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Gov. Palin Steps Onto National Stage

Posted by Adrienne Ross on August 29, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Three years ago, on August 29, 2008, Senator John McCain introduced the nation to Governor Sarah Palin. She was number two on that ticket, but she fired up the American people who came out to hear her speak. As they learned more about her, they discovered how much they respected her accomplishments, shared her values, and embraced her patriotism. They knew she was an asset to America.

I have always voiced great appreciation for Senator McCain’s military service. He is an American hero, without question. Unfortunately, however, as a presidential candidate, he ran a campaign that did not serve him well. In addition, he surrounded the Governor with some people who were threatened by her, failed to see her strengths, and undermined her–even more so after the campaign. He subjected his VP pick to people who made choices that were naive at best and ill-intentioned at worst. I must not fail to say, however, that she was assigned some very good people who were–and are–loyal to her, people like Jason Recher, who is among the best of the best.

How has she handled the undeserved blame heaped upon her by people trying to protect their own futures and hide their own weaknesses? Well, let’s just say she’s The Undefeated . And let’s not forget that she has led on all issues that the American people have found important: health care, job creation, taxes, foreign policy, energy. She is largely responsible for the shellacking Democrats suffered in the 2010 mid-term elections. Her endorsements were game-changers. She has fearlessly taken President Obama to task for his failed policies. She has shown an unfailing belief in American exceptionalism and an unwavering commitment to a fundamental restoration of this country. She has laid it all on the line.

So while she was tapped in 2008 as #2, she may soon be announcing that she will be #1 on the 2012 GOP ticket. Some people think she will announce in Iowa on September 3rd, the anniversary of her exemplary RNC speech, and some expected her to announce today, on this anniversary of McCain’s bringing her out onto the national stage. I expected neither because I can’t imagine her doing anything that even slightly resembles or is linked to the old McCain campaign. Governor Palin is paving her own way, and I believe she wants that to be clearly recognizable by everyone paying attention.

Though some of the GOP machine have dismissed Governor Palin, and others want her to remain on the sidelines cheering on lesser-qualified candidates, common sense Americans, including myself, have been anticipating her run for president for three years. Whether she will or won’t will soon be revealed, for in just a few weeks, the Governor has said, she will let us know her decision.

I say, Game On!

* Happy Anniversary, Todd and Governor Palin.
* In appreciation for Senator McCain’s brilliant VP pick, I absolutely must wish him a Happy Birthday today.

2 Responses to “Gov. Palin Steps Onto National Stage”

  1. Joy said

    Love your remarks, Pete Ortiz – you echo my sentiments exactly! But I think we all hope & pray that at least she has a shot at the Presidency – I just know in my heart that she’s an honest person and would do all in her power to be the best that God has ordained that she should be! IOW, like you, I believe in her with complete and utter faith!

  2. Pete Ortiz said

    At the time that Sara was picked for the VP spot i didnt even know who she was, on my way to Cole Camp Missouri an I had stoped at the visiter center and heard that she had been picked, I looked around to see if anybody I could ask! who in the hell is Sara Palin!!! Nobody! so i looked up to god and asked him who is this? he said to me this is the woman that’s going to help save your country, I prayed.
    A lot has happend since that day some good but mostly bad, but i have prayed every day that when she would be president that things would turn around and that things would be better, but i’m not so nieve that even if she were president that she might not be able to solve all the problems that have come into being in the last thirty fourty years! jobs! she can’t put everybody back to work she can’t get us and the whole world out of this financial mess that we are in ,and before it’s all over! even if she gets a shot at it! she might eventually fail and get bounced herself, but wouldnt be nice if we could get all these career politicians out! (she has allready shown that she can do that ) how can they get anything done if they are in campaign mode all the time!
    With that being said we are all praying that she runs, but we know that she is a mother and has a lot of personal responsibilities, as many if not more than most of us and most of us would totally understand if she didn’t run. I assumed that when god told me that she would help save our country from ruin that it wouldn’t necssarily have to be as president, but wouldn’t it be nice if she did run and win! not only for woman in general but for an equality that we haven’t seen in this country in many,many years!
    I love God, I love Sara Palin,my family & friends,this country and everybody in it!
    Pete the carpenter

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