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In times of trouble…

Posted by Roderic Deane on August 28, 2011

First off, let me tell you that I’ve been a resident of Texas since 1995. That may not seem like a lot of time, but as the saying goes: “I may not have been born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could”. My son was raised here, having been only 2 years-old when we moved. He doesn’t remember Indiana but claims to remember certain events from that period. They have always been events from here in Texas.

The gubernatorial landscape has not changed much since I moved here. George Bush was the new Governor upon my arrival and when he ran for President in 2000, after just having been re-elected to a 2nd term, Rick Perry took over. I’ve watched the ensuing style of governance ever since and it has been disquieting, to say the very least.

Mark America has written a great piece that was posted on Conservatives4Palin and I encourage you all to read it. I’m already on record as not supporting a Perry presidency.

Mark does a great job of highlighting some of the troublesome tendencies of Rick Perry and cautions all to take pause and re-consider your enthusiasm for Perry’s presidential bid. To add to Mark America’s cautioning, we CAN do better.

Rick Perry may be a great alternative to the present occupant of the White House, but I question his ability to effect major change. Our government is on the road to ruin and I just don’t think that Rick Perry has exhibited the kind of tendency that will reverse our present course. I’m not alone with my assessment. My siblings in Indiana and other parts of the Midwest are equally skeptical. My mother, a staunch Republican and octogenarian conservative is equally concerned. They all tell me that something just doesn’t feel right about a Rick Perry presidency.

Perhaps their reticence is born out of my tendency to promote Sarah Palin at every turn when speaking with them. Perhaps they see things that I cannot as a resident of Texas who is steeped in the daily news that champions Rick Perry’s accomplishments. I think there’s something more going on.

People across our great nation are looking for a renaissance in the principles of our founding. The vast majority of our aging population is not seeing anyone speak and act in a way that reminds us of those principles. At least, not yet.

Sarah Palin embodies all that we can believe in. Her record in Alaska is one of a true reformer that is willing to take on the establishment in defense of our liberties. She does not carry the odor of one who supports crony-capitalism but instead provide a breath of fresh air that can galvanize the voters’ resolve. She not only talks the walk, but has walked the cause throughout her tenure in government. If there is anyone out there that speaks the same language as the Tea Party patriots, I have not yet heard from them.

I can’t travel to Iowa for Sarah Palin’s speech to the Iowa Tea Party next weekend, but I will be there in spirit. I will be looking for her to voice my own opinions and those of every patriotic conservative when she takes to the dais. I suspect that this speech will be the harbinger of a presidential run, much the same as Ronald Reagan’s “A Time for Choosing” speech in 1964. No one expected that speech to become the hallmark of Ronald Reagan’s career, but it did and we are all better for it.

In times of trouble, you don’t look for a slick politician that tells you what you want to hear. You look for a politician that has a demonstrated conviction in your beliefs and you then elevate him (or her) to the vanguard of your political party. It’s happened before with Reagan and it can happen again.

5 Responses to “In times of trouble…”

  1. Pete Ortiz said

    Great letter, exactly my thoughts.

  2. Run, Sarah, run! I’m with you on Perry . . . something just doesn’t ring true. I was at the Red State Gathering when Perry made his announcement. There was lots of enthusiasm, but as I said in a letter to Sarah Palin he just seems like someone who owes too much to someone else and might not be free to do the job! Run, Sarah, run!

    I smell the smell of freedom!

  3. […] In times of trouble… (via Sarah Palin Information Blog) Posted on August 29, 2011 by loopyloo305 First off, let me tell you that I've been a resident of Texas since 1995. That may not seem like a lot of time, but as the saying goes: "I may not have been born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could". My son was raised here, having been only 2 years-old when we moved. He doesn't remember Indiana but claims to remember certain events from that period. They have always been events from here in Texas. The gubernatorial landscape has not chang … Read More […]

  4. teapartypatriot4ever said

    This is where, on 6 Nov. 2012, America sheds forever Obama and his Anti-American Liberal Fascism, or we forever fall into Obama’s abyss of liberal fascist enslavement.. 

    This is a do or die moment for America.. NOT just economically, but Ideologically, Politically, and US Constitutionally.. as we rise up and protect our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties, or we forever give them up..

    This crusade war waged against Gov. Palin, is the crusade war waged against the very core and existence of America, as it was founded 235 years ago.. and is why we must not Fail, and why we must not fail Gov. Palin, period. as she is the embodiment of our very survival.!! 

    Gov. Palin is a Constitutional Conservative Ronald Reagan Republican.. and she is the undeniable heir to the Ronald Reagan mantle.. and why, not because she proclaimed it so, or I, or any Tea Party Patriot claimed her to be.. It’s because she has proven time and time again, with her unwaivering dedication, devotion, and adherence to the Values and Principles of Constitutional Conservatism, adherence to the laws the US Constitution, to the Founding Principles and Values, set by the Founding fathers, of limited Federal govt. powers.. ensuring Politicians, aka. elected officials, are held accountable to the people who elected them, their constituents., of putting the people first before politics.., of keeping Taxes low, and keeping the govt. out of the business of Private Capitalist Free Market Enterprise system, and so on.. It’s in her actions as evidenced by her record as the Governor of Alaska, before that, the Chairwoman of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Industry Commission & Mayor of the City of Wasilla, and so on.. This is her Ronald Reagan Political Policy Doctrine- Constitutional Conservative Leadership, and is why she embodies the spirit of Ronald Reagan, and all that he was.. Gov. Palin is now in her own right, as a Reagan Constitutional Conservative woman, and will be the first female and 45th U.S. President of the United States of America. And with a Constitutional Conservative Ronald Regan President Palin, at the helm of America for 2 Terms, we can be assured, that the Obama Liberal Socialist-Marxist fascist machinery, will be completely dismantled, and America will once against be restored to it’s original Foundation !!

    Here’s a real Conservative Journalist, and yes, they do exist in to day anti-american radical far leftwing crackpot obamacratic Liberal, as well as Republican RINO, Jour-no-list world..

    ~Riehl World View~
    by Mr. Dan Riehl


    “Perry Versus Palin”

    “Simply an observation from watching the goings and comings on the Internet and how various voices and forces seem to be aligning themselves as relates to their support for Rick Perry or Sarah Palin. This isn’t a cut and dried observation and it may change in time. Also, most groups seem to have room for supporters of either one and by observing it, I’m not making a declarative statement that I’m supporting one or the other. Ultimately, that may turn out to be a mostly unconscious decision. One then finds themselves where they are after taking time to evaluate and interact with people in both camps. 

    For what it’s worth, I’m getting a sense that, within the conservative movement, Perry may come to more represent the old line conservative movement, much of which is seriously compromised as a result of having been established in Washington for so long.

    At the same time, I’m getting a sense that if the movement is to truly be re-energized
    and move forward from something it’s been for decades – something already bound up in Washington – it may take a Sarah Palin to move forward along that path. If that does become the case, the two paths do lead to a different place.

    Ultimately, I believe the older line path – Perry, ultimately may only lead to more of the
    same – a lot of good talk, but not a lot of change. It may take Sarah Palin, or a Sarah Palin,  or some number of them over time to truly re-vitalize the conservative movement in
    America. But I’m far from certain of it at this point, it’s simply beginning to
    look that way.

    Finally, for any Perry supporters already suggesting well, he’s just always been of the Palin camp -which I have not and am not at present, try to bring a little more intelligence to the debate, or go debate someone else, or invoke someone else’s name. You’re boring me, already.” 


  5. Luisa Smith said

    Absolutely agree

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