustream

At 13:29:47 CDT (49:47 into the video), I had my special moment. What lasted four seconds felt like much longer. No paid hacktivists and crony capitalists here. When she descended those steps Governor Palin was not a mere politician with a title, nor merely a 2012 Presidential hopeful.

She was SARAH. Our Sarah.

Video streaming by Ustream

All Photos Copyright © Ron Devito, 2011.

Former AK Gov. Sarah Palin and Ron Devito, September 3, 2011 at 1414 / 2:14 PM CDT.

Sarah is ordinary, just like us.

Gov. Palin is an extraordinary Transformational Leader poised to revive, renew, and restore what America was.

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Palin: The Tea Party of America Rally Speech

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on September 3, 2011

Earlier today Sarah Palin rocked Indianola, Iowa with a speech that was, in my opinion, a stump speech of epic proportions! If you missed today’s speech, listen for yourself now!

Cross posted at Team Sarah and Sarah Palin Blog.

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UPDATE: NRO Poll 33,000 Votes Shock. Palin 76% Perry 24%

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on September 3, 2011

This just concluded poll by National Review Online which attracted a massive 33,806 votes is truly astounding in its result.

For all the polls and talk by the media that Perry is the new “The One” for Palin to havea  52 point lead on such an important questions as “who is the better conservative” is striking.

If Palin declares this poll may give some insight into just how large her jump in support may be. Further, if this poll was between Palin and Romney I would imagine the result would have been even more lop-sided.


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My initial impression of Sarah Palin’s Iowa Tea Party speech

Posted by Roderic Deane on September 3, 2011

In what appeared to be a major outline of her policies, Sarah Palin dropped a HUGE bombshell on the current Republican field of candidates. She proposed an elimination of ALL corporate taxes, thereby removing all corporate incentives to cozy up to politicians.

Such a policy has never been proposed before but is a very simple, common-sense approach to defusing and eliminating crony-capitalism. Remove the incentive for lobbying for special tax breaks and you remove a corporations investment in those efforts.

Sarah went on to say that corporations should also be forced to live or die by their decisions without any government interventions whatsoever. I couldn’t agree more. I talked about Steve Job’s contribution on The Roderic Deane Show last week and the fact that his failures helped pave the way for his successes.

Sarah’s speech is going to have a profound impact on the current Republican candidates. It will be VERY interesting to see if any of them attempt to co-opt her ideas. She needs to enter the presidential sweepstakes to bring her revolutionary and common-sense ideas to the forefront. For now, she’ll have to rely on her supporters in the blogosphere to get the word out.

I truly believe that this speech will become Sarah Palin’s “A Time For Choosing”.

I’ll have a recap of all the events in Iowa on tomorrow’s The Roderic Deane Show. It will go live on BlogTalkRadio at noon Eastern time.

Cross-posted from Roderic Deane

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Live from Indianola, IA: Gov. Palin’s Restoring America

Posted by Ron Devito on September 3, 2011

Live: Restoring America with Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

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Sarah Palin’s Potential Candidacy Doesn’t Rise and Fall on One Event

Posted by Shane Vander Hart on September 3, 2011

palin-Iowa-GOP-5Having read Craig Robinson’s piece on Sarah Palin’s supposed inability to run a national campaign based off the what transpired on Wednesday regarding her upcoming speech on Saturday has left me wondering. If it rains tomorrow, like forecasters predict it will, I suppose Robinson think that’s her fault as well? She’s just not ready for primetime because, heaven forbid, she didn’t have the foresight to have it indoors.  Perhaps she didn’t pray enough to have God shut up the heavens so it would not rain on this blessed event.  She should have had some staff out there ahead of time to coordinate having rain slickers passed out to the huddled masses.

Obviously I’m being just a *little* snarky, and Robinson wouldn’t do such a thing, but I find it amazing how her potential candidacy is being judged by one event which she did not have control of.

I had my own thoughts on Wednesday’s fiasco with Ken Crowe and the Tea Party of America.  I know Robinson will probably dismiss me as a Palin lackey, but you could substitute Palin’s name with Mitt Romney and I would feel the same way.

The simple fact is this.  This wasn’t her event, she was an invited guest.  Could she do her own event?  Sure, I suppose, but why?  If this was a campaign announcement then that would make sense, but who drove that narrative?  I suspected that she was running, and as an Iowan blogger it would have been great to witness an announcement speech, but nobody in her camp said it was going to be an announcement speech.  Sure the organizers of the event eluded to that, but they are not her staff, they aren’t working for her and perhaps they thought it would draw more people.  No, who I saw drive the narrative that she’s announcing on September 3rd were beltway politicos – Karl Rove and Dick Morris.  It was nothing, but speculation.

Robinson wrote:

In many respects, the drama surrounding the event doesn’t have anything to do with Palin herself. Palin’s people were not the ones inviting, disinviting, reinviting, and redisinviting speakers. That was the organizers of the event. However, it didn’t help when Palin’s participation at the event was put on hold for five hours on Wednesday.

Robinson continued, “Palin may have an inner circle that advises her, but what she needs are loyal professionals who will look out for her best interests in everything she is involved with.”

I agree that she needs paid staff if she’s going to run, but not to manage somebody else’s event but not before she’s a candidate.  I also agree that if she canceled then it would have made her look bad which is why I didn’t think she would.  Robinson’s straining gnats and thinking like an establishment politico.  Looking at what she is going to be speaking about on Saturday it has me thinking that she’s preparing for a run and establishing a narrative/messaging – you know something you need to do before you announce.

Cross-posted at Caffeinated Thoughts.

Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts and Caffeinated Theology and lives near Des Moines, IA with his wife and three kids.  Feel free to follow him on Twitter and friend him on Facebook.

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Gov. Palin Meets With Supporters in Clive, IA

Posted by Ron Devito on September 3, 2011

CLIVE, IA – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd tonight held a special meet and greet session with over 150 supporters at the Machine Shed Restaurant. They entered the restaurant to a throng of reporters and supporters shouting “Run, Sarah Run!” Gov. Palin spent nearly 30 minutes shaking hands, hugging, and meeting with her supporters. She signed tee shirts, books, posters, and bare arms. As this story goes to press, one man who had his arm signed is on the way to a 24-hour tattoo shop to have the former Alaska Governor’s signature made permanent.

Gov. Palin shook my hand shortly after entering. She signed my O4P NY tee shirt, as I said to her, “Take New York. Take the heart of it. Take it all….all 29 electoral votes. Do it for my wife. Do it for my mother. Do it for all the little girls of this country.” My meeting with her concluded with a hug from Gov. Palin, followed by a handshake with Todd.

The former Alaska Governor did not address supporters at the Conservatives4Palin-sponsored event, however, Peter Singleton, Iowa State Coordinator, Organize4Palin did. The Palins sat and listened to his address, followed by final bonding with supporters.

A 21-minute 1080p HD video of this meet and greet session will be ready in approximately four to six hours.

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