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Palin Ties For Lead in PPP N.Carolina Poll,Wins Straw Polls Handily,Bachmann Drifts Off the Pace Again

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 16, 2011

Firstly Palin ties for the lead in North Carolina in a new poll from PPP (D) polling whilst Bachmann heads out the back door-the +/- speaks for itself. Thanks to Techno at Conservatives4Palin for the analysis. This result is without her being a declared candidate of course,which shows her latent strength.It is a given that if she declared her support level must rise further.

PPP North Carolina poll results (today’s poll vs July 28/2011) and net difference:

                                PALIN               ROMNEY         BACHMANN       PERRY


7/28                        12                         18                        17                    14

8/15                        17                         17                         9                     17

NET                        +5                        -1                          -8                    +3


7/28                         13                       20                       19                     2

8/15                         13                       30                      10                      7

NET                         0                       +10                      -9                    +5


7/28                       12                       20                        15                  14

8/15                       14                       18                        7                    21

NET                       +2                      -2                         -8                   +7


7/28                     12                       17                       19                   19

8/15                     22                       11                       10                   20

NET                     +10                     -6                        -9                   +1


7/28                    14                     14                        13                   16

8/15                    14                     24                        10                   8

NET                     0                      +10                      -3                   -8


7/28                    12                   18                        15                  17

8/15                    14                   12                        12                  18

NET                   +2                   -6                         -3                  +1


7/28                   9                    22                       20                 15

8/15                  14                  16                        7                    29

                         +5                 -6                         -13               +14

Whilst hardly a scientific analysis the New York Daily News ran a readers poll asking who would be the best GOP candidate to take on President Obama. At one point she, Palin, was so out  in front at 55% support that they took the poll down. This result is striking because the NYDN readers, in the heart of Obama country, have been amongst the most snarky in their comments about her whenever that paper does an article on her.
Here are the Daily News Poll results: (thanks To “Curth” At C4P)

Who would make the strongest GOP presidential candidate to run against President Obama?

Michele Bachmann
Herman Cain
Newt Gingrich
John Huntsman
Sarah Palin
Ron Paul
Rick Perry
Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum
None of the above

Again, hardly scientific but notable. At the Iowa Fair over the weekend they had a “corn kernel” poll where the public could put a kernel in a jar marked with the respective candidates names. Palin won this handily.

O. P. Ditch from Vets4Sarah spotted this nugget of information:
“Separately, attendees voted in a corn kernel poll, which measures the support of each Republican by the number of kernels in their respective Mason jar. By late morning, the kernel level in Sarah Palin’s jar rose just above the best-known GOP candidates — even though the former Alaska governor has not declared her intentions yet for 2012.”

These sort of folksy “polls” do have significance e.g. the clothing company whose candidate branded items constantly reflect who is going to win, as they show grass roots levels of enthusiasm.

Palin has won the Hot Air readers poll against all comers and various other straw polls.There is no question but that there is a substantial pool of support for her, and should she choose to run this will become readily apparent in polling, especially as the herd thins out bit by bit.

One Response to “Palin Ties For Lead in PPP N.Carolina Poll,Wins Straw Polls Handily,Bachmann Drifts Off the Pace Again”

  1. The way the Iowa straw poll works is that you “purchase” tickets, each ticket being worth one vote for the candidate of your choice. I heard the tickets this year cost $30, and Newt said on Greta that one of the candidates bought a block of 2500 tickets.

    These “purchase your vote” polls are therefore never indicative of the real world and can throw one off in the early going. Ron Paul has a long record of buying votes over the years, something easily searchable on Google. This is why Paul always looks ultra strong in the beginning of primaries and then quickly fades into total obscurity. It also probably fools a lot of people (contributors) into thinking he is something he is not, in other words it’s an advertising gimic.

    The conservative wing has been waiting for Sarah, and we are not only the power base of the REpublican party, we are the most respected and feared voter block in America. It is going to be a tsunami once she announces.

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