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Archive for August 9th, 2011

Can We FINALLY Put An End To This “Palin Will Sit 2012 Out And Endorse Perry” BS?

Posted by Gary P Jackson on August 9, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

On Friday, Contributing Editor Whitney Pitcher published a great article: Governor Palin–Leading the Fight on Debt and Liabilities. The article highlights Governor Palin’s superior record of budgetary and liability management. Specifically Whitney compares the records of governors Palin, Huntsman, Pawlenty, Romney, and Rick Perry.

Besides being the Central Illinois 9/12 Project coordinator, and Illinois coordinator for Organize4Palin, Whitney is also a top contributor for Conservatives4Palin.

Whitney’s article was also published on Conservatives4Palin’s website. Tammy Bruce tweeted the article, and Sarah Palin read it and re-tweeted:

Now this is significant, as Whitney’s article points out Rick Perry tripled our debt in Texas during his time as governor.

Here’s the side by side comparison:

During the fiscal years for which Sarah Palin exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Alaska (FY08 through FY10)

• Debt outstanding increased 12.7%, or 4.2% per year

• Per capita debt outstanding increased 7.4%, or 2.5% per year

Total liabilities decreased 34.6%, or 11.5% per year

Total liabilities per capita decreased 37.7%, or 12.6% per year

During the fiscal years for which Rick Perry exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Texas (FY02 through FY10)

• Debt outstanding increased 184.2%, or 20.5% per year

• Per capita debt outstanding increased 140.4%, or 15.6% per year

• Total liabilities increased 60.6%, or 6.7% per year

• Total liabilities per capita increased 35.8%, or 4.0% per year

Forget for a minute that under Rick Perry Texas debt has increased a whopping 184.2% or 20.5% per year, look at liabilities.

Under Governor Sarah Palin’s watch, liabilities actually DECREASED 34.6%, or 11.5% per year and liabilities per capita DECREASED 37.7%, or an outstanding 12.6% per year.

Of the five governors examined, Sarah Palin was the only one to decrease her state’s liabilities.

While nowhere near Obama’s runaway numbers, there is no denying that under Rick Perry’s watch, Texas debt and liabilities have grown significantly.

Though one could easily call Sarah Palin the “National Security candidate” or the “Energy candidate” make no mistake about it, Sarah Palin is the Fiscally Responsible candidate.

A lot of folks engage in wishcasting instead of looking at facts.

One of the GOP establishment’s favorite talking points is Sarah will sit 2012 and endorse someone else.

As Perry started dipping his foot in the water, the establishment types and their fan bois have been singing the tune that Sarah Palin would sit things out and endorse Rick Perry. Again, this is wishcasting at it’s finest. [and a bit of propaganda hoping to create a narrative that will stick]

As Ian Lazaran at Conservatives4Palin points out so well:

If Palin is endorsing Perry, why is she re-tweeting an article that slams his inability to control what Governor Palin has described as the “foundation of destruction?”


As Ian also points out, Whitney’s article is also a strong endorsement for Sarah Palin as our next President. Whitney ends her article by saying:

Governor Palin had courage enough to take on pension reform and reduce spending when times were good. Now, with the economy circling the drain, America is in need of a leader who is willing to do the same…again. That is why she has spoken of the need to reform entitlements. That is why she called out President Obama for his hypocrisy and inability to prioritize spending during the debt ceiling debate.

That is why she criticized Governor Romney for weighing in on the debt ceiling only after a deal had been reached. Now is not the time for hypocrisy, incompetent leadership, or retrospective armchair governing. Now is the time for a President who already has “womaned up” and led on a state level and is ready to do the same on a federal level.

Sarah has said that she doesn’t need a title to make a difference, and she’s proven that many times already. She’s said that if a good, solid Conservative candidate came around that she thought could get the job done, she’d gladly step aside. With that said, in every interview, when asked, she’s repeatedly said she doesn’t see anyone that meets her standards. And let’s face it, at this point, we’ve seen all of the candidates and prospective candidates. There is no dark horse candidate who is going to magically appear and save us all. What we have is what we have.

Though Sarah doesn’t need a title to have her voice heard, she does, in fact, need a title to fundamentally restore America.

When it comes to shaping the debate, Sarah Palin has done more from the sidelines than our elected officials have, but to actually lead America out of this incredible mess, she will have to have an office. A big office. An OVAL Office.

Sarah Palin’s record as Governor, Mayor, and Alaska’s top oil and gas regulator is solid proof that she is the right woman for the job. Unlike the rest, Sarah has never wavered from the solid principles that have made the United States the greatest nation on earth.

Accept no substitutes.

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